Best Lawn Blower Vacuum

Best Lawn Blower Vacuum – Vacuums work pretty well on small patches of grass, but for larger areas, you’ll find it more effective to rake up a small pile and then vacuum that up. They also work well at getting leaves out of corners, removing them from between bushes, and from behind outdoor objects, such as a central air conditioning unit.

The total volume of leaves that you remove in these situations is small, and all these jobs are such that they play to the machine’s strong suit, which is a long nozzle that can be inserted into something (a bush), behind something (an air conditioning unit) or between things (two trash cans, let’s say). We also found leaf vacuums work well for removing small pieces of paper litter and debris, such as acorns and pine needles. In all cases, the vacuums work best on dry debris.


1.Sun Joe SBJ605E

The Sun Joe SBJ605E 3-in-1 mulcher, blower, and vacuum offers excellent horsepower and features an easy conversion between a leaf blower and leaf vacuum. Here’s how it works: Blow your leaves into a pile, suck them up, or mulch them down, and you’ll clean up the yard in no time.

Bonus points: The Sun Joe SBJ605E boasts six adjustable wind speeds and an aluminum alloy impeller designed to shred 16 bags of leaves down to one.

2.Toro 51621

Users love operating this powerhouse Toro 2-in-1 leaf blower and vacuum. The Toro 51621 offers a metal shredder that reduces up to 97% of mulched debris to less than a half-inch, shredding your leaves into a fine mulch. In other words, it can turn a whopping 33 bags of leaves into one.

The leaf vacuum also comes with multiple tubes for specialized uses, including an oscillating nozzle kit that sweeps the blowing air back and forth. This oscillating technique creates a wider blowing path on hardscapes, allowing the user to work without straining the wrist.


Users praise the BLACK+DECKER BV6600 for its impressive power, great vacuuming, and nearly flawless performance. The leaf vacuum’s high-impact metal fan helps prevent nuisance clogging and shreds up to 16 bags of leaves down to one.

Equipped with a 12-amp motor, this popular leaf vacuum sucks up leaves, twigs, pine needles, and grass clippings, leaving your lawn spotless in seconds.

4.WORX WG509

The WORX WG509 is a blower and vacuum that lets you blow your leaves in a pile, flip a switch, and suck them right up with the WORX WG509. The leaf blower’s switch makes it simple to switch from leaf blower to vacuum.

The WORX WG509 leaf vacuum is designed to be controlled with just one hand; its ergonomic design funneling the wind in a way that allows for easy handling.


Looking for a leaf vacuum that promises power? Users praise the Greenworks 24022 for its impressive performance and durability.

The leaf vacuum has a two-speed control system, a cushioned grip, and a 10:1 mulch ratio that shreds ten bags of leaves into a single bag.

6.Husqvarna 545119801

The Husqvarna is very well built, starts extremely easily (with one pull), and handles dry leaves with a vengeance. It did clog, however, when gathering damp mixed debris, such as oak leaves and pine needles. We were mystified by that, since it has more than enough airflow.

We suspect that its vacuum tubes, which are slightly narrower and longer than others, may be the culprits. A deal breaker? No. We did have a beef, however, with its bag attachment, which is by means of a heavy-duty spring sewn into the bag’s collar. Its grip on the discharge tube is so tenacious that once attached, the bag cannot be easily removed.

7.Echo X692000190

The Echo is an outstanding machine and nearly as clog-resistant as the Stihl. It handled dry and uniform debris easily, gobbling it up at full throttle, quickly filling its bag. It fell behind the Stihl only in the mixed- and damp-debris tests.

But, frankly, the difference in power between the two is small. Conversion from blower to vacuum is fast and easy. In this respect, it was the best of the three gas-engine machines. To remove the vacuum tube, grip the large plastic lugs molded into tube and twist it off.


Best Lawn Blower Vacuum – Our test results show they are more effective at removing leaves from hard surfaces than a lawn. For example, they work well at removing leaves from concrete, pavers, flag stone, brick, and asphalt.

To some degree, they work on decks but, you’ll find it’s easier to blow off leaves and debris rather than trying to pull out material that’s stuck between deck boards.