Best Fish Tank Vacuum

Best Fish Tank Vacuum – Whether you’re already a fish owner or you’re thinking about keeping some as pets, you’ll probably already know that keeping a fish tank clean can be harder than it looks!

Over time, a lot of waste accumulates at the bottom of a tank, including fish waste, food waste and general dirt. But how do you get rid of all the mess at the bottom without completely dismantling your entire aquarium?


1.Aqueon Siphon Vacuum

Pros & Cons

This gravel vac is best suited to larger tanks, I’d say 30 gallons (113 liters) or larger. Aqueon makes bigger and smaller gravel vacs for other tank sizes.

It was super easy to get this vacuum started. One or two squeezes of the priming ball and water will come rushing out of this thing.

Out of all the vacs I tested for this article, this one drained the fastest.


Pros & Cons

I would recommend this vacuum for tanks 30 gallons and up (There are models that are larger or smaller for different tank sizes).

The Fluval Easy Vac looks a bit different from the other vacs on this list.

The actual gravel tube is oval shaped instead of being round. This is great for getting into tight corners in the aquarium without giving up fast water flow that can drain more quickly.

3.hygger Bucket-Free

Pros & Cons

This vacuum is best suited to smaller aquariums. I’ve used it with great success on tanks as small as 5 gallons (19 liters). It also does great on my 40 gallon shrimp tank, but I’m only trying to take out about 3 gallons (11 liters) at a time.

I think this would be way too slow if you have something like a big 55 gallon (208 liter) that you’re trying to drain 30 gallons (113 liters) out of.

4.LL Products Gravel Vacuum

Pros & Cons

The LL Products gravel vacuum is a great choice for smaller and medium sized tanks. I’d recommend it for aquariums from 10-40 gallons (38-151 liters).

This gravel vac is designed a little differently. The gravel tube itself is fairly short and it connects to a thinner rigid tube that then connects to the siphon hose.

The thinner tube acts as a handle so you don’t have to stick your hand as far down into the water. I like this design because you have more control from the smaller gravel tube but still have the benefits of not having to reach as far into the tank.

5.Python PRO CLEAN

Pros & Cons

Python puts a lot more emphasis on their big water changer system, so this gravel vacuum seems to be just an afterthought.

It does include a really high quality priming bulb, but there’s no flow control or bucket clip.

However, one thing that I have to say about a Python gravel vac: the parts are tough and durable.

6.Lee’s Gravel Vacuum

Pros & Cons

But, that also means no priming bulb, no flow control and no bucket clip. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t care about all that, and you just want a simple little workhorse of a gravel vac, look no further.

It can be difficult to get the siphon started on this one, but if you know some tricks, it’s not too bad to get it flowing.


Pros & Cons

This 3-in-1 gravel vacuum from NICREW is great for both quick cleanups and complete aquarium maintenance. The sponge filter traps debris while remaining easy to clean and leaves your fish tank more sanitary.

It easily removes dirt from the topmost layer of the substrate without disturbing the bottom layer of gravel and also decreases the build-up of toxins in your aquarium so there is less strain on your filter. There is a flow adjustment valve to adjust the water flow rate, too, making it simple to use when needed.


Best Fish Tank Vacuum – Fortunately, there is an answer — an aquarium vacuum. Also known as gravel vacuums, these devices help you to vacuum up any unwanted debris at the bottom of the tank quickly and easily. The best aquarium vacuum can also be excellent when it comes to changing the tank water and help you maintain a healthy environment for your fish to live in.

But with so many different aquarium vacuums out there, how do you know which one is right for your tank? Below we have complied a buying guide with everything you need to know about gravel vacuums and have even included some of our top picks on the market today. Keep reading on to find out more.