Best Facial Pore Vacuum

Best Facial Pore Vacuum –  That’s why we reached out to the pros to find out if dermatologists actually recommend pore vacuums.

“Pore vacuums are a quick and reliable way of removing open comedones or blackheads,” says Dr. Lian Mack, board-certified dermatologist at GlamDerm in New York, NY. “There are devices like HydraFacial that need to be operated by a licensed aesthetician or medical professional and over-the-counter handheld devices available. They work by removing oil, debris, and dead skin cells from pores.”


1.PMD Personal Microderm

Pros & Cons

Play dermatologist and turn your bathroom into an in-office treatment room with this microderm device. Each disk offers a different level of intensity to offer a deep exfoliation that will do away with rough patches, acne scars, and blackheads.

Designed for all parts of the face and body, the soft suction also aims to up cell turnover for better skin elasticity and smoothness. Yes, the Elite version is a little pricey—FYI, the Classic pick, later on this list, is half the price—but one reviewer raved: “I was so excited to get this newest version and it has exceeded my expectations!”


Pros & Cons

You’ve heard the praise and read the rave reviews, but does this pore-busting product live up to the hype? The answer is yes, coming from a skincare skeptic who has tried it. Here’s why: The swiveled spatula works in two modes, extract and infuse.

The extract mode pushes out gunk from your pores, like excess oil and blackheads, while the infuse mode penetrates products deeper into the skin, like your go-to serum or moisturizer, past the skin’s barrier. The result is nearly invisible pores.

3.June Julien

Pros & Cons

This tool was tested on over 1,000 users and has 7,600 five-star reviews (!), so you know it has to be good. The rechargeable battery also means that you’ll never have to worry about your battery dying halfway through the process, and the multiple heads mean that you can customize your experience. One reviewer wrote:

“It actually works, I could see the gunk that it sucked out in the nozzle. Gross but true. Just be sure to constantly keep moving, I accidentally gave myself some bruising…”

4.Spa Sciences

Pros & Cons

You’ll want to show off this tool on your bathroom counter thanks to the cute marble packaging. Plus, the wet-dry combination means that you can use it in the shower if you’re short on time. One reviewer wrote:

“Okay so I’m a makeup artist and I’m hugggeee on having a clean surface to apply my makeup to, and I thought I was doing a great job until I used MIO and saw how much gunk was left behind in my pores!!! This miracle product is a must have in your routine.”


Pros & Cons

The new kid on the block has a few features to recommend itself. Namely, the metallic tip on one of the suction probes that can work to provide a mini-facial, stimulating blood flow and collagen production.


Pros & Cons

A smart gadget for your skin does exist…in the form of a USB-charged handheld blackhead vacuum. The Amazon reviews are in, and this one’s up with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating.

You can control everything from this little LCD screen, like adjustable suction levels, battery status and the operation process. It’s a mighty but gentle machine that sucks out stubborn blackheads, whiteheads, and zits.

7.Microderm GLO

Pros & Cons

This device is actually the miniature version of the beloved Microderm GLO—an entry-level version without some of its add-ons (and its hefty price tag).

With hundreds of five-star reviews, fans gush that this tool can replace costly in-office treatments, though some note that they wish they’d splurged on the full-size version.


Best Facial Pore Vacuum – Whether you’re currently obsessing over oddly satisfying skincare treatments or attempting to recreate your go-to facials at home, a pore vacuum might be the tool your routine is missing.

These devices all over the internet, so there’s a good chance you’ve thought about trying one out before, but wondered if they really work.