Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet

Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet – Carpets add detail to our homes and provide extra protection to our floorings. But since they are always stepped on, allergens, dirt, dust, and other particles sit on its surface. Of course, manual sweeping is not enough as well as brushing it to the end. Depending on your carpet size and thickness, most of your time will be consumed to clean it.

Now that we have given you the seven best robot vacuum for thick carpet that you can use at home, you can sit comfortably on your couch while doing its job.



Eufy makes quite a few different models and each one is affordable for most budgets. However, the 11S may be their most popular model to date. The BoostIQ feature raises the performance bar higher, too.

With BoostIQ,  the Eufy robot increases the motor speed, extraction roller speed and suction power when it detects carpeting . This is done automatically by the robot, too, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting settings.


The Deebot N79S is an upgrade from the N79 model. It combines 50% more power and suction and has extra control features added. On carpet, the N79S cleans deep and thorough but is gentle enough to clean hard flooring surfaces without scratching.

The dual side brushes work to get into corners and along edges or baseboards while the center-mounted brush roller agitates carpet and sweeps hard floors.  The suction power is about 1250pa on standard mode which allows the 2600mAH battery to run for up to 110 minutes. 

3.iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot’s Roomba line has been the top of the list and the benchmark for all other robot vacuums since their inception in the early 90s.  The 900 series that includes the Roomba 960 is still among the best robots ever created. 

The 900 series is led by the Roomba 980 and only that model is higher than the 960. Aside from a drastic increase in price, the only difference between the two models is the included accessories that come with the robots and the motor.


Goovi is relatively new to the robot vacuum game and their D380 model is making a big splash.  The slim robot fits under most furniture, has a long battery life and cleans carpet better than most others in the price range. 

With 1600pa of suction power, low and medium-pile carpeting get cleaned down to the pad. The robot has carpet sensors that alert it when it moves from bare floors to carpeted floors. The robot moves a little bit slower but it allows the brush roller to agitate deeper for a more thorough clean.

5.Shark IQ RV1001

The Shark IQ AE (AutoEmpty) attempts to keep up with the top models in the industry and for the most part, it does a good job.  It uses LIDAR navigation to map and maneuver through your home while producing enough suction to deep clean even high-pile carpeting. 

The mobile app, and wireless voice commands are robust and user-friendly.  The best feature, though, is the auto-emptying charging station.  When the robot docks to recharge the battery (or at the end of the session) the charging dock sucks the dirt and debris from the collection bin and stores it in the dock’s tower.

6.Coredy R580

Tired of manually cleaning your carpet regularly? Use a vacuum cleaner that can save time, just like one of the seven best robot vacuums for thick carpet. Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner, R3500 is not like your ordinary vacuum cleaner.

It can help you keep your carpet clean without you pulling or pushing. It can also directly clean the dirty spots on your floor or carpet. This vacuum cleaner is the best gift to your mom or wife. It is also a perfect pre-wedding gift because it will give them more time to rest and spend time together.

7.Neato Robotics D6

Neato made a unique robot vacuum with a design we’ve never seen before. The unit has a ‘D’ design that helps it easily reach and clean corners unlike most robot vacs which simply have a circular design.

With laser-guided mapping, it intelligently navigates around your home so your floors can get thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning in straight lines instead of random patterns, you can be sure this little robot will get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet – A carpet adds the beauty inside a home, and it acts as an extra cover to your floor. However, it can easily accumulate dust from your shoes, stains, and fur from your pets.

Simple sweeping is not enough to get it cleaned. To help you clean your thick carpets, we will give you the seven best robot vacuums for thick carpet that you can use at home.