Best Pool Vacuum Head

Best Pool Vacuum Head – When it’s time to vacuum your pool you don’t want it to take all day, or wear you out so much that all you want to do is go inside and collapse in front of the TV. That defeats the purpose of having a pool. You want to enjoy your pool. But you also have to keep it clean.

The problem is that there are dozens of manufacturers trying to take advantage of your desire for a quick and easy vacuuming experience by pumping out all kinds of different pool vacuum heads. Which ones work? Which ones are junk? (You know some of them are.) And how do you choose?


1.Swimline Flex Vacuum

If you are looking for a vacuum head that can be used very easily and provide brilliant results the Swimline Weighted Flex Extra-wide Pool Vacuum Head should be your top choice. Such a weighted head will stay submerged in the water but will remain light enough, allowing to be moved around easily, as well as taken out of the water without a hassle.

Moreover, the vacuum head comes with both 1-1/4 inch and 1-1/2 fittings, able to attach to all the standard hoses, including a snap attachment system for easy connect and disconnect. Using such pool vacuum heads is easy, without any problems sweeping up the floor.

2.U.S. Pool Supply

Featuring an amazing cleaning range the U.S. Pool Supply Transparent Triangular Pool Vacuum Head is one of the most effective options on the market. Designed in a triangle shape it can get into the corners and clear out the whole area of your pool, in addition to the see-through nature, helping you not to miss anything.

With the swivel head attachment, you can move inside the water with ease, serving versatility by accepting both types of standard attachments of one and a quarter and one and a half-inch connections. Furthermore, a one year warranty is provided so you have a guarantee that you’re getting a quality product, with a backup assurance that it will be replaced if any damage occurs.

3.Milliard Vacuum

With an ability to reach the smallest corners on multiple surfaces, the Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Pool Vacuum Head is a great option to consider. In addition, it can be used on vinyl lined pools and harder surfaces. With a handle designed with spring-loaded locking clips, you can attach it to extensions poles, since it’s port sits all standard sizes.

Additionally, the triangle-shaped design with an 11 inches surface will allow you to reach the furthest corners and in addition, the see-through design will help you not to miss a spot while you’re cleaning. And since it is a weighted vacuum head, it will remain at the bottom of the pool. Also, you shouldn’t worry about damaging the pool, since the vacuum head includes rubber bumpers to prevent it.

4.FibroPool Vacuum

The professional  is made of quality materials to function effectively over a prolonged period. Fibro Pool Professional Flexible features a decently large surface area for pool cleaning, making it the perfect tool that provides speed as well as efficiency. The flexible thermoplastic vacuum head can access every inch of a pool, even if it’s circular or curved.

The unit also comes with long-lasting wheels with metal bearings that roll easily, thus protecting sensitive surfaces from unintentional damage. Additionally, it comprises six incorporated weights that allow it to remain submerged underwater while pool cleaning is being done.

5.Aquatix Pro Pool Vacuum

By providing a simple, fast, and convenient way of cleaning the pool floor, the Aquatix Pro  Half Moon Flexible Pool Vacuum Head is a great option for anyone. Undoubtedly, such a vacuum head is an excellent choice for pool cleaning due to the premium design and the compatibility provided along the way.

Once the vacuum hose is attached, you can effortlessly use it with any type of pool floor, and clean it perfectly without harsh manual labor involved. As a result of the weighted flexible liner vacuum head, you will be able to clean all the parts of the floor. Also, the side brush will stick to the ground, covering more surfaces, including all the corners. It will help you make sure that all the important parts are covered.

6.Hayward SP1068

As one of the most versatile options, the Hayward SP1068 Cleaner Pool Vacuum Head is a great looking vacuum head which comes in two shapes, ready to deliver the best. Depending on your preference, you can choose between triangular or circular design. With a see-through design that can be useful to make sure that you’re getting the areas that you wanted to clean the most, the results will be amazing.

If you have any stubborn dirt on your swimming pool, then the brushes attached will do a great job of loosening tough spots. Moreover, the shape of the triangular vacuum head will allow you to get into all the sports of the swimming pool so that all areas are left nice and clean.

7.Poolmaster 27402

Including deluxe nylon bristles along the perimeter and the underside, the Poolmaster Deluxe Air Relief Pool Vacuum will help you make sure that the whole floor will remain sparkling clean. As a tool made to deliver clean pool floors it is considered as one of the best pool vacuum heads on the market due to a few reasons.

Featuring a stainless-steel tension spring handle that can add on multiple heads will provide durability, the cleaning procedure is easy and smooth. Such vacuum heads are made to keep the vacuum submerged and level with the pool floor, making sure that the results will be perfect.


Best Pool Vacuum Head – These are the kinds of questions these reviews are explicitly designed to answer for you. We’ve gone out and done all the research for you.

We’ve examined the various makes and models, kicked the tires, and generally done everything but put them through a crash test to figure out which are the best. The results of that process are listed below for your convenience and benefit.