Best Miele Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

Best Miele Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair – A common question we get all the time is what is the best vacuum for pet hair? We have to answer this question with another question. Best vacuum for pet hair on what type of floors? If you are looking for a vacuum for pet hair on hardwood floors, all you need is a good quality vacuum cleaner with a straight suction floor brush. 

Alternatively, if you are dealing with pet hair on carpets, well, that is a whole different ball game. Best vacuum cleaners for pet hair on carpets are equipped with Electric Powerheads and all models on this page have exactly that. An Electric Powerhead is a dedicated carpet tool with a motorized roller brush that works by agitating the carpets and removing dirt, hair and pet dander from deep within the piles of the carpet.


1.Miele Triflex HX1

Also known as the Triflex HX1 Cat And Dog vacuum, this is one model among a range of practical vacuum cleaners that have been designed to filter out pet hair. Needless to say, it provides all the nifty features that have made the HX1 series of Miele vacuum cleaners must-have accessories at home.

For starters, this compact model has a cordless design, which means you can use it in any part of the house, provided that it has been charged. Not to mention how buyers have two flexible charging options available to them.

2.Miele Classic C1

This Miele vacuum works best on hardwood floors, but that is not to say that it doesn’t clean up different surfaces with the same gusto.

In fact, the device comes with a range of standard accessories so you can adjust between the dusting brush, upholstery tool, and the crevice nozzle with ease.

3.Miele Compact C2

Compact and portable – this lightweight piece from Miele packs a punch.

Indeed, it comes in a bundle comprising 16 AirClean filter bags, four pre-motor protection filters, and one HEPA AirClean filter. To add to its plethora of features, buyers can use this versatile piece on all types of surfaces with perfect ease.

4.Miele Complete C3

Also known as the Miele Complete C3 Cat And Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner, this straightforward piece targets low to high piles in perhaps the most challenging of all places – carpets.

Of course, considering it provides enough suction for stubborn and high piles, this vacuum cleaner for pets works as well on hard floors.

5.Miele Dynamic U1

The Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog is the only upright vacuum on our list and has extremely impressive suction power. This vacuum is a pro at picking up pet hair, dirt and debris on all surfaces, making your home safe and clean for the entire family.

Please note as of 2021 Miele stopped the production of this upright vacuum to give way to its surging cordless vacuum selection.


Best Miele Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair – Miele vacuum cleaners have earned quite an impressive reputation – they are stylish, functional, and novelty pieces that are one-time investments.

No wonder this Germany-based brand is often compared to the luxury car manufacturers from the same region.