Best Handheld Vacuum for Cat Hair

Best Handheld Vacuum for Cat Hair – For many households, pets are a limitless source of joy, comfort, and laughter. Unfortunately, they can also be limitless sources of pet hair, which has a nasty tendency of getting everywhere. Having a lightweight vacuum that can cover almost every part of a home is invaluable for owners of heavily shedding animals.

The best handheld vacuums for pet hair should not only be easy to carry around and easily suck up pet hair but also should have a variety of tools to tackle small, closed-off areas. A HEPA filter is also a handy addition since it can trap allergens as you clean.



If you’re looking for a cordless handheld vacuum with a larger dirt compartment, consider the Black+Decker dustbuster AdvancedClean+ Pet. It doesn’t clear pet hair quite as effectively on low or high-pile carpet compared to the Wyze Handheld Vacuum and isn’t as compact or lightweight, but it does have a bigger dustbin that doesn’t need emptying nearly as often.

While it lacks an extension wand or hard bristle brush, it comes with a turbo brush to help clear debris on upholstered surfaces more easily. It supplies roughly anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes of runtime on a single charge depending on your choice of suction power mode and attachments, though it takes notably longer to recharge.

2.Dyson V7

The Dyson Humdinger is the best hand vacuum for pet hair that we’ve tested for bare floors. This compact handheld vacuum does a fantastic job sucking pet hair on flat, even surfaces like hardwood or tile. It has an allergen-trapping HEPA filter that shouldn’t need replacing as long as you clean it regularly, and it comes with a turbo brush for helping remove pet hair from upholstered surfaces.

This vacuum weighs very little, making it easy to pick up and carry from room to room. It also has relatively few parts that need periodic cleaning. It offers a maximum of roughly half an hour of continuous runtime on a single charge, which should be more than sufficient for most spot-cleaning tasks. You can increase its suction power for dealing with especially stubborn messes by using the ‘MAX’ suction switch, though running it in this power mode decreases its battery life to just roughly 10 minutes.

3.Shark IZ163H

If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum better suited to cleaning larger areas, consider the Shark Rocket Pet Pro with MultiFlex IZ163H. This cordless vacuum isn’t as lightweight as the Dyson Humdinger and has more parts that need regular cleaning, but since you can use it as a stick vacuum, it’s a much better fit for cleaning larger areas.

Its maximum battery life of approximately 40 minutes is also longer, though this can drop by a significant degree depending on the attachments and suction power mode used. Its HEPA filter traps allergens as you clean, and the vacuum does an incredible job of sucking up pet hair on a wide variety of surface types.

4.WYZE Handheld Vacuum

The best handheld vacuum for pet hair in the budget price range we’ve tested is the Wyze Handheld Vacuum. This cordless vacuum is very lightweight and compact but still feels well-built. It has a simple design that’s easy to maintain, and it incurs low recurring costs since only its allergen-trapping HEPA filter assembly needs regular replacing.

This vacuum does a fantastic job of cleaning pet hair on bare floors as well as low and high-pile carpet. It comes with a fairly broad assortment of attachments, including a dedicated upholstery tool and an extension hose to help reach hard-to-clean areas. Using it in its default suction power mode yields roughly half an hour of runtime, which is quite long for a compact handheld vacuum, though its battery life drops dramatically if you run it continuously in its most powerful suction power mode.


Most robot vacuums are not ideal for picking up pet hair, but this robot vacuum easily removed pet hair from carpet and with its slim profile just under 3 inches, it can glide beneath beds, low furniture and hard-to-reach places to nab stray pet hair.

It’s BoostIQ Technology also automatically increases suction power when it detects extra cleaning is needed and advanced sensors keep it from tumbling off ledges and stairs or running into furniture.

6.Miele Classic C1

Miele vacuums always top our Lab tests for performance and this model is designed for cleaning up after cats and dogs. It’s especially great if you’re worried about pesky smells since the powerful Good Housekeeping Seal star features an Active AirClean Filter to help neutralize any lingering pet odors.

You can choose from 6 suction power settings specific to the surface and the Electro Plus Floorhead has five-level height adjustments making it ideal for medium to high pile carpet.

7.Kenmore 31140

Pet hair is an annoyance for most pet owners, but if you or someone in your family happens to be allergic to pet hair, it can also be a serious health issue. This upright Kenmore has all the extras to keep pet hair where it belongs — inside the vacuum.

Certified by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA), this Kenmore has a HEPA filter and passed AAFA tests for low emissions both while vacuuming and when changing the bag and while we haven’t tested this specific model, Kenmore vacuums do well in our performance tests, we know and trust the rigid standards of the AAFA, and are impressed with their certification criteria.


Best Handheld Vacuum for Cat Hair – You love everything about your pet, but one thing that isn’t so great: Finding his fur all over your house. Removing pet hair is one of the toughest challenges vacuum cleaners face.

This is especially true when static electricity makes dog hair and cat hair cling so tightly to fabrics, like carpeting and upholstery, that no amount of brushing or suction power seem to pick it up.