Best Pellet Stove Vacuum Cleaner

Best Pellet Stove Vacuum Cleaner – Do you have a barbeque or a fireplace? If so, you probably know how annoying it is to clean the ashes from there.

Cleaning hot and cold ash is equally as messy and dangerous. However, if you have an ash vacuum, the chore becomes simple, safe, and even fun to do.

We’ve researched the best ash vacuum for you, adding our own pros and cons. Read below to learn more about their features and specifications as it can help you make the best choice.


1.Cougar+ Ash Vacuum

Pros & Cons

Cougar+ Ash Vacuum is considered one of the best ash vacuum cleaning tools out there. This vacuum is made to pick up ash from wood stoves, fireplaces, pellet stoves, and barbeques. It has a patented filter system that can remove even the smallest particles of sand from the pile.

This ash vacuum did its cleaning job without letting even one micron of ash particle in the air. So, it won’t let you inhale any ash into your lungs when you are breathing. You should remember that according to Physicians for Social Responsibility and Earthjustice, breathing in ash dust can trigger the risk of asthma, lead you to lung cancer, and lead to other severe lung diseases.

You will hardly find any other ash vacuum in the market that can clean ash without exhausting any ash in the air. The product is heavy-duty and can withstand a harsh environment.

2.Shop-Vac 4041400

Pros & Cons

This vacuum is made by Shop-Vac Corporation, which was established in 1965. Since then, they have proudly manufactured quality vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner accessories like filters, bags, hoses, etc. This vacuum cleaner model of Shop-vac is known for its wide range and ash cleaning capacity in every type of situation. It has a straightforward design that makes it very simple for you to use, and you won’t need a manual to operate this.

The product uses a HEPA cartridge filtration system which makes it great for even the smallest ash grains. The filter has three layers of metal filter for a better lifetime. The filter is attached to the powerhead of the vacuum. Although the filter is made of durable materials, it will not last more than one year. So, you need to change it after using it for a season. For better performance and longer durability of the filter, it is recommended to clean the filter after every use.

3.PowerSmith PAVC101

Pros & Cons

Are you hunting for an affordable ash vacuum cleaner for your home? Just end your quest. PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vaccum Cleaner will be the one that you’re looking for. The price of this ash vac is below 100$, which is excellent. Undoubtedly, you will not get any other quality ash vacuum cleaner at this price range.

The product is specifically made to clean hot ash from wood stoves, fireplaces, and barbeques. It is also one of the finest ash vacuum cleaners for pellet stoves. The vacuum comes with a wheeled base so you can use it around conveniently. You can also use it to vacuum your floor and carpet because the manufacturer of PowerSmith Ash Vac designed it to do this work.

4.Vacmaster Pro

Pros & Cons

The VacMaster PRO350 Vacuum Sealer is a high quality Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer, the quality was well above average, it also has an above average price tag to match. Like all of the Commercial Vacuum Sealers we reviewed this one has an exterior that’s made of stainless steel. The controls were easy to read and understand and there were LED status readouts letting you know where it is in the process and exactly how much of a vacuum is being created.

This is nice to have, but it’s not something most consumers need to know. To seal the pouch, you place it on the sealing bar and apply light pressure to the lid. This isn’t something you had to do in other models. The seal created here is 5 mm thick, compared to 2 mm or 3 mm thickness that’s created by most consumer level vacuum sealers.

5.Dustless HEPA

Pros & Cons

Although Pit Hwang is pretty tiny in size, it does the cleaning job like a champ. Despite the small canister, it can hold 4 gallons of ash. The entire body of this ash vacuum is strongly built and designed to do many tough jobs. Aside from pellet stoves and the barbeque, this vacuum is also designed to clean ash off wood burning stoves, fire pits, fireplaces, outdoor ovens, smokers, and biofuel stoves that create different types of ash and waste.

It can manage warm ash and has an overheat failsafe if there is still some hot ash around. The ash vacuum is made of ash flame retardant components so that you can clean fine warm ash rather than waiting almost seven days to reach the ash in “cold” condition. It would be best to keep in mind that this ash vac does not mean to clean off the hot ash or fiery coal; however, it can withstand the accidental suction of fiery ash. But, too much take-up of fiery ash may risk the filter catching fire, leading to a hazardous situation.

6.Snow Joe ASHJ201

Pros & Cons

This is a simple vacuum that you can use for simple outings and small messes. It has a dual filter system that cleans up your ash efficiently. The vacuum’s simple design resembles a paint bucket and will blend in nicely in your shed or garage.

The vacuum is relatively smaller than those in the list and can be conveniently carried around with the handle. It is designed to be used for at home use and small occasions. The filter cartridge is reusable and is easy to clean.

7.Pellethead Ash Vacuum

Pros & Cons

The final product of this expert roundup of top ash vacuum cleaners is Pellethead Ash Vac. If you want a vacuum cleaner with the ability to clean, cool and warm ashes, this product will surely give you an optimum solution. This superb product comes with dual HEPA filters, which are washable and, of course, heat resistant to provide you with the best user experience with vacuum cleaning.

The powerful 10 AMP motor will ensure that you’ll get nothing but effective cleaning with this cleaner. The noise level of this tool is only 78 dB, so you can perform the cleaning quietly without disturbing other people. The canister size is 5 gallons, and the metal hose is 7 feet so that you don’t need to face any problems while using this cleaner.


Best Pellet Stove Vacuum Cleaner – Ash vacuum cleaners suck up ash particles, sawdust, and other fine particles without blowing them back into the air.

They’re an essential household accessory for many people who own a fireplace or woodstove.