Best Cordless Handheld Wet/dry Vacuum

Best Cordless Handheld Wet/dry Vacuum – For smaller messes, a good handheld vacuum provides quick cleaning without a lot of heavy lifting — and it doesn’t require much precious storage space.

These mini vacs won’t replace a full-size vacuum when it comes to deep cleaning, but they are handy for instantly tackling dry spills, tracked-in dirt and pet hair stuck to just about anything. You might even consider more than one handheld vac as they also tackle messes outside your home: Stash one in the garage to keep your workshop, garden bench and car clean too.



First things first, the suction power of this unit is suited to act upon almost all kinds of materials ranging from ceramic tiles and carpets to wooden furniture. It’s also great for handling quick pickups after meals or a play session with your furry companions. What makes this possible is the effective rotating nozzle which is slim enough to fit in tighter spaces and is suitable for a range of applications.

Furthermore, it’s powered by a cyclonic action that spins all the debris and dust away from its filters to keep them clean and maintain the strength of the suction.


First and foremost, this model offers users two modes for cleaning up the debris, either through the front nozzle or with a heavy-duty rubber hose made from rubber. This feature provides great flexibility and is also highly durable, so you can always obtain spotless floors.

The filter in this handheld vacuum is also really efficient, as it’s a HEPA filter that can trap 99.7% of the dust very easily. In fact, this filtering system helps professionals get rid of the fine dust that’s otherwise hard to remove. It’s even quite simple to maintain as it just needs to be rinsed with tap water.

3.Vapamore MR-50

Although it can easily handle dry pickup, the corded MR-50 is a steamer that excels at wet pick-up, especially pet messes, eliminating the need for chemical cleaners. It comes with a squeegee and nylon brush attachments as well as a spare washable filter.

Little wheels by the nozzle help you perfectly position the vacuum to suction. Then, flip the switch and steam the area, using dry or wet steam. During our tests, no stains or odor remained. We loved how quiet and simple the whole process was and also how easy it was to empty and clean the machine afterwards.

4.Hoover ONEPWR

Looking for a hand vacuum that does a little of everything? You found it. The Hoover OnePwr works on hard and upholstered surfaces to powerfully suck up debris with ease. It’s cordless, allowing you to instantly get to work without searching for the nearest outlet, and has an on-board crevice tool so you can get into nooks and crannies like it’s nothing. The whole thing weights just three pounds, so you won’t get a sore wrist while you work.

Once you’re done, just remove the front and empty it into the trash. Plus, you can wash the filter if it gets gunky over time. The whole thing is compact, making it simple to use and stash away…until the next mess surfaces.


While corporate good deeds don’t generally convince people to purchase its products, sometimes it can help you decide when you’re on the fence—so it’s nice to know that Bissell donates $5 from each Pet Hair Eraser to the Bissell Pet Foundation. Bissell claims it has saved over 180,000 pets, which is right on brand for a handheld vacuum that leans hard into cleaning up after pets.

This handheld vacuum comes with a trio of attachments designed to clean pet hair off furniture and upholstery, including a crevice tool, upholstery brush and—this is rare among handheld vacuums—a small motorized brush tool.


Don’t let the Eufy’s slim shape fool you. About the size of a wine bottle, this sleek and lightweight (just over one pound!) handheld vacuum is full-featured. It includes a crevice/brush tool, a washable filter and a cap that lets it stand upright for storage or charging.

Small but mighty, the Eufy rivaled bigger models for cleaning ability. A soft grip makes it comfortable to hold. It runs quietly for up to 13 minutes, and lights alert you when the battery needs charging.

7.Ryobi ZRP714K 18V

It might have been designed for a workshop or a garage, but Rigid’s hand vacuum is right at home inside the house. This powerful champ zapped messes and pet hair nearly as well as ones with rotating brushes. It includes a 22-inch extension tube, crevice tool and floor nozzle, but not a battery and charger, which you need to purchase separately.

The removable battery is interchangeable with other Ridgid tools, it charges exceptionally quickly and its large capacity gives the vacuum a long run time. We like the easy-grip handle, the washable filter and the extra-large twist-off dust cup, which is a cinch to empty.


Best Cordless Handheld Wet/dry Vacuum – Today’s newest cordless vacuums have more powerful batteries to pick up more debris and run longer than the wimpy models of years ago; some batteries are even removable or interchangeable with other devices. Other innovations across both cordless and corded models include comfortable grips, easy to empty dust cups, washable filters, multiple speeds and more.

Some pick up wet messes and remove stains, and those with brushes and other attachments make it easy to remove dust from draperies, window sills, door frames, mattresses and other out-of-the-way spots that may be awkward for a larger vacuum to reach.