Best Robot Vacuum Consumer Reports

Best Robot Vacuum Consumer Reports – If you don’t have time to regularly sweep or vacuum, robot vacuums are an easy way to make sure your home stays clean without you needing to do all the work. Since they use various types of technology like lasers or cameras to navigate and maneuver around a room, they can generally avoid furniture and get beneath couches and tables with relative ease. Some even automatically empty their dirt compartments, which further reduces the work you need to do.

Although they aren’t as good at cleaning carpet as more traditional upright vacuums, many come with smart pathing technology to clean more efficiently. Many of them also come with companion apps or remote controls so you can set up scheduled cleaning times or place boundaries to keep it out of certain areas.


1.iRobot Roomba 981

The best robot vacuum for bare floors that we’ve tested is the iRobot Roomba 981. This robot vacuum does a fantastic job cleaning pet hair or small and bulky debris from flat, even surfaces. Better still, its suction performance also remains very consistent as its dirt compartment fills with debris. It has a HEPA filter to trap allergens as it cleans, too.

This vacuum feels very well-built, with a hard plastic body, along with wheels and twin brushrolls made of rubber. It does an excellent job of maneuvering itself, with a surface detection feature that lets it automatically change its suction power mode and brushroll height depending on the surface that it’s on. Its battery performance is also excellent, as you should expect roughly anywhere between one to two hours of runtime, depending on settings and usage patterns.


If you’re looking for a robot vacuum well-suited to keeping bare floors clean, but with slightly more advanced automation capabilities, consider the eufy RoboVac X8. Unlike the iRobot Roomba 981, this robot vacuum doesn’t have an onboard HEPA filter to trap allergens as you clean. However, you can use its companion app to set up virtual boundary lines or manually select cleaning and suction power modes. It also does an exceptional job cleaning pet hair and solid debris from flat, even surfaces like linoleum or hardwood.

Battery performance is also superb, as depending on your choice of settings, it should supply roughly anywhere between 80 to 200 minutes of continuous runtime, which should be more than enough for most areas. Unfortunately, it takes almost an hour longer to recharge. Also, despite its fairly advanced LIDAR mapping system, it can still occasionally bump into objects, including its own charging station.

3.iRobot Roomba s9+

The iRobot Roomba S9 is the best robot vacuum cleaner for pet hair that we’ve tested. This premium robot vacuum feels amazingly well-built, with high-grade plastic construction and dense wheels that enable it to roll smoothly on carpeted floors.

Its vacuum head also automatically changes height depending on the surface it’s on, and there are three different suction power levels to choose from. Its onboard HEPA filter should also reduce the spread of allergens as it cleans.

4.Neato D8

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum with fewer parts that need regular cleaning, consider the Neato D8. This robot vacuum has a much shorter battery life than the iRobot Roomba S9, but it does have lower maintenance requirements.

It also delivers a similarly fantastic pet hair cleaning performance on a wide variety of surfaces and comes with a HEPA filter to trap allergens as it cleans. It also feels impressively well-built and has a relatively large dustbin. It uses a LIDAR array to map its cleaning area and output a coverage map, which you can then use to set up virtual boundary markers or schedule cleaning sessions for individual rooms through its companion app. Unfortunately, while it does a decent job of maneuvering itself overall, it’s prone to getting stuck on some objects, and it can struggle to negotiate obstacles like rug tassels or electrical cords.

5.yeedi Vac Station

The best robot vacuum with a self-emptying function that we’ve tested is the yeedi vac station. This vacuum can empty its internal dustbin into an external dirt compartment mounted to its charging dock, slightly reducing hands-on maintenance requirements.

It features other advanced automation capabilities, as you can use its companion app to schedule cleaning sessions for individual rooms or set up virtual boundary markers.

6.WYZE Robot Vacuum

The best robot vacuum in the budget category that we’ve tested is the Wyze Robot Vacuum. This budget-friendly robot vacuum delivers superb performance on flat, even surfaces like hardwood or linoleum.

Its performance on low and high-pile carpet is alright overall, though it can struggle quite a bit with clearing very fine debris on this surface type. It also has an onboard HEPA filter to help trap allergens as you clean.

7.roborock E4

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum with a larger internal dirt compartment, consider the Roborock E4. Unlike the Wyze Robot Vacuum, you can’t set up virtual boundary markers or schedule room cleaning sessions for specific areas using its companion app. However, its dustbin is larger, so it shouldn’t need emptying as frequently.

This vacuum also delivers superb performance on bare floors and is more effective in cleaning pet hair on carpeted surfaces, though it struggles a little more when dealing with slightly larger material. Despite its less advanced mapping system, it still does a great job of maneuvering itself. Its maximum battery life of nearly 200 minutes is long, but it does take longer to recharge. It also has many parts that need to be replaced regularly, including its allergen-trapping HEPA filter.


Best Robot Vacuum Consumer Reports – We’ve tested over 40 robot vacuums, and below are our recommendations for the best robot vacuums you can buy. These picks are selected not only based on their performance, but also their feature set, design, and price. For more recommendations, look at our list of the best vacuums, the best vacuums for high-pile carpet, and the best vacuums for pet hair.