Best Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Best Pool Vacuum Cleaner – If you take the time to explore our buying guide, you should be well-versed with what to look for in the best pool cleaner and what to avoid on the buying trail. If you stick with any of the models we review today, you’re in safe hands. You can buy with your eyes wide open and a very clear idea of what to expect.

Perhaps you’ve come across a pool cleaner not on our shortlist. We’d refer you to that buying guide and we hope it makes your buying decision easier.


1.Dolphin Nautilus CC

This model is more keenly priced than the Premier while still offering capable cleaning performance, even with larger in-ground swimming pools up to 50 feet long. Let this machine buff up the floors, walls, and waterline of your pool so you don’t need to.

You’ll be good to go with this pump right out the box. There’s no need to concern yourself with pre-installation, and you won’t have to connect this to your pool system either. Just slip it in the pool and let the robot do the work.

2.Zodiac G3

A suction-side pool cleaner makes a much more affordable option than a robot cleaner without stiffing you when it comes to cleaning power. If you’re uncertain of how these types of cleaners differ, scroll down to our buying guide below where we highlight this.

The G3 would make a perfect fit for anyone with a low-speed pool pump and a pool that accumulates small and medium-sized pieces of debris.

3.DOLPHIN Premier Robotic

Dolphin is a heavyweight in the pool cleaning vertical. The upscale Premier model certainly isn’t cheap, but when you factor in the time you’ll save not being shackled to pool cleaning duties all summer, it suddenly seems like a smart investment.

Flexibility is uppermost with the Premier. You’ll find it mops up just about anything it encounters in your pool. From sand and tiny, fine particles through to limbs and leaves from trees, this cleaner takes everything in its stride.

4.Polaris Vac-Sweep 380

Next up in our quest for the best automatic pool cleaners comes one of the impressive Polaris stable. How does the Vac-Sweep 280 shape up, then?

With this iteration of the Polaris, you get a powerful and efficient pool cleaner. This is a pressure-side model. If you’re unclear on what that entails, scroll down to our buying guide below. Essentially, it simply means that you can easily hook this thing up to a dedicated pressure line.

5.Polaris 9550

The raw cleaning power of the Polaris is arguably its chief selling point. The manufacturer claims that cleaning is the best in its class, and we feel this claim is justified. The Vortex Vacuum Technology enables this cleaner to confidently cope with all kind of pool terrain while delivering a spectacular deep clean. The best thing? This unit is pretty reasonably priced compared to the opposition, too.

This is the only robot in the Polaris line to offer 7-day programmability, perfect for anyone with a hectic lifestyle and a pool that needs frequently cleaning without fanfare or a pool cleaning crew.

6.Hayward W32025ADC

The Hayward stable offers up another first-rate pool cleaner in the form of this classic flagship model. How does this thing stand out in a crowded field, then?

The first thing you’re getting is unbeatable brand heritage. This company has been making pool cleaners for almost a century and brings all that expertise to bear here.

This is a suction-side pool cleaner, so you’ll need to hook it up to the filter and pump in your pool so it can be powered.

7.Sunnyglade Swimming Pool Cleaner

This mesh pool skimmer is a must-have manual cleaner for easy-to-catch debris. You can use the 18×12-inch net to quickly scoop out insects and leaves on a daily basis, then use a pool vacuum for additional care once a week.

With more than 6,800 five-star ratings, shoppers love this cleaning tool for kiddie pools and areas with lots of foliage.


Best Pool Vacuum Cleaner – Swimming pools are a great way to enjoy warm weather—not to mention, they add a luxurious touch to backyard landscapes. But to keep your pool in good condition, regular maintenance is a must. The good news: You don’t have to spend hours cleaning your pool with your own hands thanks to robotic pool cleaners.

While manual pool cleaners, like nets and skimmers, are great for small pools and daily debris removal, robotic pool cleaners are essential when it comes to deep cleaning.