Best Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher

Best Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher – We all know what it’s like when the days begin to shorten and the fall rolls in again – it means it’s time to get out the rake and start bagging up the leaves that are beginning to carpet the ground.

It’s a chore that most people don’t look forward to, but if you own a leaf blower and vacuum combo, it’s a job that will take a fraction of the time. If this sounds like the perfect solution, here are our top picks for best leaf vacuum.


1.Toro PowerPlex 51690

Pros & Cons

If you’re looking for an efficient and effective combined leaf blower and vacuum, this model from Toro could be worth investigating. It is one of the most powerful models available and delivers enough air or suction to deal with any yard-clearing tasks you set it to.

It features variable speed in both blowing and vacuum modes. You can set it to full power when you need to clear large amounts of leaves or debris, but you can also slow it down when you need to clean around more delicate areas. Maximum speed is an impressive 250mph.


Pros & Cons

This electrical corded 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and mulcher from well-known brand Black+Decker is designed to help with all aspects of cleaning the leaves from your yard.

It is multifunctional and has plenty of useful features that will make it a welcome addition to your collection of garden tools.

This machine is not just designed to vacuum leaves – it can also blow them or suck them up and reduce them to mulch. This gives you maximum flexibility over how you deal with the piles of dead leaves each fall.

3.Greenworks 40V

Pros & Cons

The Greenworks Cordless leaf blower vacuum’s motor features a brushless design that results in less wear and tear compared to other models. It also means that you may be able to use this tool for longer periods of time without having to worry about them motor overheating.

The Greenworks motor offers a maximum air speed of 185 mph but also has the ability to vary speeds depending upon your needs. A convenient variable speed button is built directly into the handle to make changing speeds a breeze.

4.WORX WG518

Pros & Cons

The Worx corded blower, vacuum and mulcher is one of the more reasonably priced models on our list. Yet, it still offers a top air speed of 250 miles per hour. The 12amp variable speed motor also offers a light-duty and heavy-duty mode depending upon your needs.

In mulching mode, the sturdy metal impellor shreds enough leaves to fill 16 conventional bags down to one of Worx’s reusable bags. This tool has the ability to mulch up to 1.2 bushels of leaves into the included collection bag.

5.Husqvarna 230iB

Pros & Cons

Finally, the Husqvarna 320iB is another great vacuum mulcher to look at. To help you reduce the volume of the leaves you vacuum, this option offers a 16:1 mulching ratio.

This product offers a top air velocity of 120 miles per hour. It also offers variable speeds to allow you to find the right setting for each task. With the cruise control setting, you can lock the speed in to make it easier to handle the mulcher.


Pros & Cons

Craftsman is most likely the best option for those who are looking for electric gardening tools like a leaf vacuum mulcher which is made for heavy-duty usage and offers performance accordingly.

The Craftsman CMEBL7000 leaf vacuum mulcher happens to be the most powerful option given here in this listicle. This is made possible thanks to its superb speed rating of up to 260 MPH which is the highest one given here. In fact, you also get a pretty large mulching bag of 55 liters with it.

7.LawnMaster BV1210E

Pros & Cons

As you can most likely tell by its name, LawnMaster is a brand of gardening and lawn power tools that usually happen to be quite affordable similar to its leaf vacuum mulcher given here in this list.

LawnMaster’s BV1210E leaf vacuum mulcher happens to be the cheapest option given here making it perfect for buyers on a tight budget. And for its given price tag, you get a decent speed rating of up to 240 MPH with it. You will also find a decently high mulching ratio of 16:1 with this leaf vacuum mulcher for ease of use.


Best Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher – A blower vacuum mulcher is a great tool to have if you have any trees on your property that drop their leaves in the fall. With a vacuum mulcher, fall clean-up is so much quicker, less stressful, and, even, more enjoyable.

Before putting just any leaf vacuum mulcher into your cart, it is important to take some time and compare the different models that are available. Each product offers different features and benefits, so knowing exactly what you’re looking for in the vacuum mulcher you select will help you narrow down the choices and make a selection.