Best Rated Central Vacuum System

Best Rated Central Vacuum System – Have you got a large home that takes an immense amount of effort to vacuum? Do standard machines just add to the hassle rather than solving it? Then we’ve got a solution for you.

Central vacuum systems may not be much to look at, but they sure are the most efficient machines you can find. With them, it’s almost as though your home helps you clean. They make vacuuming as quick, easy, and accessible as possible.


1.OVO Central Vacuum

Honestly, we weren’t quite sure about the abilities of this unit after seeing its compact design. However, the customer reviews proved us wrong in no time! At the helm of affairs is a powerful 2-stage motor that enables the suction to pull up almost anything.

On top of that, it uses “soft-start technology,” which helps extend the life of the motor up to 20% more than ordinary systems. It will automatically prevent the vacuum cleaner from shutting down to get rid of the extra debris out of the hose and piping network.

2.Nutone PurePower

The Nutone PurePower Central Vacuum System is a versatile unit that’s meant for both compact spaces and corners.

It runs on a super-powerful 2-stage motor that cleans up the space in a short span. And the body is made to be corrosion and rust-resistant to last for the years to come.

3.VacuMaid GV30

We were really intrigued by the brand’s claim of versatility and decided to test this unit to see the results. And it’s safe to say that we weren’t disappointed for the most part. One of its biggest advantages is the 5.7” tangential by-pass motor that can clean up to 75% more than some of its peers.

Other than that, it produces a good 740 air watts, which is enough to suck up gallons of dirt at one go. In fact, it has a 7-gallon dust bag so that users don’t have to worry about constantly emptying it during intense cleaning sessions.

4.Ultra Clean SC200

The Ultra Clean SC200 delivers an impressive performance of 550 air watts, which translates to a suction power of 125 inches (for water lift). Likewise, it has a sufficient airflow of 121 CFM (cubic feet per minute) while operating on the standard 120V household current. Hence, users don’t have to fret about racking up the power bills for keeping the house clean.

Moving on, it has a powerful tangential discharge (2-stage) by-pass blower motor, which, in tandem with the 2-stage fan system, ensures effective functionality when cleaning up large spaces. And much like the OVO OVO-700ST-35H, it has multiple dust collection methods, including disposable HEPA and paper filter bags, standard filter bags, and metal pail.

5.HP Products 9880

The 7 feet hose can be extended up to 35 feet so that users can reach the tight corners of the house or workshop without putting a lot of strain on their muscles.

Furthermore, it has a 1-gallon HEPA filter bag that can capture dust and allergens to prevent them from spreading. Instead of recycling them into the air, it will directly filter the air so that you don’t breathe in any contaminants.

6.Nadair UNPL201-3K-3

However, it has a relatively low-profile design for the kind of performance it delivers. This is good news for users who don’t want to crowd their rooms, garage, or basement occupied with such fixtures. Moreover, the unit comes with built-in mufflers and noise-blocking foam in the motor compartment for low noise output.

Depending on your preference and requirement, the disposable mechanism can be made bagged or bagless, as the unit comes with filtration bags and a 5.8-gallon canister. The spun aluminum bottom of the canister will contribute to its longevity.

7.Allegro MU4500

The Allegro MU4500 is one of the newest vacuum units by the brand and is designed to have powerful suction capabilities.

Featuring a premium Ametek Lamb 2-stage motor, it can produce 600 air watts while operating on the standard 120V household current. What’s more, the brand offers a beneficial 5-year warranty on the motor life.


Best Rated Central Vacuum System – To help you find the best central vacuum for pet hair and for intensive home, workshop, garage, and office cleaning, we have thoroughly researched a multitude of vacuum cleaners, looking for models with powerful enough motors to handle intensive cleaning tasks.

We also liked central vacuums made from durable components and those with compact enough form factors to be placed nearly anywhere in the home.