Best Garage Vacuum Wall Mounted

Best Garage Vacuum Wall Mounted – Cleaning up messes in your garage or car can take up a lot of your time and space.
Especially if you have a bulky traditional vacuum that isn’t powerful enough.

But, a wall-mounted garage vacuum can free up floor space and get the job done efficiently. Whether you have wet or dry messes, a garage vacuum can provide an easy-to-use solution without the hassle of a lot of maintenance.


1.Vacmaster VWM510

Pros & Cons

If you’re on a budget, we recommend the Vacmaster VWM510 wet/dry vacuum. It’s still over $100 but it’s on the more affordable side.

Although it’s not the most expensive option, it’s the best pick from us.

It has a two stage 4-HP motor and quiet operation so you can get the job done with minimal noise.

2.BISSELL Garage Pro

Pros & Cons

The Bissell garage pro wall-mounted vacuum is our top pick for a powerful option. It has a 12-amp motor with powerful suction.

So no matter what you’re vacuuming in your car or garage, the Bissell garage pro can clean it up easily!

Customers comment on the suction being super strong. Despite the hose being very long — 32 feet — they have found heavier bits of debris, such as coins, can easily travel all the way up and into the storage bag.

3.VacuMaid GV50PRO

Pros & Cons

Oh, so quiet. The VacuMaid GV50PRO vacuum is our top recommendation if you want a quiet wall mounted garage vacuum.

While the actual decibel value isn’t disclosed, customers comment on how quiet it is.

This is a huge bonus, especially for something so powerful.

4.GarageVac GH120-W

Pros & Cons

If you want something more portable and easy to transport, then check out the GarageVac GH120-W wall-mounted vacuum cleaner.

This is especially ideal for people who rearrange their garage often or are planning on moving house soon.

5.GarageVac GH120-E

Pros & Cons

Although the hose itself on the GarageVac GH120-E isn’t the longest on our list, it comes with a 24-inch crevice tool.

Therefore, the total length of the hose goes up to 60 feet which is by far the longest hose on our list! This is ideal for bigger garages or if you’re stretching the vacuum out to your RV.


Pros & Cons

This is a super versatile garage vacuum with various handy attachments that will provide you with all the necessary accessories for various cleaning jobs.

It comes with a flexible hose, two extension wands, a car nozzle, a lock filter, a utility nozzle, a wet nozzle, and a dust collection bag.

So whatever cleaning project you have planned, this wet/dry vacuum will be there to clean up the mess at the end.

7.Hoover MAXLife

Pros & Cons

This wall mounted garage vacuum from Hoover – one of the most trusted names in vacuums – is designed to perform reliably for life and handle any situation you throw at it. The five gallon, bagless canister offers plenty of capacity for cleaning up multiple messes before emptying the canister.

However, removing the canister can be difficult and it takes some practice to prevent debris from falling out. Meanwhile, the lifetime self-cleaning filter means there is little hassle to keep dust out of the air and keep suction at full force.

The 30-foot hose could be longer, especially if you don’t have room to maneuver your car into the garage for cleaning.


Best Garage Vacuum Wall Mounted – A wall-mounted vacuum is a vacuum that can be mounted onto your garage wall.

Most wall-mounted systems have a long hose that you can maneuver around your garage as well as the inside of your car. Similar to a central vacuum system, the hose is attached to a base mounted to the wall. However, instead of cleaning your whole house, a wall-mount garage vacuum cleaner is intended to clean solely your garage or car.