Best Rated Shop Vacuum Cleaners

Best Rated Shop Vacuum Cleaners – A shop vac is an essential tool for quickly and efficiently cleaning up messes in your home, garage, workshop, or car. These specialized vacuum canisters are equipped to suction up dry and wet debris, giving you double-duty cleaning power.

Available as a portable, cordless canister for small messes or in a larger, heavy-duty size, shop vacs are sized according to their capacity in gallons. Other factors to consider when shopping for a wet/dry vac include the airpower or CFM, included attachments, and tank material



Pros & Cons

We love the Ridgid HD1600 for a number of reasons. First, it has enough power and airflow to take care of just about any cleanup job you can imagine—in the shop or on the job site.

The 16-gallon container also holds quite a bit of material before you have to empty it. You can go bagless with this vac. However, for less mess, use a dust bag or liner, and you’ll have almost continuous use with little downtime. Just charge it to the job.


Pros & Cons

If you want portability with power, check out the Vacmaster Beast 5-gallon shop vac. Its 5.5 HP motor pulls 102 CFM and 82.6″ of water lift to outpace most of the competition in this smaller capacity class.

The 7-foot hose has a diameter of 1-7/8″ to match the smaller class and the 18-foot long cord gives you ample room to move around while you work. For $88, it’s also hard not to appreciate the value.

3.Milwaukee 0882-20

Pros & Cons

When vacuuming out trucks or vehicles with rubber mats we typically prefer a larger vac with a long hose. For small vehicles with carpeted floors, however, the Milwaukee 0882-20 works remarkably well. The reason comes down to its extreme portability. You can easily move it from the trunk to the driver’s seat—and then put it up when you’re done.

Milwaukee also managed to eke out 40 CFM of suction from this cordless handheld shop vac—enough for basic cleanup. While the canister holds just 36 ounces—72% less volume than the Milwaukee M18 2-gallon wet/dry vacuum—it’s enough to tackle your periodic car vacuuming.

4.Makita XCV10ZX

Pros & Cons

The Makita XCV10ZX backpack vacuum easily wins our best portable shop vac award. It gives you up to 62 minutes of continuous operation using two 5.0Ah batteries. Plus, the brushless motor gives you 64 CFM of suction and 44″ of water lift. On the filter side, a two-stage HEPA system captures 99.7% of particulates 0.3 microns and larger. It also works with the Makita AWS system.


Pros & Cons

The Vacmaster Beast Series 12-gallon 5.5HP vac offers plenty of capacity and excellent maneuverability. At just $80 you definitely want to take a good look. You get a large hose, long cord, onboard accessory storage, and extra-large drain port for fast empties.

If you can find it, the DeWalt DXV06P 6-gallon wet/dry vac gives you a compact 6-gallons of storage combined with a washable filter and great suction for household use. In the home, the 10-ft power cord could be longer but combined with the 7-foot hose you should have plenty of reach. At just over $90, the price is right, too.


Pros & Cons

The Bosch VAC090AH technically falls under the dust extractor category. However, once we talk about HEPA filtration, it became relevant. This remains one of the all-around best HEPA shop vacs (or dust extractors) you can buy without jumping way up in price. At $649 it doesn’t come cheap, but this vac impressed us in several ways.


Pros & Cons

For a true wall-mounted shop vac we presume you may want to do more than simply clean up some floor space. For connecting woodworking equipment to a shop-wide vac system on a budget, we like the Rikon 60-101. Our best wall-mounted shop vac collects up to 99% of dust as small as 1 micron.

It features all-metal construction and the motor’s 10-inch impeller creates 800 CFM of suction using 4-inch ductwork (up to two devices). With 5-inch ducting, you can get up to 1100 CFM for single-tool use.


Best Rated Shop Vacuum Cleaners – All of these factors affect the usability and durability of a model. Keep in mind that shop vac often refers to a specific brand of wet/dry vacuum or to this category of vacuums in general.