Best Handheld Pool Vacuum

Best Handheld Pool Vacuum – Most people prefer the ease and comfort of automatic or robotic pool cleaners. Most people also like to save money. When these things come into conflict, saving money wins more often than not. In response to the demand for (relatively) inexpensive pool cleaners, manufacturers have developed a number of handheld pool vacuums.

In the process, they’ve managed to litter the field with so many different types and models that it can get pretty confusing trying to figure out which one you should get. Some are good while others are garbage. How do you tell which is which?


1.Poolmaster 28300

The Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Vacuum is a great product for removing some of the larger debris that may stumble into your pool. Its design features a 15-inch diameter vacuum and a handle made of durable ABS.

It also features 8 high-pressure water jets, 4 multi-directional wheels, and 1 reusable all-purpose leaf bag.

All you need is a standard garden hose and a pool pole to get started.

2.Intex 28620EP

Intex 28620EP Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum is a battery-powered design with powerful suction capabilities. It’s a great purchase for those with above-ground pools or hot tubs and wants to continue daily upkeep manually. This design includes two interchangeable brush heads, a USB cable for recharging the battery, and a 94″ lightweight telescoping aluminum shaft and adapter.

There’s an innovative, automatic shutoff feature for when the vacuum is not submerged in water as not to waste the battery. And its telescoping pole makes it easy to get to harder-to-reach nooks and crannies no matter who is cleaning the pool.

3.Pool Blaster Max

One of the easier designs to use comes in the form of this Poolmaster AIR Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum. It’s incredibly light on the water and easy to maneuver around the pool and submerge underwater. The vacuum easily fits standard pool hoses and featured self-adjusting air relief valves to relieve suction pressure on vinyl liners to ensure smooth and effective vacuuming.

The brushes on the head help to loosen up stuck dirt and debris. And as we mentioned previously, the design is incredibly easy to adjust to different hands and submerge under the resistance of the water. Overall, customer reviews are stellar too.

4.ATIE Pool Jet Vacuum

Now we have the ATIE Pool Supply Town Mini Jet Vacuum to take a closer look at. The vacuum attaches to both standard telescopic poles and standard gardens hoses with ease. The water pressure from the hose will create the suction to effectively draw out all debris and clean up your pool, hot tub, or even your backyard fountain!

It’s one of the easier models to use, which is great when you want to share the responsibility of cleaning with the family. Just check out this video for assembly and operation instruction.

5.Hayward W3TVP500C

According to its description, the Hayward TriVac Automatic Pressure Cleaner features patented AquaDrive water-jet propulsion technology that provides complete coverage of the floor, walls, and coves while minimizing the impact on the pool finish. It featured a wide vacuum inlet with three high-pressure venture jets to easily pick up any and all types of debris. 

With this model, you also get an extra-large debris bag that carries more without getting bogged down or needing to be immediately emptied.


And finally, you’ll want to check out this AIPER Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner. Like its predecessor, it too is a bit heftier on the wallet, but the quality, ease, and life of the model are absolutely worth it. Unlike some of the handheld models above, this cleaner gets in and out of the pool without help. Just drop it in, plug it in, push and button and let it do its job.

It also featured anti-rollover technology, so you don’t have to worry about anything going awry during the cleaning process. There’s powerful suction, and anti-tangle swiveling that ensures no issues in that realm as well.

7.OASE 032232

This two-tank vacuum is unique in the way it operates. It suctions water and silt into the first tank until it reaches a certain level. At that point, the vacuum actually shuts off for a moment while a valve changes the flow of the pump to the second tank. The vacuum starts up again, now pumping water and silt into the second tank while the first tank is drained out the exhaust hose. Once tank one is empty and tank two is full, the cycle repeats itself.

This results in a continuous start-stop action that can be confusing if you’re not prepared for it.


Best Handheld Pool Vacuum – Having a pool is a luxury, but also a big responsibility. You need to devote time to regular maintenance and cleaning. Of course, that requires the proper tools.

Pools need to be vacuumed often. If you’re in the market for one of the best handheld pool vacuums, we have 10 recommendations for a range of purposes. With this list, you’ll find one that suits you and your pool best.