Best Cordless Pool Vacuum

Best Cordless Pool Vacuum – Take your pool cleaning routine to a new level of ease by investing in a robotic pool cleaner. These machines are designed to clean your swimming pool without burdening the skimmer or filtration system. Instead, a robotic pool cleaner is equipped with a power supply and filter media to clean common pool contaminants like dirt, algae, and small debris.

Robotic pool cleaners are most often used to clean inground pools, but some models can also clean the floor of above-ground pools. Keep in mind that above-ground robotic pool cleaners will typically not clean the sides of your pool, as they will in a tile, fiberglass, or cement inground pool.


1.Pool Blaster Max

Long cords can get in the way when you’re trying to do the laborious task of cleaning your pool. This Pool Blaster Max cleaner is completely cordless so you can maneuver it with ease.

Just because it’s cordless doesn’t mean it has poor battery life. Between four-hour charges, you’ll get 60 minutes of hose-free cleaning time. This is a pretty impressive setup, in our opinion.

2.Dolphin Nautilus CC

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum goes about its business quietly, efficiently with very little user interaction required. It’s a great option for anyone that wants to keep their pool sparkling without spending hours on manual vacuuming or time spent tinkering on a suction-side pool vacuum.

Rather than relying on your pool’s skimmer system or vacuum line, the Dolphin Nautilus uses its own power supply to motor around your pool floor and climb the walls. It can tackle pools up to 50 feet in length and has a 2-hour cleaning cycle. This robotic pool cleaner has CleverClean technology, which scans and maps your pool floor and results in a systematic, thorough cleaning pattern.

3.Polaris P825

If a robotic pool cleaner is the easier way to clean your pool, then the Polaris 9650IQ is the most intelligent way to get the task done. This smart robot pool cleaner is equipped with Wi-Fi that gives you app control of the vacuum’s functions. Use the iAquaLink app on your smartphone or tablet to customize cleaning modes, check-in on the status of a cleaning session, or call the unit back to the side of the pool using the EasyLift system.

In addition, you can spot clean your pool using an on-screen controller or by using your phone as a motion controller—just tilt the phone in the direction you want the Polaris 9650IQ to travel.

4.Hayward W3RC97

Release the Hayward SharkVac XL into your inground pool and let this robotic vacuum scour your pool floor, walls, and waterline for an effortless clean. This robotic pool vacuum for inground pools is self-contained and doesn’t need to be connected to your pool’s skimmer like a suction-side pool vacuum. Instead, it operates using a separate power supply with a 50-foot cord.

For inground pools up to 20 x 40 feet in size, Hayward SharkVac XL is a great choice. This model is programmed with smart steering technology that helps the vacuum efficiently cover the floor, walls, and any coves of your pool in about 3 hours.


No matter the model, the Eufy RoboVac G30 is one of the smallest robot vacuums we’ve tested, measuring 12.8 inches in diameter and 2.85 inches tall.

On top, it has an attractive black and blue design with three physical buttons: a Recharge button in the middle, flanked by an Auto Cleaning start/pause button above and a Spot Cleaning button below. A Wi-Fi status light is located at the top.

6.Intex 28620EP

This vacuum has strong built-in rechargeable batteries that help to give it a powerful suction ability. You can easily charge this up with a USB port, too. When it’s been taken out of the pool, it automatically turns off which gives you peace of mind.

The long pole gives you flexibility and room to get into every inch of your pool. You can be sure that no dirt and debris is left behind.


Algae can ruin your pool, make it look unsightly and be very dangerous to swim in (1). Whether you have algae in your pond or pool, we recommend getting rid of the problem with the Oase Pondovac Classic.

The vacuum comes with a range of nozzle attachments. These are really useful at getting rid of all sorts of dirt, including string algae.


Best Cordless Pool Vacuum – It’s also important to consider the cleaning coverage you want and what “extra” features are most important. Basic robotic pool cleaners will clean the floor of your pool but may not be able to climb walls.

You might need to invest in a more expensive model if you want both the pool floor and walls to be cleaned. Similarly, you might need to spend a bit more for a model that boasts customized cleaning modes, remote controls, and scheduled cleanings.