Best Spot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Spot Vacuum Cleaner – Kids, pets, alcohol, and other liquids can turn your pet into an ugly mess. Kids and pets will track dirt onto your carpets without a care in the world. However, hauling a bulky upright out of storage is a daunting task for this small cleaning tasks, and that is why you should get a carpet spot cleaner.

But what are the best carpet spot cleaners? Which is the best portable carpet spot cleaner? Which is the best handheld carpet cleaner? If these are some of the things you are struggling with, you are in luck as I have reviewed the best carpets spot cleaners making your work easier


1.Bissell Little Green Pro

Pros & Cons

A separate turbo brush for this spot cleaner designed for thoroughly scrubbing upholstery costs extra.

The Pro Heat designation doesn’t mean it is a steam cleaner. However, it does contain a heating element to help keep water you add warm as it works. It will warm tap water modestly and keep hot water hotter longer. This makes the Bissell Little Green model 14259 a good choice if you have many set in stains that need several passes of warm water.

2.Hoover Spotless

Pros & Cons

If you ask anyone in the cleaning industry, it is always advisable to act as fast as possible whenever you spot a stain on your carpets and upholstery. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it also gives you the best chance of successful stain removal. However, there are times when you fail to notice an inconspicuous stain or simply don’t have the time to clean immediately.

Let’s face it guys, the days of cleaning with elbow grease and club soda are long gone. Nobody wants to slave all day cleaning spaghetti and coffee stains all over the carpet. Fortunately for us, technology has allowed each and every home owner to take the hassle out of cleaning.

3.BISSELL 2458

Pros & Cons

If you are a pet owner, you can use either the standard detergent or pet stain detergent intended for the portable machine.

It is described as a professional unit, but its performance is par for home use. One of the benefits of this unit is the long flexible hose and variety of attachments that let you use it to spot clean without having to put the entire spot cleaner on that spot. It has a very long twenty two foot long power cord.

4.Bissell 2117A

Pros & Cons

One of the benefits of the Spotbot is its low maintenance usage. You can put it on a dirty spot and the brushes will scrub out poop stains, vomit and other biological matter (though you have to remove the biggest solid matter for it to do a good job).

You can select either a normal cleaning or deep cleaning. The deep cleaning you want in response to pet messes lets you get one or two cleaning jobs out of one tank of soapy water. Do not use this carpet cleaner on loop rugs – it will rip it up as it tries to deep clean it.

5.BISSELL Little Green

Pros & Cons

The unit starts to stop working after a year. Whether this is due to the spot cleaner’s suction dropping or leaking start, it rarely lasts a year.

The unit has Microban surfaces that help control odors, but you need to clean the hoses used for manual cleaning or the mess residue in them will stink. If you use too much soap or the wrong type of soap, the residue can build up and generate odors as well.


Pros & Cons

Weighing in at only four pounds, this cordless Black+Decker’s wide mouth and powered rotating brush (which can be switched off) deals with wet messes like juice, oatmeal or chunky soup.

Unlike many others, it uses any brand of portable machine cleaning solution. It runs for 30 minutes per charge.

7.Hoover Onepwr

Pros & Cons

If you have kids or pets, or both, then you know the song and dance. Kid messes up, and you go get the carpet cleaner.

Often, you have to struggle with untangling the cord and getting to the closest outlet, but you are in luck as this is a cordless unit. It is truly a grab and go device that will save you the pain.

This device has a ten-minute runtime, and though that is not long, it is enough to get rid of the pet messes. As for the charge time, it takes 3-hrs to full charge, which is short for a cordless unit.


Best Spot Vacuum Cleaner – A portable carpets cleaner is a lighter, more compact version of the upright vacuum; only that you cannot use it for demanding tasks or cleaning large areas.

It comes with many benefits, which will be a boon to homeowners. Here are some of the few benefits.