Best Lightweight Dyson Vacuum

Best Lightweight Dyson Vacuum – Dyson vacuums have a reputation for offering substantial suction, innovative design, and a fully-sealed system with washable filters for easy maintenance. Seeing the many benefits of these very colorful vacuum cleaners is simple.

Choosing a model from the brand’s lineup is more challenging. There are dozens of different models to choose from, some with sub-types that alter what accessories are included in your box, such as Dyson’s Animal series.



The best Dyson vacuum is simple to use, effective at cleaning all types of flooring, and puts out enough suction power to clear debris and hair from floors, furniture, and stairs. In our extensive testing of Dyson vacuums, we found the Dyson v7 Motorhead Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner to exceed our expectations in nearly every metric. Out of the box, this vacuum assembled quickly.

It has just three pieces that easily click together, and our tester was able to prepare it for use in less than three minutes. Keep in mind that the Motorhead designation means that this is the basic version of the v7, so it includes just two tools: a crevice tool and combination tool.

2.Dyson Ball Multi Floor

The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum offers reliable performance and powerful suction at a price that won’t break the bank. It doesn’t feature innovations like a laser for counting captured dust particles and it lacks the ability to convert into a handheld vac, but these innovations aren’t always necessary for basic, everyday cleaning jobs.

It offers a respectable 196AW of suction power and is well-suited for most types of flooring. Our product tester found it was a chore to use this vacuum on high-pile carpet, noting it required lots of muscle to keep the vacuum moving. However, all the effort paid off with a canister full of cat hair, earning the vacuum a 5-star rating for its cleaning effectiveness and a 4.5-star rating for its maneuverability.

3.Dyson Cinetic

Canister vacuums are compact, but offer excellent suction and are often quieter than upright vacuums. Dyson engineered the Big Ball Canister Vacuum for deep cleaning of hard floors and carpet. During our testing, this canister vacuum was surprisingly easy to put together, as the instructions were very clear and included pictures.

Once the machine began to run, it was definitely louder than expected, but wasn’t “obtrusive,” according to our tester. It was easy to maneuver, earning 4.5 stars for its slim and flexible profile that follows you as you go. However, there is a slight learning curve to this model if you’re used to navigating an upright or stick vacuum.

4.Dyson V11

Cordless vacuum cleaners have become popular for their convenience, but have often been limited by their battery life and smaller dust bins. The Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner solves all of these problems and is a high-power cleaning machine worthy of the hype.

This vac impressed our tester with its ability to adjust suction power and motor performance depending on floor type. It’s like it does most of the work for you, requiring very little “elbow grease,” according to our insights from The Lab. This can be credited to Dyson’s DSL technology that increases cleaning effectiveness while conserving battery life.

5.Dyson Ball Animal

Upright vacuums are often a go-to option for whole-house cleaning, because they offer larger dust bins and don’t run out of power. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum will be your favorite sidekick on any cleaning adventure, as it features nimble steering, a 30-foot power cord for plenty of reach, and a 0.55-gallon dust bin to capture dirt and debris.

At 17.5 pounds, it’s definitely heavier than some other full-size vacuum cleaners on the market but makes up for it with maneuverability. Swivel steering allows the vac to move with you as you tackle messes in every room of your home.

6.Dyson V8

For effective cleaning of carpets or area rugs, you need a vacuum with a motorized cleaning head and a brush bar to suck up dirt, dander, hair, and other debris from the fibers. The Dyson v8 Animal is up to the task, thanks to the included direct-drive cleaner head designed with carpeted floors in mind. It pairs the stiff nylon bristles with up to 115AW suction power to deep clean even high-pile carpets or area rugs.

As a cordless stick vacuum, this pick is also convenient to use and ideal for daily maintenance or quick cleaning sessions before company arrives.

7.Dyson V7

The flexible neck and in-line design of the vacuum would likely earn this model a high maneuverability rating, as it means it can lie flat for cleaning areas with low clearance.

You don’t want to underestimate this feature, since dust and hair tend to accumulate under furniture, and most upright vacuums have a bulky design that makes it hard to reach underneath.


Best Lightweight Dyson Vacuum – To start, you’ll want to consider what type of vacuum cleaner you need for your home: an upright, cordless, canister, or handheld model. Match the vacuum to your flooring type and consider which accessories will make a difference in your cleaning routine.

Also, think about whether you’re ready to cut the cord on your vacuum cleaner and go with a cordless model that relies on battery power, or if you’d rather clean for extended periods of time with a corded, upright-style vacuum.