Best Self Propelled Leaf Vacuum

Best Self Propelled Leaf Vacuum – A handheld leaf vacuum works wonders for clearing out pesky leaves that are difficult to get to with a rake or lawn mower.

Their long snouts let you access those hard-to-reach places, like in between fence posts, behind your home’s downspout, or around your AC unit. Their powerful suction helps them pick up yard debris like conifer needles, pine cones, litter, twigs, and acorns.


1.Greenworks 40V

Pros & Cons

If you don’t want to be held back by a cord or deal with gas fumes, this cordless, battery-powered vac from Greenworks is your best option. This is the same manufacturer behind our favorite budget electric snowblower.

This kit comes with a 40-volt 4Ah battery, two attachments, and a debris bag. It has a 60-minute run time, weighs about 6 pounds, and has a convenient push-button start. Despite being battery-powered, it offers 185 mph blowing speeds, which is strong enough to move even wet leaves.

2.Sun Joe SBJ803E-SJG

Pros & Cons

Sun Joe?s innovative Electric Blower Vacuum Mulcher delivers the power and performance you need to quickly rid your yard of leaves, dirt and debris. SBJ801E’s robust 13.5-amp motor provides maximum suction, ideal for cleaning the porch, patio, garage or workshop.

No need to rake leaves into piles – simply vacuum your yard, driveway, or deck like a rug! The heavy-duty, impact-resistant nylon impeller’s superior 10:1 reduction ratio mulches dry leaves, saw dust, packing peanuts, dirt and debris into the 8-gallon collection bag as it cleans, leaving your yard spotless.

3.WORX WG509

Pros & Cons

This tool from Worx is the ultimate triple threat. It functions as a blower, a mulcher, and a yard vacuum, and it switches among them in seconds.

According to Popular Mechanics’ Roy Berendsohn, you can simply turn a dial on the machine’s side to rotate its motor by 90 degrees, and then slip the vacuum collection bag into place over the impeller to change from blower to vac modes.

4.Toro 51621

Pros & Cons

This blower vac from Toro is one of the most powerful vacs money can buy. You get a 250 mph airspeed that’s strong enough even for wet leaves that are clumped together. It offers an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to hold, but it weighs 9 pounds — so it’s not the best option to use one-handed.

The Toro is bundled with plenty of attachments for getting around tight spaces. It comes with a bag, is equipped with a rugged metal impeller for crushing leaves, offers variable speed control, and is covered by a 2-year warranty.


Pros & Cons

One of the biggest downsides to leaf vacuums is that their included leaf bags are usually satchel-style — similar to a mailbag. They’re awkward to sling over your shoulder because they need to be frequently adjusted, and they start feeling heavy extremely fast … especially if you’re sucking up wet leaves.

BLACK+DECKER’s VACPACK is a much more comfortable solution to sucking leaves, as its vacuum bag is styled more like a backpack.

6.Husqvarna OEM

Pros & Cons

If you prefer the convenience of a gas-powered vacuum and don’t want to fuss with any annoying cords or swapping battery packs, this Husqvarna is equally reliable, convenient, and powerful.

Our colleagues at Popular Mechanics say that this vacuum is extremely well-built: It starts easily with just one pull, and it has enough power to suck up and shred dry leaves with a vengeance.

7.Craftsman B215

Pros & Cons

High performance 25cc 2-cycle lightweight engine with air volume and air speed up to 430 csm/200 mph. Work more efficiently and effectively on yard work, lawn care, and other projects.

EASY-START TECHNOLOGY: Faster starts with 3 simple steps: prime, choke, and pull.

USER-FRIENDLY ENGAGEMENT: User friendly features such as the lightweight design to reduce user fatigue, variable speed throttle for more control, and the translucent tank to tell you when to refuel. Designed to make you work smarter and not harder.


Best Self Propelled Leaf Vacuum – Ah, the beauty of fall – gorgeously hued leaves catching the light just so, making your yard the perfect backdrop for touch football games, family photos, or a late-season session at the grill.

It’s all picture-perfect – until those leaves start falling and you’ve got to face the prospect of cleaning them up. This year, instead of raking, blowing, or a combination thereof, why not invest in a walk-behind leaf vacuum to make fall chores a breeze?