Best Electric Vacuum Pump for Brakes

Best Electric Vacuum Pump for Brakes – A good braking system is a must-have for your vehicle. Keeping you and your loved ones safe, it’s important that you keep tabs on how it’s working out, and attending to it whenever it needs maintenance.

On that note, one underrated aspect of your brake is the vacuum pump. With so many benefits and direct effect on vehicle performance, it’s high time for an upgrade.


1.Auxiliary Pump

Pros & Cons

Replace Part Number: 20804130 / 20939309 / 31317530 / 009428081 / 20914523 / 178-0884 / 20997418 / 009428-08 / 26110FJ00 / 30793053, please check the part number before buy it, offering the quality, reliability and durability of OE.

Moreover, the product has a light weight of 960 grams, a small size, and a small power. The power is only 50-60W, and the noise is small, Packing 1* electric vacuum pump.

Auxiliary Pump Assembly Fitment: Power brake booster fits for Cadillac CTS 2008-2014, fits for Cadillac STS 2008-2011, fits for Chevrolet CAMARO 2010-2015, fits for Chevrolet CAPRICE 2016-2017, fits for Chevrolet HHR 2008-2010, fits for Pontiac SOLSTICE 2007-2009, fits for Saturn SKY 2007-2010, fits for Volvo C30 2008-2013, fits for Volvo C70 2006-2013, fits for Volvo S40 2001-2011, fits for Volvo V40 2001-2004, fits for Volvo V50 2005-2011.


Pros & Cons

Have you been on the lookout for an electric vacuum pump that can fit many brands like a charm? This is one to consider for your vehicle, and the product claims to be compatible with several card brands that include Chevrolet, CAMARO, Volvo, and Cadillac CTS. Although you may have to confirm if your vehicle part number is included, this product is good.

This product can definitely be considered the best electric vacuum pump for brakes, depending on your vehicle. However, installing this product will give you the opportunity and joy of being able to stop your car at any time. It is common to find vehicles moving even after engaging the brake. Nevertheless, this can be dangerous, and making a replacement can solve the problem without stress.

3.Dorman 904-214 Vacuum

Pros & Cons

Nothing speaks patriotism than a Ford. To keep that flag up and crank out top-shelf performance at all times, you’ll need a good vacuum pump. And the Dorman 904-214 Electrical Vacuum Pump will do that for you.

Specifically engineered to meet your vehicle’s demands, the Dorman 904-214 Electrical Vacuum Pump is a great choice if you’re a Ford owner and need something for direct replacement.

Not only does this make the whole setup bit easier, but it’s also more convenient and saves me time. I dig that since I work by the clock and prefer to get the small things done ASAP. And I’m sure you’d appreciate that as well.

4.Power Brake Booster Vacuum

Pros & Cons

Rarely do I ever choose a model based on its design alone, but I’ll be real with you. The Power Brake Booster Auxiliary Pump deserves this honor. Sleek, functional, and built for performance, here’s more of what you should expect!

The great thing about this model is that it comes with detailed instructions. Notably, it also features how many times you can comfortably employ the Power Brake Booster Auxiliary Pump before it gives away.

5.LEED Brakes VP002

Pros & Cons

Owing to its complicated frame, which is arguably the only thing that sets it apart from the other models, I also found this pump kit quite sturdy. This made the whole operation easier for me since I knew the model could take a hit.

One feature of it that is worth noting is that this pump kit comes with two wire pigtails. As far as functionality is concerned, it’s designed meticulously to do the job well, and of course, that’s something I’m always an advocate for.

6.ACDelco Professional

Pros & Cons

Here’s another auxiliary brake booster for your vehicle to improve the braking system efficiency and functionality. However, it is important to observe your vehicle and the braking system. Having reduced effectiveness is a sign. You should know the signs and notices that prompt fault in an engine or vacuum pump. However, the durability of this product may save you from needing it.

Since vacuum pumps are more prevalent in automobiles, this will be the perfect shot for a GM vehicle. The design of the product is sturdy and will good quality materials to ensure that it is long-lasting.

7.JEGS Vacuum Pump

Pros & Cons

Coming with a complete kit to help you through the nitty-gritty details of the job, the JEGS 63016 Electric Vacuum Pump Kit is a decent choice for many people out there. Here’s what I like about it!

The first thing that stands out, which I think makes it different from the rest of the features on this list as well, is that the JEGS 63016 Electric Vacuum Pump Kit comes equipped with virtually everything you’ll need to get the job done right.

Including the pump, hose, switch with a pigtail, and vibration isolators, I like the fact that I can get everything I’ll need in one packing. Plus, it saves me a trip to the workshop as well.


Best Electric Vacuum Pump for Brakes – Among the obvious benefits of excellent braking, good vacuum pumps have also been shown to influence the Horsepower of your vehicle, the fuel expenditure, and overall drive quality. Hence, it’s fair to say that settling for anything less than the best is doing your vehicle a disservice.

In this segment, we’ll be going over the best electric vacuum pumps you can get your hands on this year. Let’s get started with a comparison table!