Best Lawn Vacuum

Best Lawn Vacuum – These vacuums don’t cost too much, and usually come equipped with everything you need to make the most of outdoor cleaning. They’re generally better for the environment and are easy to operate too.

We shared our picks of the best leaf vacuums, but we’d love to hear which one is your favorite. Do you see one you like? Let us know in the comments.


1.Toro 51619

Customer feedback supports Toro’s claim that it’s the number one electric blower brand. This multi-purpose lead vacuum walks the talk, with strong capacity in vacuuming, blowing and mulching.

It gives you air speeds of up to 235 miles per hour. Built-in is a serrated metal impeller for more efficient leaf shredding. Alongside it is a variable speed motor, which means that you have control over how hard this machine works.

2.WORX WG512

This model’s specs are on par with our top choice, and it saves you money as well.

You can choose between two speeds to better manage light and heavy loads. It functions as a vacuum, blower and mulcher.

With a mulching ratio of 16:1, you’ll save the same amount of space and waste as the first. It matches the maximum air speed of 250 miles per hour and weighs the same 7.5 pounds.

3.KIMO 20V

Here’s a great option if you’re looking for a lightweight cordless leaf vacuum. This battery-powered machine can give you air speeds of up to 150 miles per hour, and functions as a blower and vacuum too. A great feature is the variable speed.

Adjustable speed control makes it a perfect companion for any job and brings about effortless operation. The motor made of pure copper gives you more comfort, reduces friction, and stabilizes the vacuum. This model comes with an extra nozzle that gives you extra reach, reducing effort while you use it.


You get a lot out of this multi-purpose leaf vacuum. It matches the specs of our top choice, and you get some extras thrown in. The maximum air speed is 250 miles per hour, and its mulching ratio is 16:1.

One notable feature, however, is the noise reduction. It’s 50 percent quieter than previous Black and Decker models and operates at only 68 decibels. There’s also variable speed control, suitable for both delicate and heavy work.

5.Greenworks 40V

If you prefer the freedom and mobility of a cordless blower and vacuum but you don’t like the noise, harmful emissions or bulky weight of a gas-powered unit, this model from Greenworks could be the perfect option.

It features a brushless motor that delivers plenty of power to blast through piles of dead leaves when used in blower mode. When switched to vacuum and mulching mode, it will make short work of any debris, leaving you with bags of useful mulch.


If you are looking for a 2-in-1 vacuum and blower tool at a very affordable price point but you don’t want to compromise on quality or performance, this corded electric model from Toolman might be just what you’re looking for.

It features six-speed operation with a maximum capacity of 215mph, plenty to deal with even the heaviest covering of leaves and debris. If you need to clean around more fragile areas of your yard, you can also choose one of the lower settings using the intuitive dial.

7.Sun Joe SBJ605E

The Sun Joe SBJ605E 3-in-1 mulcher, blower, and vacuum offers excellent horsepower and features an easy conversion between a leaf blower and leaf vacuum. Here’s how it works: Blow your leaves into a pile, suck them up, or mulch them down, and you’ll clean up the yard in no time.

Bonus points: The Sun Joe SBJ605E boasts six adjustable wind speeds and an aluminum alloy impeller designed to shred 16 bags of leaves down to one.


Best Lawn Vacuum – We all know what it’s like when the days begin to shorten and the fall rolls in again – it means it’s time to get out the rake and start bagging up the leaves that are beginning to carpet the ground.

It’s a chore that most people don’t look forward to, but if you own a leaf blower and vacuum combo, it’s a job that will take a fraction of the time. If this sounds like the perfect solution, here are our top picks for best leaf vacuum.