Best Gutter Vacuum

Best Gutter Vacuum – Being a gutter cleaning company we have our fair share of enquires asking the best gutter cleaning tools available for the domestic customers who want to empty there own gutters instead of hiring a professional company.

Over the years we have tried and tested many different gutter cleaning tools so have made a list of the top 10 most popular which we feel could help those looking to have a go at emptying there own gutters instead of hiring a professional company to carry out the work.


1.Orbit 58543

Pros & Cons

Orbit’s 58543 Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand is quite possibly the simplest approach to gutter cleaning, requiring nothing more than a garden hose. This wand has a telescoping section that extends from 40 to 70 inches, allowing users to reach lower gutters like those on ranch or Cape-style homes from the ground. It also features a built-in nozzle and an adjustable arm, both of which the user can set to the correct angle.

When testing the Orbit, I found it to be the simplest gutter cleaning tool. Cleaning the gutters on my Cape-style home required simply extending the pole and hooking up a garden hose. Adjusting the head and nozzle were both very easy, and the shut-off valve does a good job of controlling the pressure. My only concerns were that it’s not useful for higher gutters and that its effectiveness will rely on the home’s water pressure.

2.Amerimax Home

Pros & Cons

The Amerimax Home Products 8300 Getter Gutter Scoop offers a budget-friendly option for cleaning out gutters without cleaning out the bank account. This plastic scoop features a flexible tip that improves its fit in the gutter as well as a high handle to keep hands out.

The Getter Gutter is simple and easy to use. It can hold a lot of debris at one time, and I found that pinching the sides of the scoop together helped minimize spilling when removing it from the gutter. I liked that the tip conforms to fit the gutter, but it’s also sturdy enough to chip away some of the buildup. It can be a little awkward to use at first, and it definitely requires a ladder, but I found it to be an excellent value for the price.


Pros & Cons

Make the most of your wet-dry vacuum with this CMXZVBE38640 gutter cleaning kit from Craftsman. This four-piece kit comes with two 18-inch extension wands, a hooked gutter nozzle, and a blower nozzle for concentrating your shop vac’s blower volume. It will fit a wet-dry vac with a 2.5-inch outlet, so it’s compatible with most shop vac extensions to reach a bit higher than the kit alone allows.

This kit from Craftsman was one of my favorite surprises in testing. I hooked it up to a 5.5 horsepower wet-dry vac’s exhaust and found that it was incredibly effective at blowing leaves and debris out of the gutter, especially with the restrictive nozzle that comes in the kit. It was a little clumsy to use, and it might not be suitable for use on a ladder (not with a powerful vacuum, at least), but it was very easy to set up. It also felt like it could serve other purposes, such as vacuuming in vents or other nooks where a standard vacuum won’t reach.

4.AgiiMan Pressure Washer

Pros & Cons

The AgiiMan Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washer Wands kit comes with everything necessary to achieve squeaky clean gutters (other than the pressure washer). This kit comes with several extension rods and rods, each equipped with leakproof O-rings. This kit fits ¼-inch quick-connect pressure washers and says it can handle up to 4,000 psi.

I found the AgiiMan Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washer Wands kit to be the most effective gutter cleaning kit in this test. It came with several wands and four nozzles, and it snapped to my pressure washer without an issue. It was easy to manipulate into the gutter and had plenty of power.

5.GARDENA Cleaner

Pros & Cons

The GARDENA combisystem Gutter Cleaner is optimally suited to easily clean and clear gutters. Sturdy bristles on one side and two powerful top-grade plastic scrapers on the other side enable efficient cleaning.

The carrying handle makes it easy to use even without a handle.
Using water to clean the gutter is also possible.

This is enabled by an integrated Original GARDENA System Connection, for simple connection of the Garden Hose. To conveniently reach the gutter, the operating angle can be individually adjusted with the quick-lock lever.

6.Gutter Cleaning Spoon

Pros & Cons

The Gutter Getter scoop makes a tough cleaning job quick & easy. The scoop’s flexibility means it will fit in any gutter and can remove up to two big handfuls with each scoop. A high handle position protects against scrapes and scratches and is also marked for measurement.

​Just, rake it – scoop it – toss it. Cleaning gutters is just that easy with the Gutter Getter gutter cleaning kit. The kit includes a Gutter Getter scoop, a gutter grabber debris retriever and a 42 In. Extension handle. Use the gutter grabber to rake debris to you then just scoop it out with the Gutter Getter scoop.

7.Wolf-Garten GCM

Pros & Cons

Well, if you have the right equipment to hand to keep annoying cleaning quick and easy to do. The multi star® gutter cleaner has been specially designed to provide you with the clean much easier than ever before.

The device it has a replaceable brush head for extensive cleaning, a scraper for stubborn dirt & leaves and a shovel to the dirt out of the gutter cleaning.
Easy on one of the multi Star Telescopic® handles, gentle, the work is much Ergonomic from the palm of your hand – and a lot safer.


Best Gutter Vacuum – Gutter cleaners are useful tools that are used to clean gutters full of leaves and dirt.

It’s important that you learn which gutter cleaning tool you should buy, and which gutter cleaners you should avoid.

They’ll help you keep your gutters clean, which will help them do their job.