Best Spray and Vacuum Carpet Cleaner

Best Spray and Vacuum Carpet Cleaner – Any home with carpeting or area rugs can benefit from a carpet cleaner. These machines can save soft surfaces from stains and dirt, and also restore fluff to carpet fibers to make rugs look new. Regular carpet cleaning is also important since carpets are an excellent hiding spot for unseen dirt and bacteria.1

Marilee Nelson, a certified building biologist, environmental consultant, and co-founder of Branch Basics, says: “Of all the floor types, carpeted floors are the hardest to get truly clean.


1.Dyson Zorb

Pros & Cons

The Dyson Zorb Powder is a really handy way to clean up stains quickly without the hassle of having to scrub the carpet.

It doesn’t require water to work, so can simply be sprinkled on the affected area, left for 20 minutes and then vacuumed away. The best carpet cleaning product for when you’re vacuuming anyway.

2.Hoover Power

Pros & Cons

Carpet fibers easily hide pet hair, dander, and dirt, making it hard to get a thorough clean without deep agitation and powerful cleaning from a carpet cleaner. The Hoover PowerDash Pet Carpet Cleaner delivers both, making this option the leader of the pack when it comes to the best carpet cleaner for pet owners.

Pet parents will appreciate the PowerSpin Pet antimicrobial brush roll that drives bristles into the fibers of carpets and rugs to loosen and collect hair. Cleaning this brush roll can be a challenge, though Hoover includes a nozzle cleaning tool to assist with the dirty job.

3.BISSELL Little

Pros & Cons

Put the power of a carpet cleaner to work in a variety of settings when you use a compact, portable option like the Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner. This model is designed for homes with pets, but in our product testing, it proved successful in cleaning carpets soiled by baby spit-up, spilled salsa, and crayons.

Best of all, the SpotClean does its job with no user intervention. Just place this small carpet cleaning machine over the spot, select the cleaning mode (Deep Clean or Quick Clean), and return several minutes later after the machine beeps to indicate cleaning is complete.

4.Sun Joe SPX3000

Pros & Cons

The Sun Joe SPX3000 is an outstanding pressure washer—as long as you go into it with reasonable expectations. It delivers 2,030 PSI (pounds per square inch, a measurement of water pressure) and 1.76 GPM (gallons per minute, a measurement of water flow).

This puts the model squarely in the medium-duty range, making it perfect for small jobs, whether outdoor furniture or vehicles like cars and bikes. You can even do driveways, decks, and patios if they are small.


Pros & Cons

The water drips are a problem as it covers the top, dripping into the food, and forms from the inside section of the door. It’s also a pain because you are required to wipe it clean within every use, otherwise it starts to develop bad smells as you wait for the drips to dry as it dissapates.

I have owned many microwaves, never experienced. I reached out to customer service (which is outsourced to a 3rd party called Midea) for a fix, exchange or refund. They did not offer a solution for the issue. They did nothing.

6.Vacmaster Wet

Pros & Cons

An automotive carpet cleaner must have attachments for tight spaces and powerful extraction to prevent musty odors and prevent mold from settling into damp carpeting or upholstery.3

The Vacmaster Professional Wet/Dry Portable Carpet Cleaner pairs a powerful vacuum with the ability to dispense shampoo onto car upholstery, carpeting, or floor mats. A carpet shampoo attachment and handheld shampoo attachment offer two options for cleaning large or small areas.

7.Karcher WD5/P

Pros & Cons

Doubling up as a dry vacuum, this is a great multi-purpose machine. Its robust design (with a substantial dirty water tank) proved reliable on hard flooring, with only small areas of trodden-in mud remaining after carpet cleaning. Carpets weren’t left too damp either.

Set up is a bit more involved than others listed here, and there’s only one sachet of cleaning fluid included. The large dirty water tank is also difficult to empty when completely full, but the clean water tank can be removed so refilling from the tap is easy.


Best Spray and Vacuum Carpet Cleaner – She quotes an interview with Dr. Philip Tierno, Jr., a microbiologist, immunologist, and professor at NYU’s Langone Medical Center, in a 2015 article from Men’s Health. 

Tierno notes that every square inch of carpet is likely riddled with about 200,000 bacteria, which is significantly more than what’s on your toilet seat.2 Before you rent a heavy-duty commercial carpet cleaner or even call in a professional carpet cleaning company to tidy up this mess, consider buying a carpet cleaner that you can use to freshen up soft surfaces in your home at any time.