Best Lawn Vacuum for Acorns

Best Lawn Vacuum for Acorns – Acorns are good food for birds, squirrels, and deers. However, these animals might not keep up with the amount of acorns that are rained on the yard on a daily basis. If you have oaks in your yard, then you are probably worrying about how to clean up the acorns mess.

The bitter truth is, cleaning the acorns is a time-consuming affair. That is why you are here looking for a great – and more convenient – way to clean up the acorns mess from your yard.


1.WORX WA4058

Worx LeafPro is a simple leaf bagger that can bring you a lot. With many useful features and benefits, it has proven to be one of the best products of its kind on the market today. Using this, you will find the answer to the leaf collection you’ve been looking for. It possesses a multi-fit power adapter with an 8-inch hose; this lawn vacuum cleaner fits easily into all leaf blowers. This is fantastic; no matter which blower you currently have, you will have no problem connecting this collection system.

This product is designed for the collection of a large capacity contactless leaf. Can work with all brands and waste bins up to 96 gallons. The tube is 8 meters long, while the actual tube length is 16 meters.


The best shop vac for acorns is this one right here by Craftsman. This heavy-duty model can easily be rolled outside to use as a yard vacuum to pick up acorns and other debris. Unlike a leaf blower vacuum, you don’t have to worry about acorns damaging the impeller or turning acorns into projectiles.

The massive 16-gallon tank is more than enough room to pick up a large number of acorns on your lawn, deck, driveway, and other areas around your home. Comparatively, this model gives you the most power for the money of the shop vacs in this guide at 6.5 peak HP. Another plus is that this vac’s wet/dry capability gives you the option to pick up acorns in moist conditions.


The Vac packs everything you would find in a best-in-class pick – it’s insanely powerful, easy to use and big enough to tackle all of your heavy duty projects. Like the Craftsman XSP, the giant also packs a power 6.5 horsepower motor that provides sufficient suction for heavy duty clean up tasks. Besides, the 16 gallon comes with a car nozzle, a convenient hose adaptor and three disposable filter bags.

Yes, this vac isn’t as light, which is good for its stability. However, despite the extra weight, it is easy to maneuver thanks to the strong rubberized castors and wheels that aid mobility. On the other hand, the machine comes with a 6 meters (30 feet) long power cord that allows you to clean up larger areas without having to unplug the unit.

4.Toro 51621

Now for the only leaf blower vac featured in our guide. Keep in mind, this tool is not made for vacuuming up large piles of acorns. It will, however, have no problem chewing through a small number of acorns while vacuuming up leaves. The reason this model is the best choice is the metal impeller.

Compared to leaf blower vacs with plastic impellers, you’re less likely to damage Toro’s UltraPlus when sucking up acorns, twigs, and other harder debris. One advantage of choosing this model instead of a shop vac is that you don’t have to worry about dragging it over bumpy terrain in your yard.

5.Stanley 12

My final pick is a good affordable shop vac for acorns. At the time of this writing, it costs less than the Craftsman and Dewalt models, though, it is smaller and less powerful. As long as your yard is small to medium, the 12-gallon tank gives you plenty of room to work with. Plus, at 6 peak HP, its suction power isn’t far behind what Craftsman and Dewalt offer.

Two lengths to be aware of are the 16′ power cord and 6′ hose. Again, depending on the size of your yard, you may want to opt for a model with a 20′ cord and a 7′ hose. Regarding functionality, Stanley’s SL18199P is a 3-in-1 wet/dry vac and blower with four casters for easy moving while you work.


A very complicated task, when the leaves fall, you need to sweep all the debris and dry leaves several times. This is the time when technology allows you to accomplish the task easily. Lawn owners, for them, a leaf blower, are a ubiquitous tool. The LSW221 decker blower is the latest cordless machine with additional features. It is very safe and straightforward to use. It runs on electricity and even gas. Even a non-specialist can easily learn to use this cordless leaf blower. It is effortless and comes with a bracelet, which reduces the pressure on the spine.

It is essential to be satisfied with what you choose for yourself; the cordless leaf blower will be ideal for your garden. The BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Lithium Sweeper has been built with an impressive design that includes great features. It weighs only 3.7 pounds and is designed for lighter activities. No additional maintenance is required for this electric machine. It has a softer grip, which can be easily balanced during work. It has a 20-volt lithium-ion battery with a speed of 130 mph.

7.Greenworks 40V

Who says you have to sacrifice power to go wireless? Six-speed air intake, this wonderful yard vacuum is perfect for you if you have a large lawn and don’t want to use a gas vacuum. The 40-volt lithium-ion battery allows the vacuum cleaner to run for up to 60 minutes on a single charge so that you can collect as many acorns as possible.

You can use the Greenworks electric yard vacuum cleaner as a collector and vacuum cleaner. To use it like a vacuum cleaner, you need to open the lower door. 


Best Lawn Vacuum for Acorns – Before choosing the best lawn vacuum for acorns to maintain your yard, be sure to match your needs to the functions of the equipment in this guide. Once you know the size of your acorns, density, and consider the overall size of your project, you’ll be all set.

All in all, shop vacs are your best bet since they’re built to handle acorns. Leaf blower vacuums can work, but they’re more likely to break if you try to pick up too many acorns since they’re not specifically made for vacuuming acorns. Lastly, if you want a non-electric tool, Bag-A-Nut’s Acorn Picker is a nifty device that gets the job done.