Best Pool Vacuum for Above Ground Pool

Best Pool Vacuum for Above Ground Pool – Summer is here and the living is easy, especially if you are blessed to own a swimming pool. Yet, most people with above ground swimming pools wish they could do away with tedious, manual cleaning by finding a reliable above-ground automated cleaner to do the job.

While pool cleaners – even those at the high end – are a fraction of your overall investment, it still pays to conduct thorough research to avoid disappointment and aggravation down the road. After all, why risk your water quality and poolside experience?


1.Zodiac Ranger

Pros & Cons

The Baracuda W01698 Zodiac Ranger Suction Side Automatic Above-Ground Pool Cleaner is a very good option for pool owners. Dependable and easy to operate, the Zodiac Ranger’s streamlined design and approach can vacuum out all types of dirt, leaves, and other debris that may accumulate over the winter and throughout the pool season.

Unlike many above-ground cleaners, the Ranger ships practically pre-assembled – all you have to do is attach the hose to start cleaning. Its distinguishing feature – the smart-looking AG Disc diaphragm – enables the Ranger to easily navigate the pool and vacuum without being hindered by steps or corners.

2.Hayward W3900

Pros & Cons

At first glance, the cartoonish-looking Hayward 900 “Wanda the Whale” Suction Above Ground Pool Cleaner may be hard to take seriously. Wanda’s relatively low price also makes pool owners look elsewhere, but should it?

Under the hood, you get a powerful turbine cleaner suitable for above ground pools of all shapes and sizes. Combined with Hayward’s SmartDrive® program steering system, this unit uses the pool’s existing filtration system to deliver consistent results.

3.Pentair 360042

Pros & Cons

Pentair’s K50600 Kreepy Krauly has earned a love-hate relationship with above ground pool owners. While it shares a similar look and product specs with the Zodiac Ranger (i.e. hydraulic design, one moving part, circular disc at bottom of the vacuum, etc.), it fails to match the Ranger’s performance and reliability.

We like the ability to surface skim debris during the course of vacuuming. Unfortunately, you almost need perfect, obstacle-free pool conditions to guarantee the kind of results you expect.

4.Aquabot ABREIQ

Pros & Cons

The Aqua Products Pool Rover Junior looks really good on paper. It claims to cover any type of pool surface without the use of hoses. APRVJR gives you 40 feet of cable and reasonable power specifications that, together with a cute “rover” look, seems hard to pass up.

However, the design-build is far from durable and problems will arise almost immediately. Service is provided under the one-year warranty but be prepared to pay hefty shipping costs for additional parts. Unlike previous models, the current Pool Rover is susceptible to cord entanglements that require frequent manual intervention.

5.Polaris P825

Pros & Cons

AUTO POOL CLEANER: The Polaris P825 Robotic Cleaner deftly navigates all pool surfaces, climbs walls, and scrubs to the tile line for thorough cleaning.

IN GROUND POOLS: Compatible with in ground swimming pools up to 40 ft.

PREMIUM CLEANING PERFORMANCE: Patented Cyclonic Vacuum Technology captures debris without losing suction and the Transparent Lid makes it easy to know when the canister is full. Never touch debris again with the Push’N’Go(TM) Filter Canister – simply shake and spray!

6.Dolphin Nautilus CC

Pros & Cons

The Dolphin Nautilus is one of the best pool vacuums for above-ground and inground pools alike thanks to its easy one-cable operation and an automatic scheduling function that allows users to adopt a hands-off approach to pool cleaning.

The Nautilus sports two scrubbing brushes for deep removal of grime, a large twin-cartridge filter to capture debris of every size, and a 60-foot tangle-free cable equipped with 360-degree swiveling for uninhibited travel. An onboard scanner reveals the most efficient path of travel in your specific pool to the Nautilus, allowing for thorough cleaning to take place during its two-hour cycle.

7.DOLPHIN Premier

Pros & Cons

Dolphin’s Premier is one of the best, most efficient robotic pool cleaners on the market. It combines powerful brushing action with a wide range of filter media options to remove any size debris from your pool with a simple swap-out of filters. It has features to maximize the efficiency of its operation, reducing its operational costs, too.

It does cost a lot of money, even for a robotic pool cleaner. It is also not recommended that you try to spend much time operating it by a remote, because it is not terribly responsive to manual operation.


Best Pool Vacuum for Above Ground Pool – Given the plethora of choices available, it may seem impossible to work through all the technical jargon and special offers.

That is why we are proud to present a list of five in-depth above ground pool cleaner reviews. Whether you place greater emphasis on performance, price, or another aspect of cleaners, the goal of these reviews is to help you choose wisely.