Best Hoover Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Hoover Vacuum for Pet Hair – You will spit a lot fo the best vacuums for pet hair in our guide to the best hoover vacuum cleaners. That’s because when a vacuum cleaner is capable of picking up a lot of pet hair and allergens, that’s usually a sign of a very good vacuum cleaner! Pet hair is one of the trickiest things to get out of carpet or upholstery, so when reviewing the best vacuum for pet hair we tried the full range of attachments to see how well they reached under furniture or into the corners of the room.

Many of the best vacuums for pet hair are upright vacuums, because these typically have the power needed to uproot pet hair from even trodden-down carpets. We have included a few cordless vacuums too, though.


1.Hoover ONEPWR

Pros & Cons

Cordless vacuums are lighter and less cumbersome than full upright or canister vacuums, making them perfect for smaller jobs and spot cleanings. The downside to cordless models is they aren’t typically as powerful as their full-size counterparts, but there are some exceptions.

Hoover says its ONEPWR Evolve can pick up dirt and pet hair as well as a full-size vacuum. Since it’s specifically designed to eliminate pet hair, I put this vacuum to the test in a household with two dogs. Read on to see how well it performed.

2.Hoover WindTunnel 3

Pros & Cons

Move from room to room effortlessly with this Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner. It can run for up to 25 minutes from a single charge, so it’s perfect for giving your home a quick once over without being tied to a lead. The pet turbo tool will work wonders on your carpets, as it can get deep into the fibres to remove ground-in mud and hair from your fury friends.

And because it has a motorised floorhead, it’s great at picking up dirt from other floor types too – especially laminate, tiles and lino. You won’t have to worry if you’ve walked some stones in from the garden either, as this model comes with a super-strong cloth filter.

3.Hoover MAXLife Elite

Pros & Cons

Give your carpets a new lease of life with this bagless upright vacuum cleaner from Hoover. Because it comes with a pet turbo brush, you’ll be able to get deep into the fibres to remove moulting fur and dried mud brought in from the park.

When you’re done, you can store the tool on-board the vacuum, so it’ll always be within easy reach next time you need it. And if you’re sensitive to dust and pollen – fear not. Thanks to the HEPA filter, you can say goodbye to allergens and hello to fresh, clean air. You won’t have to worry about dirt clogging the bin either, as special cyclones keep everything running smoothly – giving you powerful results for longer.

4.Hoover Pro Clean

Pros & Cons

You’ll have no trouble moving it from the lounge to the bedroom, as it weighs just 4.5kg. The innovative multicyclonic technology uses powerful suction to collect and separate fine dust particles from the air, which helps to prevent the vacuum from clogging.

Combined with the H13 HEPA filtration system – which traps and removes any remaining allergens – you’re guaranteed an exceptional clean every time. There’s also a handy turbo brush that can tackle any embedded dirt or hair in your carpets and upholstery. And when you’re done, you can empty the bin with just a touch of a button.

5.Hoover MAXLife Elite Swivel XL

Pros & Cons

With up to 40 minutes run time from a single charge, this powerful model is in it for the long game – giving you more than enough time to tackle the whole house in one session. And when it finally shows signs of running out of juice, a second battery is there to save the day, providing a total of 80 minutes run time when you need it.

The vacuum has plenty of oomph behind it too, boasting a turbo function that enhances suction, as well as a turbo tool that removes embedded pet hair. Plus, the lightweight design means it’s ideal for carrying between rooms, and because it’s also compact, it folds down so that it can be stored in even the smallest of spaces.


Best Hoover Vacuum for Pet Hair – We were on the lookout for vacuums, which were ergonomic and easy to operate with a good power to performance ratio – you want a product that has the juice to suck up anything in its path without being so powerful that the other components, like motorised brush heads and tubes, can’t keep up and get tangled and clogged as a result.

Pet vacuums need to be able to work equally well on a range of home surfaces so we tested ours on wooden floors, carpets, rugs, as well as furniture fabric and the obligatory pet beds and blankets.