Best Lightweight Vacuum for Travel Trailer

Best Lightweight Vacuum for Travel Trailer – If you’re looking for the best RV vacuum, clicking on this article was a smart move.

You’ll learn everything a person might need to know about these devices. I’ll break down the entire process into an easy-to-follow buying guide, which will make your decision effortless.



As a pet owner, there’s very little about the Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum that I don’t love. It seems ideally suited to handle all the stains and dog hair that my precious dogs will bring on board my rig.

I mean, it has both a TruePet Motorized brush, which will take care of those awful stains my dogs will inevitably leave behind and a mini motorized brush that will make sure dog hair doesn’t take over my upholstery. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything more in the pet department.

2.HP Products 9880

The first RV vacuum system on our list, the HP Products Dirt Devil RV Central Vacuum System is one of my favorite models and what I consider the best rv central vacuum system on the market. The best part about is it does it’s just job efficiently without much hassle concerning its performance.

See, in most of the customer reviews, all you would read was about how incredible the suction on this product was compared to other vacuums they had tried in the past. For me, this aspect would be an issue because of my wall to wall wool carpeting; wool needs a gentler vacuum rather than an aggressive on such as this model.


The BLACK+DECKER Lithium Hand Vacuum has a lot of things go for it. The first being it’s quite an affordable option. It’s much less expensive than the first handheld model we reviewed and doesn’t suffer in the quality department either.

For example, it comes equipped with a flip-up brush that will ensure your upholstery stays clean. Again, as a pet owner, this type of feature is a must-have for me. The amount of hair these dogs shed would astound you.

4.Dyson V7

One of the most popular brand names in vacuum manufacturer game, Dyson, offers a premium RV vacuum any RV owner would be lucky to have: the Dyson Car+Boat Cord-Free Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

This cordless vacuum gives the user all the freedom of movement in the word. There isn’t a corner or crevice you couldn’t clean with this model. If you get this vacuum, your whole RV will be free of the nuisances dirt, or sand might provide.


Our only wet and dry RV vacuum cleaner, the BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, allows the user to both vacuum and mop their floors at that same time; an extraordinarily convenient feature any RV owner could see as beneficial.

But that isn’t even my favorite thing about this model. It also has a multi-surface pet brush that will make sure whatever nuisance your pet manages to provide your floor isn’t even an issue. Furthermore, it has a pet hair strainer that separates the pet hair from the rest of the waste for easy empty.

6.SOWTECH Stick Vacuum

Our first upright vacuum, the SOWTECH Stick Vacuum, offers high-performance at a low price you won’t mind paying. In fact, this model might be the best bargain buy on here, so, if you’re a little cash strapped you might want to take a look at this vacuum.

But don’t think it being low-priced is the only benefit it will offer the person that buys this product. It has numerous other features that any RV owner could find useful. For instance, this upright vacuum can be converted into a handheld one in a matter of seconds.


Another product that will appeal to the bargain buyers among you, the VonHaus Gray 2 in 1 Corded Lightweight Stick Vacuum is an upright model that isn’t lackluster in quality. In fact, even at its low price, it’s a high-quality option any RV owner would be happy buying.

But besides the performance quality, there’s one aspect about this vacuum that I find incredibly appealing; you can choose the color. Now, you’re probably asking yourself why the color matters? Well, it doesn’t, but I like that the option is given to me.


Best Lightweight Vacuum for Travel Trailer – You’ll even get a head start with an early look at 16 high-quality RV vacuum cleaners. These discussions will offer an idea of what’s available on today’s market. You’ll soon understand what a top-tier RV vacuum cleaner will feature and provide an RV owner.

Let’s begin with these reviews to jumpstart this buying process. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these 16 vacuums ends up being your perfect choice.