Best Handheld Vacuum with Cord

Best Handheld Vacuum with Cord – Handheld vacuums are the unsung hero of a clean home. Portable and palm-sized, these vacuums are also sometimes referred to as dustbusters. They suction up everything from hair to cereal, and typically have dust bins that are easy to empty into your trash can.

For speedy clean-ups, removing fur from your furniture, or detailing your car, you can leave your full-sized vacuum in the closet and grab a more compact option that’ll still prove to be effective. However, first you must find a suitable handheld vac for your home.



The best handheld vacuum for bare floors we’ve tested is the Hoover ONEPWR Cordless Hand Vacuum. This handheld vacuum does an outstanding job clearing debris on bare, even surfaces like flat countertops or shelves. It also has a relatively large dirt compartment for a handheld vacuum, so it shouldn’t need emptying very often.

This vacuum feels decently well-built, though it’s worth pointing out that its side-exit exhaust can blow away some lightweight debris. Its primary filter shouldn’t need replacing too often, so recurring costs aren’t very high, and it has a simple overall design that’s decently easy to maintain.

2.Shark CH951

The best cordless handheld vacuum for pet hair that we’ve tested is the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+.

This handheld vacuum delivers superb pet hair cleaning performance on a wide variety of surfaces, ranging from bare floors to low and high-pile carpet. Its turbo brush attachment has a brushroll with angled plastic fins meant to reduce the incidence of hair wraps building up over time.


If you’re looking to spend less on a handheld vacuum for pet hair, consider the BISSELL AeroSlim. This compact cordless vacuum has a much smaller dustbin than the Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro+ and lacks a turbo brush to help clean upholstered surfaces, but it’s more compact and weighs less, making it easier to maneuver.

It also does a similarly fantastic job of dealing with pet hair on bare floors as well as low and high-pile carpets, though very bulky debris can clog its suction inlet and prevent it from sucking up any more material.

4.Dyson V7

The best handheld vacuum for bare floors that we’ve tested is the Dyson Micro 1.5kg. This cordless stick/handheld vacuum is amazingly lightweight, so you can easily pick it up or maneuver it in cluttered areas.

It comes with a couple of attachments, including a turbo brush and two separate crevice tools, one of which has a built-in LED light strip to help you see in dark corners.

5.Shark IZ163H

If you’re looking for something a little more versatile, you may prefer the Shark Rocket Pet Pro with MultiFlex IZ163H. This cordless stick/handheld vacuum is heavier and larger than the Dyson Micro 1.5kg and incurs higher recurring costs.

However, you can use it to clean low and high-pile rugs and has a longer maximum battery life of over 40 minutes, though this can vary in the real world. It delivers similarly superb performance on bare floors. Its suction performance remains consistent as its fairly large dirt compartment fills, so it shouldn’t need emptying very often.


The best handheld vacuum for portability that we’ve tested is the Wyze Handheld Vacuum. This handheld vacuum is very compact, making it easy to store in a cupboard or closet.

It has a lightweight construction that allows you to carry it around for extended periods without fatigue. It also has an onboard HEPA filter to trap allergens as you clean, which is good if you have a heavily-shedding pet.


With suction that’s “very substantial and powerful” for this compact cordless vacuum, this top-rated Black + Decker is used to deal with tasks ranging from cleaning kids’ messes to catching stink bugs.

One reviewer specifically purchased it to clean up cat litter and says that “it seems that it is ALWAYS charged and always provides great suction.” It’s also “so efficient and much easier to get than pulling out the large vac.” They’ve tried other hand vacuums before, but “NOTHING has worked as well as this.”


Best Handheld Vacuum with Cord – Handheld vacuums are a great option if you’re looking to clean small spills around the home. They’re lightweight, portable, and due to their small size, they’re handy when tackling more difficult or uneven terrain like inside your car or on your stairs.