Best Oreck Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Best Oreck Vacuum for Hardwood Floors – When you’re shopping for a vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, having a vacuum that can properly clean the floors without damaging them is the top consideration.

Less important are factors like capacity of the dirt cup, though if you live in a large home, you’ll want to have a vacuum cleaner with either high capacity or is easy to empty without making a mess.

Each home is different and so are the people that live in them. We know that not all vacuum cleaners designed for hardwood floors are the best for your individual needs. Some people may require a vacuum that is capable of cleaning multiple floor types with the same level of efficiency.


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1.LG Cordzero A9

The LG CordZero A9 Ultimate is a cordless stick/handheld vacuum with two swappable batteries so you can vacuum with one while the other one charges. Unlike the barebones LG CordZero A9, which only comes with one universal nozzle for different surfaces, this model comes with two additional nozzles better-suited for bare floors and picking up pet hair.

However, it can be troublesome to adjust this vacuum to different surface types as you have to change out its nozzle. It also has demanding maintenance needs. Still, it offers outstanding performance on bare floors and its handheld design is well-suited for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

2.Oreck POD

Vacuum bags, containers, and dustbins share a common flaw: They tend to release dirt and dust into the air when you detach and empty them. Much of that dirt and dust settles back on the surfaces you just cleaned. For allergy and asthma sufferers, this is more than an annoyance—it can trigger an attack that can make performing this household chore a risky proposition.

Oreck’s POD Technology addresses this problem with a self-sealing and disposable container that locks in dust and debris, so it doesn’t escape into the air when you remove it from the cordless vacuum.


When you think of a powerful vacuum, you probably also think of a sky-high price tag. But with tremendous suction power, an intuitive and lightweight design, and a budget-friendly price, the Eureka PowerSpeed Base has seemingly shattered the mold.

After reading so many rave reviews of the vacuum, we were eager to try it out for ourselves. We have a combination of hardwood floors and Persian area rugs scattered throughout our home, so we’re able to gauge the Eureka’s effectiveness on various surfaces. Read on to see whether this vacuum delivers a solid performance for such an incredible price.


Miele offers a variety of canister vacuums. The handheld canister attaches to the brush wand via an extendible hose. These vacuums are lightweight and provide phenomenal air filtration and anti-allergen / dust control.

The Miele vacuum canister is incredible light and amazingly durable. The dirt this vacuum picks up is passed through a filter and the canister itself features incredibly effective seals.


We put each of the vacuums through a series of rigorous tests to assess how they do with debris types you may encounter in your home. Our tests included Fruity Cheerios, a sand and sawdust mixture (to mimic fine particulate debris), pet hair, and human hair, collected from a hair extension kit.

We performed every test three times each on three different surface types: low-pile carpet, mid-pile carpet, and hardwood/laminate floors. We also conducted a torture test, scattering nearly three ounces of bobby pins, washers, and nuts on the low-pile carpet.

Best Oreck Vacuum for Hardwood Floors – BUYER’S GUIDE

Vacuum style

No matter what style of vacuum you prefer, there’s probably a version specially designed for hardwood floors. Options include canister vacuums, which are easy to empty, cordless vacuums, which are incredibly portable, robot vacuums, which require little effort on your part, and even more. There are benefits to every type, so it’s a matter of which features work best with your lifestyle.


Depending on how you plan to use your vacuum, you may want to prioritize certain attachments. Some popular options are dusting, crevice, upholstery, and pet attachments, all of which can come in handy around the house.


Many people don’t think about weight when purchasing a new vacuum, but this is a key factor that can impact whether you ultimately like the product. A vacuum that’s too heavy will be a burden to push around your home, but one that’s too light may get knocked over easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vacuums safe for hardwood floors?

If your home primarily has hardwood floors, you might be concerned about how to go about cleaning them without leaving a trail of scratches along the way. Rest assured—you can clean your hardwood floors with a vacuum without running the risk of damaging them. You just have to make sure your vacuum has a few key features that will ensure gentle (but effective) cleaning, including adjustable height and suction settings, felted or rubberized wheels, and, in some models, a softer cleaning head.

When is it better to vacuum, rather than sweep, hardwood floors?

Sweeping is an excellent way to clean up large debris, but if your hardwood floors are particularly dusty or covered in small debris, you should opt for a vacuum instead. Thanks to their suction power, vacuums can pick up fine dirt and dust particles that brooms might not be able to. If you want a thoroughly cleaned floor, opt for a vacuum over sweeping.

Will a robotic vacuum clean hardwood floors?

As noted above, using a robotic vacuum is one of the least labor-intensive ways to keep your home clean. And, as long as your robotic vacuum of choice has the ability to adjust its height and suction settings (some models can do this automatically, while others may require you to change the settings remotely or via an app), you can count on it to clean hardwood and tile as effectively as it cleans carpeted areas.


Any vacuum can clean hardwood floors—this is the simplest possible task for a vacuum cleaner. You don’t need anything special to get dust, hair, crumbs, or anything else off your wood, tile, or laminate floors. But some vacuums do it a little better than others. To avoid scattering debris or possibly damaging sensitive flooring, look for a model that either lets you switch off the spinning brush roll or has a special soft-fabric brush roll or no brush roll at all.