Best Fireplace Vacuum

Best Fireplace Vacuum – Cleaning the ash from your fireplace, pellet stove, old-fashioned oven or barbecue is one of the messiest, and potentially most dangerous, household jobs. This time-consuming task can also be a hard and dirty job as well as potentially dangerous. While cleaning you will likely inhale some ash that is in the air, over time that can lead to lung problems.

You can make it a lot easier and safer by using an ash vacuum, specifically designed to be able to handle the fine particles that can cause damage to regular vacuums.



Pros & Cons

The CRAFTSMAN 17585 is the best-rated ash vacuum for several reasons. It is versatile, allowing you to pick up the cool ashes and finer particles from your pellet or wood stove, fireplace, fire pit, smoker, or grill, all with this one unit.

This ash vacuum is durable, thanks to the heavy-duty construction. This includes the metal-lined wand, hose, and drum, all of which are designed to withstand a bit of rough use both in your home and outside.

2.BACOENG Vacuum

Pros & Cons

The BACOENG ASH200L ash vacuum cleaner is designed specifically for cold-ash pickup out of fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves and BBQ grills. With its powerful 1200W motor, assorted nozzle attachments, and assorted selection of accessories, you can easily use the ASH Vacuum for most indoor jobs.

Another good thing about this product is that it is equipped with a reusable HEPA and a washable filter bag, BACOENG ASH Vacuum traps fine dust particles and prevents stray particles from remaining in the air and settling in your home after you complete the job. In addition, the filtration system works at high speeds to ensure the motor remains free from damage caused by ash and dust.

3.DeWalt DXVC6914

Pros & Cons

Though the DEWALT DXV10P isn’t technically designed to clean out fireplaces or stoves, it still may be one of the best ash vacuum models on the market. It has both wet and dry functions, so can clean out the ash in your heating systems or barbecues with ease, even if you soak the ashes to put out every ember.

This vacuum has a powerful 5.5 horsepower motor that gives you the suction needed to clean up any ashes in no time. Inside is a dust cartridge filter which works well for small, dry debris like ashes, but can also be used for wet materials when needed.

4.Snow Joe ASHJ201

Pros & Cons

Snow Joe ASHJ201 is smaller than many and can be conveniently carried around with the handle. Nevertheless, it has a storage capacity of 4.8 gallons.

It has a dual filtration system that includes a coarse dust pre-filter, with another filter for the finer ashes. They work well together, minimizing blowbacks.

Its bag-less design makes things easy. Plus, a clever safety feature that prevents operating without a filter. Although the motor and suction power is weaker at only 4-amps.

5.PowerSmith PAVC101

Pros & Cons

PowerSmith PAVC101 is a versatile vacuum with a powerful 10-amp motor, which along with its 16ft power cord means that it can double up as a leaf blower.

Designed for warm as well as cold ash, its heat-resistant metal hose and metal canister with a heat-resistant outer layer can handle warm ash up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has a two-layer filter system that includes a heat-resistant outer layer, and an inner layer to trap the finer ash and dust.

While its capacity isn’t the largest at 3 gallons, this compactness along with its wheeled base means that you can conveniently use the vacuum to clean your home.

6.Pellethead Ash Vacuum

Pros & Cons

A range of handy attachments complements the hose’s flexibility. The aluminum tube attachment is the most interesting one – it’s excellent when sucking up warmer ash particles. Of course, we’d make sure we always use the aluminum attachment when the ash is a little warm. Still, we feel it’s also best to let the ash cool as much as possible before use to minimize the risk of damage to the HEPA filter.

We also like the crevice tool, which is excellent for getting into hard-to-reach places that you’ll often find in a fireplace insert, fireplace grate, fireplace screen, or wood stove.

7.KIMO 20V

Pros & Cons

The standout feature of this vacuum is that it’s cordless! This feature makes it perfect for someone who needs the freedom to use the vacuum anywhere. For example, it can be super important if you want to vacuum a grill or grate down near your outdoor fire pit or barbecue grill that’s nowhere near an outlet.

It comes with a 20V rechargeable battery that (they say) can be used for 1000 cycles. But, we’re always a little wary of rechargeable battery vacuums. We’ve found several times in the past that they don’t stand up to the challenge. And this is even more important for an ash vacuum which relies on high pressure to handle the extra filtration.


Best Fireplace Vacuum – When looking into a new ash vacuum for your home, there are a few features to check out, to ensure you have the right model for you. One is the power since the larger the motor, the faster it will work to suck up those large ash piles.

The capacity is also important because pellets create much smaller ash piles than wood will, so you need the right model for the job. A long hose will allow you to reach the entire area of your fireplace or stove, leaving nothing behind.