Best Shark Vacuum for Wood floors

Best Shark Vacuum for Wood floors – The best Shark vacuums for hardwood floors would undoubtedly be the Shark Rocket Deluxe as well as the Shark IONFlex DuoClean IF251. Not only are these two vacuums immensely power, they still boast innovative cleaning system to ensure that your delicate floors will not be damaged during the cleaning process.

The Rotator NV752 and the Shark Professional NV501 are also worth your consideration because of the versatility they offer, specially for those with allergies.


1.Shark HV322

Pros & Cons

One of the best vacuum cleaners you can have for hardwood floors, the Shark HV322 is a popular choice because not only is it exceptionally versatile, but it’s also very user-friendly.

Lightweight yet extremely powerful, the HV3232 vacuum boasts an impressive suction capability. With this product, the Shark vacuum cleaners efficiently collect pet hair, all the dust, debris, and hair from your hardwood floor.

2.Shark Navigator

Pros & Cons

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that is both efficient and economical, allow me to recommend the Shark NV360. I’m sure that you will be pleased with all the innovative features of this highly affordable product from Shark.

Boasting a powerful suction capability, the NV360 can quickly get rid of virtually all the dirt, allergens, and hair that is embedded onto your hardwood floor. All the dirt will then be completely trapped in the dust cup, thanks to the anti-allergen complete seal.

3.Shark IONFlex

Pros & Cons

If you’re fed up with the troublesome and heavy vacuum cleaners with wires and cords, perhaps you’ll like the IF251 vacuum from Shark. Boasting a hassle-free and cordless vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, the IF251 vacuum is truly an embodiment of convenience.

With its cordless and lightweight design, the IF251 vacuum is not only an excellent choice to vacuum hardwood floors, but it’s also ideal for cleaning ceilings as well as under furniture and tight corners.

4.Shark Rotator

Pros & Cons

If you happen to have versatility in mind when buying vacuum cleaners, you should definitely consider getting the Shark NV752, which is undoubtedly a reliable and exceptional product.

Aside from its impressive suction power, the Shark NV752 is also blessed with a highly sought-after feature – the powered lift-away technology. This feature will allow you to detach the canister from the main unit for easier cleaning.

5.Shark NV352

Pros & Cons

Boasting an impressive performance that rivals even high-end vacuums, the NV352 is an excellent choice for virtually everyone due to its affordable price and its fantastic functionality.

Equipped with a powerful motor, the NV352 vacuum’s suction capability is impressive enough to deep clean both hardwood floors and carpets with little to no difficulties.

6.Shark NV501

Pros & Cons

Another excellent vacuum cleaner for you to consider, the Shark NV501 boasts the brand’s signature Anti-allergen Complete Seal and HEPA filter. As a result, you can using the Shark vacuum cleaner without worrying about violent allergic reactions.

Furthermore, the NV501 vacuum cleaner is also equipped with the DuoClean technology, which allows you to easily get rid of all the stubborn hair and dust from virtually all surfaces of your house, including hardwood floors and carpets.

7.Shark AZ1002

Pros & Cons

Cleaning hair can be quite a pain in the neck, considering that hair can clog up in your motor and stop the vacuum’s brush. If you think that you’ll need to clean a lot of hair, then you should consider getting the Shark AZ1002 vacuum that productively remove long hair and short hair from your hardwood floors.

Equipped with the Zero-M technology, the Shark AZ1002 vacuum boasts a self-cleaning brushroll that guarantees nonstop hair removal. Therefore, you will never have to worry about hair wrap when using this product.


Best Shark Vacuum for Wood floors – In order to help you find the perfect Shark vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors, first, I will list out all the types of Shark vacuums designed for cleaning these surfaces.

These Shark vacuums are suitable for hardwood floors because they all have decent suction power to tackle both heavy debris as well as fine dust. However, these vacuums are not overly abrasive that they will end up damaging your delicate floors.