Best Pull Behind Leaf Vacuum

Best Pull Behind Leaf Vacuum – Raking isn’t an ideal strategy for clearing leaves, branches, and grass clippings from a large field or medium-sized lawns.

Not only is it painfully monotonous, it’s also takes a toll on the body and is time-consuming.

The best option is to invest in a pull behind leaf vacuum to get the job done quickly and easily.


1.Brinly BS-381-A

Pros & Cons

If you have a big lawn filled with leaves and you want to bring back the aesthetic view of green grass and beautiful trees, consider getting the Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac to remove what you don’t need on the field.

It’s an equipment that does the job right, one that’s highly rated for being easy to use, for easily vacuuming up leaves, and for being easy to empty after the vacuuming job.

Multiple testing proves that the Brinly LVS-33BH PolyVac is worth the asking price. For starters, the model can easily suck up leaves that are at least a foot deep at 4MPH hose suction power. It doesn’t shutter, die, chock, or clog. And the result is a well-vacuumed lawn that looks good for a long time.

2.Greenworks 40V

Pros & Cons

The Greenworks proves how far 40 volts will take you today.  A long way, as it turns out. We ran out of leaves before its battery ran out of juice. We see this machine as filling a role in conjunction with the trimmer and mower—the mower handles the grass and some leaf bagging, the trimmer cleans up the edges.

You blow the remaining leaves into a pile and quickly switch to vacuum mode by flipping down the impeller hatch, detaching the blower tube with a simple press on the detent. Then click the oval-shaped vacuum tube into place over the impeller.

3.WORX WG512

Pros & Cons

This Worx is, hands down, the easiest machine to switch from blower to vacuum. Its tube stays put. You simply turn a dial on the machine’s side to rotate the motor 90 degrees. Easily slip the vacuum collection bag into place over the impeller; just press on the bag’s small spring-loaded collar and release when it’s seated.

We timed it as taking less than 20 seconds. It’s a brilliant piece of engineering. And this Worx is no slouch when it comes to scooping up dried leaves. Its 12-amp motor is up to the job. Still, it won’t compete with the gas-engine machines, particularly with damp debris or when loads of twigs are mixed.

4.Sun Joe

Pros & Cons

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is an outstanding pressure washer—as long as you go into it with reasonable expectations. It delivers 2,030 PSI (pounds per square inch, a measurement of water pressure) and 1.76 GPM (gallons per minute, a measurement of water flow).

This puts the model squarely in the medium-duty range, making it perfect for small jobs, whether outdoor furniture or vehicles like cars and bikes. You can even do driveways, decks, and patios if they are small.

5.Husqvarna 545119801

Pros & Cons

The Husqvarna is very well built, starts extremely easily (with one pull), and handles dry leaves with a vengeance. It did clog, however, when gathering damp mixed debris, such as oak leaves and pine needles. We were mystified by that, since it has more than enough airflow.

We suspect that its vacuum tubes, which are slightly narrower and longer than others, may be the culprits. A deal breaker? No. We did have a beef, however, with its bag attachment, which is by means of a heavy-duty spring sewn into the bag’s collar.

6.Echo X692000190

Pros & Cons

The Echo is an outstanding machine and nearly as clog-resistant as the Stihl. It handled dry and uniform debris easily, gobbling it up at full throttle, quickly filling its bag. It fell behind the Stihl only in the mixed- and damp-debris tests. But, frankly, the difference in power between the two is small.

Conversion from blower to vacuum is fast and easy. In this respect, it was the best of the three gas-engine machines. To remove the vacuum tube, grip the large plastic lugs molded into tube and twist it off. The debris bag, held with a large Velcro strap, is easy to mount and empty.

7.Bissell 28806

Pros & Cons

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Dirt cup capacity – 480 ml. Powerful Cordless Cleaning—powered brush easily cleans hard floors, area rugs, and other hard-to-reach places


Best Pull Behind Leaf Vacuum – The best pull behind leaf vacuums have sufficient hose power to suck up leaves and leave your yard looking green and beautiful.

They are also versatile, able to fit well on mowers and lawn tractors. Moreover, they feature large debris tanks with hand-free levers that make emptying easy.

In the following section, we’ll look at some of the top rated tow behind leaf vacuum that you can get right now and start cleaning up your yard.