Best Electric Pool Vacuum

Best Electric Pool Vacuum – If you have a dirty pool and limited time to deal with it, you probably need a robotic pool cleaner. These great machines take the hassle out of keeping your water crystal-clear and help make your pool like those you see on TV.

Shopping online is supposed to be equally easy, but the truth is it’s no longer the fast, simple process that it used to be. Misleading product descriptions make it harder than ever to get a good feel for a product, and with an investment as important as a robotic pool cleaner, you don’t want to go into the deal with less than full knowledge.


1.Polaris 9550

With its sleek blue and gray finish and black sidewall wheels, the 9950 Sport looks more like a miniature sports car than a robotic pool cleaner (hence the name).

The double-insulated plastic chassis measures 16.9 by 18.9 by 10.6 inches (HWD) and weighs 21 pounds, which is 5 pounds lighter than the AquaVac 500 and 1 pound heavier than the Aquabot Turbo T4RC. It can handle pools up to 60 feet in length.


For the same cost as many suction-side pool cleaners, you can have the convenience of a robotic pool cleaner with the affordable Aiper Smart HJ1102 Cordless Pool Cleaner. This model offers basic cleaning of your pool floor but take note that it can’t climb walls like most other robotic pool cleaners. Even still, it offers an effortless way to clean pools up to 538 square feet in just under an hour. Use it to keep debris under control and to ensure regular cleaning sessions in between pool maintenance visits.

A standout features of this budget robotic pool cleaner is its cordless design.

3.DOLPHIN Premier

Leaves pose one of the biggest challenges to robotic pool cleaners since not all models handle larger debris. However, the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner comes equipped with four unique types of filter media to capture everything from ultra-fine particles to larger items like leaves.

For pools frequently plagued by leaves, take advantage of the oversized debris bag. This bag allows the unit to collect leaves, acorns, twigs, and more, holding them in the mesh bag for easy emptying.

4.Hayward W3RC9740CUB

Release the Hayward SharkVac XL into your inground pool and let this robotic vacuum scour your pool floor, walls, and waterline for an effortless clean. This robotic pool vacuum for inground pools is self-contained and doesn’t need to be connected to your pool’s skimmer like a suction-side pool vacuum. Instead, it operates using a separate power supply with a 50-foot cord.

For inground pools up to 20 x 40 feet in size, Hayward SharkVac XL is a great choice.

5.Polaris P825

This robot vacuum is designed to navigate tight spaces, such as corners and stairs, though some vinyl pools may limit this ability.

The onboard vacuum system captures debris inside of a filter canister, which is easily accessed from the top of the robotic pool cleaner.

6.DOLPHIN Nautilus CC

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum goes about its business quietly, efficiently with very little user interaction required. It’s a great option for anyone that wants to keep their pool sparkling without spending hours on manual vacuuming or time spent tinkering on a suction-side pool vacuum.

Rather than relying on your pool’s skimmer system or vacuum line, the Dolphin Nautilus uses its own power supply to motor around your pool floor and climb the walls. It can tackle pools up to 50 feet in length and has a 2-hour cleaning cycle.

7.Polaris 9450

The Polaris F9450 is one of the more efficient cleaners on our list. Its vacuum is up to four times as effective as those found on similar models, giving you a cleaner pool in less time. This model is also capable of scrubbing both the walls and bottom of the pool clean, so you won’t have to touch up any spots by hand.

Unique to this model is a waterline-only mode, which drives this model along the waterline—often, the worst-looking part of many pools and a spot that many robotic pool cleaners struggle to reach.


Best Electric Pool Vacuum – We think that it shouldn’t be that way. Our reviews of the best robotic pool cleaners of 2021 are designed to show you the upsides and downsides to every model, as well as help you find the one that’s right for your pool. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide, which will help you understand the buying process, even if you’ve never owned a robotic pool cleaner before.