Best Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher

Best Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher – We all know what it’s like when the days begin to shorten and the fall rolls in again – it means it’s time to get out the rake and start bagging up the leaves that are beginning to carpet the ground.

It’s a chore that most people don’t look forward to, but if you own a leaf blower and vacuum combo, it’s a job that will take a fraction of the time. If this sounds like the perfect solution, here are our top picks for best leaf vacuum.


1.Toro 51619

If you’re looking for an efficient and effective combined leaf blower and vacuum, this model from Toro could be worth investigating. It is one of the most powerful models available and delivers enough air or suction to deal with any yard-clearing tasks you set it to.

It features variable speed in both blowing and vacuum modes. You can set it to full power when you need to clear large amounts of leaves or debris, but you can also slow it down when you need to clean around more delicate areas. Maximum speed is an impressive 250mph.


This electrical corded 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and mulcher from well-known brand Black+Decker is designed to help with all aspects of cleaning the leaves from your yard.

It is multifunctional and has plenty of useful features that will make it a welcome addition to your collection of garden tools.

This machine is not just designed to vacuum leaves – it can also blow them or suck them up and reduce them to mulch. This gives you maximum flexibility over how you deal with the piles of dead leaves each fall.


If you prefer the freedom and mobility of a cordless blower and vacuum but you don’t like the noise, harmful emissions or bulky weight of a gas-powered unit, this model from Greenworks could be the perfect option.

It features a brushless motor that delivers plenty of power to blast through piles of dead leaves when used in blower mode. When switched to vacuum and mulching mode, it will make short work of any debris, leaving you with bags of useful mulch.

4.WORX WG509

This Worx powerful blower, vacuum and mulcher is designed to compete with bigger gas-powered leaf blowers while offering a whole lot of extra advantages that a gas blower can’t provide.

The 12amp motor delivers power that is comparable with a gas-powered machine, but this model makes a lot less noise than a gas-powered blower while also having zero harmful emissions. At under 10lbs, it is also a lot lighter than most heavy gas-powered versions.


If you are looking for a 2-in-1 vacuum and blower tool at a very affordable price point but you don’t want to compromise on quality or performance, this corded electric model from Toolman might be just what you’re looking for.

It features six-speed operation with a maximum capacity of 215mph, plenty to deal with even the heaviest covering of leaves and debris. If you need to clean around more fragile areas of your yard, you can also choose one of the lower settings using the intuitive dial.

6.Makita EB7660WH

More than 15 percent of reviewers describe this leaf blower as quiet and many attribute that to the four-stroke engine. “It’s amazing more companies don’t offer four-stroke engines,” one writes. “So much less exhaust and I no longer have to wear earplugs when using the leaf blower.” Another says the “four-cycle engine is much quieter and no need for fuel mix.”

The four-stroke engine also helps it run easier. “I rarely have to squeeze the trigger … running at idle produces more than enough air to blow most of the debris,” one says. Another notes it’s “very comfortable, well balanced, very easy to start, easy to use, quiet variable speed, and is this powerful, even with wet leaves and branches.”


Reviewers looking for a slightly more professional option appreciate this two-cycle backpack leaf blower. “Best blower you can buy for your money. I’ve used this blower in my landscaping business for over three years, left in the rain and snow and it always starts and runs,” explains one pro.

Another landscaper bought this as a more casual option for his own lawn, explaining, “It has great power. I can clean gutters easily, clear large amounts of grass clippings and leaves. I look forward to clearing my decks and side walk in the winter with it.”


Best Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher – When the leaves start to fall from the trees and it’s time to start preparing for winter, having the best leaf blower vacuum can help you power through the task in no time. If you’re thinking of buying one, any of the picks on our list would be the perfect place to start.