Best Spa Vacuum

Best Spa Vacuum – Dirt and debris always find a way into your hot tub even if you keep it covered when not in use.

While this may not seem like a big issue at first, once these particles start accumulating, they ruin your soaking experience and present a lot of health hazards because green algae will follow.


1.Water Tech Max

Pros & Cons

The Water Tech Pool Blaster vacuum is a battery vacuum with strong suction power.

This item delivers an excellent working time, making up to one hour with a full charge under 4 hours. So, you certainly do not need to fear for running out of battery before finishing.

The device features an automatic on/off button, so it will shut down when you take it out of the water. Plus, thanks to the 10.5 inches vacuum head and brush array, which are designed for convenient and fast cleaning, you can save your time.


Pros & Cons

For a tight budget, the POOLWHALE will be a great portable cleaner because of its overall performance. To use this machine, you need to connect it with a standard garden hose, and with the water pressure, it will create a suction effect to suck debris or leaves into the collection bag.

The delivery includes four pieces of suction poles that make up 48 inches totally in length. Therefore, you can clean a large, deep tub easily. Furthermore, the high-capacity fine nylon efficiently collects all the dirt from the bottom, leaving no sand or other particles behind.

3.POOL Catfish

Pros & Cons

For pool owners who do not like to have annoying cables lying around, the Water Tech Catfish spa vacuum cleaner is a high-quality product.

Despite being cordless, it has powerful suction, which is enough to remove leaves, sand, and disease-causing germs. Also, it has 45 minutes’ runtime on a single charge. Therefore it is sufficient for an average spa of up to 14 feet in length.

4.Intex 28620EP

Pros & Cons

The Intex 28620EP is an excellent handheld vacuum cleaner with a strong suction power capacity because it features a built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery.

The most important feature is an IPX8 waterproof switch, which will provide you protection against water submersion. It also comes with two standard attachments: two interchangeable brush heads and a USB cable for recharging.

5.Shark VMP30

Pros & Cons

The Poolmaster 28008 black magic spa vacuum generates suction power by connecting with the garden hose or vacuum hose. Despite being lightweight, counting just only one pound, it has a mighty power to pick up debris, sand, or silt well.

The front of this item is equipped with a row of polypropylene bristles with two more rows underneath to help loosen dirt, ensuring an excellent cleaning.

6.U.S. Pool Supply

Pros & Cons

The U.S pool portable spa vacuum comes with a five-section pole up to 4 feet, which allows you to comfortably reach challenging areas in your spa without bending your body.

This device does not operate with electric power; it works by attaching to a standard garden hose and its water pressure instead. Then it will create a venturi effect to clean debris.


Pros & Cons

If you are looking for a spa vacuum to clean your hot tubs, then keep the Pool Supply Town Jet vacuum in your mind. This item does not require electricity to operate its work.

The water pressure from your garden hose creates a suction flow that will cause dirt and debris to get picked up and stay in the filter bag.


Best Spa Vacuum – To keep this controlled, you need to use a spa vacuum, which basically pulls in this dirt, just like regular home vacs.

However, there is a wide variety and different types of these products in the market, and to help you in the selection process, here is a close up look at the best spa vacuums.