Best Rated Leaf Vacuum

Best Rated Leaf Vacuum – We all know what it’s like when the days begin to shorten and the fall rolls in again – it means it’s time to get out the rake and start bagging up the leaves that are beginning to carpet the ground.

It’s a chore that most people don’t look forward to, but if you own a leaf blower and vacuum combo, it’s a job that will take a fraction of the time. If this sounds like the perfect solution, here are our top picks for best leaf vacuum.


1.Greenworks 40V

If you don’t want to be held back by a cord or deal with gas fumes, this cordless, battery-powered vac from Greenworks is your best option. This is the same manufacturer behind our favorite budget electric snowblower.

This kit comes with a 40-volt 4Ah battery, two attachments, and a debris bag. It has a 60-minute run time, weighs about 6 pounds, and has a convenient push-button start. Despite being battery-powered, it offers 185 mph blowing speeds, which is strong enough to move even wet leaves.

2.Sun Joe SBJ803E-SJG

The Sun Joe SBJ605E 3-in-1 mulcher, blower, and vacuum offers excellent horsepower and features an easy conversion between a leaf blower and leaf vacuum. Here’s how it works: Blow your leaves into a pile, suck them up, or mulch them down, and you’ll clean up the yard in no time.

Bonus points: The Sun Joe SBJ605E boasts six adjustable wind speeds and an aluminum alloy impeller designed to shred 16 bags of leaves down to one.

3.WORX WG512

This Worx powerful blower, vacuum and mulcher is designed to compete with bigger gas-powered leaf blowers while offering a whole lot of extra advantages that a gas blower can’t provide.

The 12amp motor delivers power that is comparable with a gas-powered machine, but this model makes a lot less noise than a gas-powered blower while also having zero harmful emissions. At under 10lbs, it is also a lot lighter than most heavy gas-powered versions.

4.Husqvarna OEM

If you prefer the convenience of a gas-powered vacuum and don’t want to fuss with any annoying cords or swapping battery packs, this Husqvarna is equally reliable, convenient, and powerful. Our colleagues at Popular Mechanics say that this vacuum is extremely well-built: It starts easily with just one pull, and it has enough power to suck up and shred dry leaves with a vengeance.

It was also a favorite of our sister site Good Housekeeping for its comfortable ergonomics and numerous capabilities.


This electrical corded 3-in-1 blower, vacuum and mulcher from well-known brand Black+Decker is designed to help with all aspects of cleaning the leaves from your yard.

It is multifunctional and has plenty of useful features that will make it a welcome addition to your collection of garden tools.

This machine is not just designed to vacuum leaves – it can also blow them or suck them up and reduce them to mulch. This gives you maximum flexibility over how you deal with the piles of dead leaves each fall.

6.Toro 51619

Users love operating this powerhouse Toro 2-in-1 leaf blower and vacuum. The Toro 51621 offers a metal shredder that reduces up to 97% of mulched debris to less than a half-inch, shredding your leaves into a fine mulch. In other words, it can turn a whopping 33 bags of leaves into one.

The leaf vacuum also comes with multiple tubes for specialized uses, including an oscillating nozzle kit that sweeps the blowing air back and forth. This oscillating technique creates a wider blowing path on hardscapes, allowing the user to work without straining the wrist.

7.Troy Bilt CSV-060

The Troy-Bilt shredder is a midrange push leaf vacuum with loads of performance. It can shred leaves and chip small branches up to 1.5 inches in diameter, and its 7-foot vacuum hose will take care of tight corners and narrow passages with ease. Our only complaint is that it’s not self-propelled.

Regardless, it still turns on a dime and isn’t too difficult to push. What you’ll like most, though, is that it eliminates the need to carry a heavy bag of leaves around your shoulder.


Best Rated Leaf Vacuum – A handheld leaf vacuum works wonders for clearing out pesky leaves that are difficult to get to with a rake or lawn mower.

Their long snouts let you access those hard-to-reach places, like in between fence posts, behind your home’s downspout, or around your AC unit.