Best Hepa Vacuum for Lead Dust

Best Hepa Vacuum for Lead Dust – You need to make sure of two things at a time. The vacuum cleaner can clean the messes you mostly deal with, and it must have a quality HEPA filter that traps lead dust and seals them inside.

Keeping the following aspects in mind will make sure you get the best lead dust removal HEPA vacuum that will actually make the household environment healthy for kids.


1.Miele 10123230

This mango red Miele upright vacuum is not just pretty to look at. In our tests, it provided the best combination of dirt pick-up from carpeting and bare floors and super low particle emissions into the air while vacuuming.

Before dust even gets to the exhaust filter, there’s a high-efficiency filtering bag to traps larger particles. We found this vacuum easy to maneuver and we love the long stretch hose, telescoping wand, and attachments that tuck away neatly in the back so it’s easy to nab dust wherever it hides and simple to store.

2.Shark Rotator APEX

Shark makes great vacuums at a great price and this model is no exception. In our last Cleaning Lab test, it exhibited very good cleaning performance on both carpeting and bare floors and was one of the quietest models we tested.

Factor in all the extras, like a five-year warranty and that it converts from an upright to a canister with the press of a button, and it’s a great value for the price. We like that the entire vacuum is sealed for better dust retention and that the HEPA filter, unlike others that need replacing, is washable.

3.Dyson V11

Fully charged and ready for duty at a moment’s notice, nothing is easier for quickly cleaning the kitchen floor after dinner or the foyer before guests arrive than a cordless stick (or pole) vacuum.

And this Dyson doesn’t disappoint: it is the only cordless stick vac we’ve tested that deep cleans carpets better than some full-size uprights. Well-built and sealed to capture HEPA-sized particles, this Dyson has several new and improved features over the V10 that we also tested and loved.

4.Miele Complete C3

Canisters, though they can be bulky, are truly the most versatile vacuum cleaners, and when a model has a full complement of attachments, like this Good Housekeeping Seal star Miele, there’s no surface it can’t clean.

A canister with its floor brush is unbeatable for cleaning wood, vinyl and tile floors, and stairs. In our tests, the swivel casters on Miele canister vacuums make them super easy to wheel around, the ergonomic handles are comfortable to hold, and a rotating hose connection keeps the vacuums stable and tip-free at virtually any angle.

5.Kenmore Elite 31150

Kenmore vacuums do well in our performance tests and while we haven’t tested this specific model, we know and trust the rigid standards of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA) and are impressed with their certification criteria. This Kenmore passed AAFA tests for low emissions both while vacuuming and when changing the bag.

It maintains its acceptable performance even as the bag fills up and clogs with dirt and it’s loaded with great features like a more powerful motor, a telescoping wand to reach up high and down low, a five-position adjustable height nozzle for easier pushing across all carpet styles and an air-powered hand tool with a rotating brush to more easily remove stubborn pet hair from upholstery, bedding and stairs.


This backpack-style vacuum cleaner is much cheaper than regular vacuums, yet manages to clean messes very efficiently. It comes with all the tools and accessories that you would need for convenient household cleaning.

Its filter also got a HEPA function to make sure no allergens and dust mites cannot escape while cleaning. Particles of 0.3-micron size get properly sealed inside the backpack. Considering its price, it’s the best HEPA commercial vacuum that works really well for households.

7.Prolux 2.0

Introducing the All New PROLUX 2.0 BAGLESS BACKPACK VACUUM PRO! The Prolux 2.0 uses Patented Technology that is revolutionizing the cleaning world! It took the Prolux team of Engineers and Vacuum Experts 3 years to invent the Prolux 2.0 Bagless Backpack.

Not only did they have to invent the worlds first bagless backpack vacuum but they had to totally re invent bagless technology! The result is a bagless backpack vacuum that is 40% more efficient than current bagless tech and also qualifies for the toughest commercial cleaning jobs. The Prolux 2.0 Bagless Backpack Vac with 2.0 Vortex Technology has been designed for two things; to be incredibly lightweight and to cut your cleaning time in half.


Best Hepa Vacuum for Lead Dust – Don’t go for a cheap deal if you are mostly concerned with lead dust. If you ask for a recommendation, the Shark ZU561 would be the best HEPA vacuum for lead dust because of its features and effective HEPA filter. Even many household cleaning and vacuum experts recommend this model.