Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – If you want to keep all the working areas in your place of business clean, you need a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner. Residential or home vacuum cleaners are OK, but when you are using the vacuum several times a day, every day, you want a workhorse. Not only that, but you want it to last for years.

Heavy-duty commercial vacuums are designed to run for hours every day. They may not have the same aesthetic as the home vacuums, but they will not let you down when you need them most.


1.Sanitaire – SC679K

Pros & Cons

This Sanitaire commercial vacuum cleaner is Amazon’s choice for cleaning industrial-sized carpets. Yes, it has an old-school design, but this machine was built to last and every part is easily replaceable. With a 30-foot cord and an 18-quart bag that can hold over 4,500 square feet of rubbish, this tool gets the job done quickly.

At just over 12-pounds, its midweight and durable design makes it easily transportable for hotels or professional cleaning businesses. Currently on sale at under $130, this is one of our most economical choices too. “This is one of the best vacuums ever made,” exclaimed one customer. “I have had a cleaning business for over 20 years; [it] is cheap and made extremely well.”


Pros & Cons

You’re not imagining it; this backpack commercial vacuum cleaner from Hoover is totally like something from Ghostbusters. At under 10 pounds, with an ergonomic, chiropractor-designed harness that snaps in place at the waist and chest, this tool is perfect for reaching those hard-to-reach areas and keeping your back intact.

One customer explained that this vac is “lightweight [and] very powerful. Great for church pews or theatre seats.” It also includes nine accessories, a 48-foot cord, a bagless and 6.4-quart container, and has a HEPA-media filter design.


Pros & Cons

The bagless feature saves you even more money as you don’t need to buy replacement vacuum bags. You can remove and clean all pieces, and don’t have to worry about your vacuum emitting nasty odors ever again. It also includes five attachments with built-in storage and a 27-foot cord. One customer wrote,

“This Bissell is lightweight, but has a very wide brush roller so it takes less time to vacuum. The brush roller is fantastic for picking up pet hair [and] it does an excellent job of picking up fine dust and dirt.”


Pros & Cons

Made in the USA, this upright commercial vacuum from Oreck has an extra-large bag, a 35-foot cord, and an impressive one-foot cleaning path; superb for larger industrial spaces. This machine weighs just nine pounds, is good for all types of floors—although it works exceptionally great on carpets—and lays almost flat to clean under beds, desks, and other large furniture.

One buyer, who previously owned an Oreck vac that lasted 20 years, wrote, “Great vacuum—these are the ones used by the top hotels. Excellent value [and I] highly recommend. There is no better vacuum out there for the money.”

5.McCulloch MC1375

Pros & Cons

With 23 accessories, including squeegee, mop, and scrub pad, this McCulloch steam cleaner can be used to clean your car, garage, ceramic, or wood flooring—and all chemical-free. Heating up quickly and reaching up to 200°F, this vacuum’s 64-ounce tank provides over an hour and a half of steam and adjustable steam pressure, and its 18-foot cord and long 10-foot hose provide more portability than your average steamer.

One customer, an auto detailer, wrote, “Within seconds, the dirt and grime [on the cars] simply loosen up and is easily wiped with a microfiber towel. No making multiple passes, respraying, etc. Using this, I’m able to clean dirty, oily door jams, door sills, door panels, fabric, dashboards, and consoles.”

6.ProTeam ProForce

Pros & Cons

The four-level high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system on this ProTeam backpack vacuum eliminates minuscule particles from the air which is especially useful for carpeted offices, classrooms, or other high-traffic spaces, improving air quality while cleaning. One buyer shared, “[we] offer residential and commercial cleaning services and have never been disappointed by the performance.”

They added, “With these backpacks, your arms and wrists do not suffer, even after several hours of vacuuming. Reaching under chairs and tables and sofas is a breeze [and] reaching ceiling corners is not a problem.” Although it covers most surfaces, this tool is not recommended for high-pile carpets or fine wood floors.

7.Farag Janitorial

Pros & Cons

This Farag Janitorial two-motor machine has a massive 21-gallon waste capacity for those extra-large cleanup jobs. Its stainless-steel body, 24-foot cord, waterproof and static-resistant exterior make this a durable and powerful industrial machine for demanding cleaning projects.

One shopper reviewed, “I used it to clean up construction debris, small wood pieces, old insulation nails, etc… It was amazing and made clean-up much easier.” At 70 pounds, and covering wet and dry surfaces, this device is ideal for factories and hotels.


Best Industrial Vacuum Cleaner – Whether you’re an auto detailer, hotelier, restaurateur, contractor, theatre owner, or own any business where people come and go and floors get murkier much quicker than at home, you’re going to need the best commercial vacuum cleaner to ensure deep, efficient and quick cleaning.

To clean large carpeted areas, a lightweight, upright vacuum with a long cord and large-capacity bag will prove particularly handy. For deeper and more thorough cleaning and even sanitization of floors, cars, seats, windows, and walls, a vacuum cleaner with a steamer tank is ideal.