Best Suction Car Vacuum

Best Suction Car Vacuum – While you could use a house vacuum to remove the grit from your car’s interior, that isn’t very practical. The best car vacuum is easy to handle in tight spaces and able to remove the mud, crumbs, and dog hair that accumulate on your floor mats and upholstery.

In this article, we recommend several vacuums of different sizes and power levels – from heavy-duty plug-ins to handheld 12-volt vacuums. Each type of vacuum has useful features and a few drawbacks, but the best option for you depends on your needs and budget.


1.DeWalt DXV08S

Pros & Cons

The Dewalt DXV08S isn’t designed exclusively for car use, so the extra accessories noted above make sense. The vacuum includes more attachments than you would expect from a smaller, handheld vacuum. It also comes with a vacuum bag.

What is notably not included is a foam filter – a circular foam fitting that needs to be placed around the vacuum’s paper filter before it can be used for wet vacuuming. You can buy such a filter for around $10, but it seems like an accessory that should be included with the product.

2.Milwaukee 0880-20

Pros & Cons

The Milwaukee 0880-20 includes a crevice nozzle, wide nozzle, and flexible vacuum tube. Noticeably absent from the box is the required 18V battery and battery charger, which together can set you back nearly $70, increasing the total cost of the vacuum. You can purchase a more powerful plug-in model for that price, but you would be hard-pressed to find a vacuum with similar power and portability.

If you already own Milwaukee tools, the Milwaukee 18V battery is compatible across Milwaukee products.


Pros & Cons

The Vacmaster Beast was the most powerful vacuum we tested. The suction power is second to none, and the vacuum comes with all the bells and whistles. The extra long power cord made the vacuum easy to maneuver around the car, and it was the best for picking up embedded dog hair.

The size of the vacuum makes it a little unwieldy, and it may not be the best choice if you are looking for something that is easy to store. The included accessories bag doesn’t fit all the attachments. If you only need a basic car vacuum for small messes, it is best to look for something smaller and cheaper.

4.THISWORX Car Vacuum

Pros & Cons

Suction power is certainly where the ThisWorx 12V vacuum performs the weakest. Again, it is strong enough to pick up glitter and crumbs but is not suitable for embedded pet hair. One Amazon reviewer said that they used it to vacuum up pet fur, but it performed that task inadequately during our tests.

For this reason, we don’t recommend the ThisWorx 12V for deep cleans, though it is a handy tool to have in your car for a quick clean.


Pros & Cons

Like the ThisWorx 12V, the Black+Decker Flex doesn’t have much suction power. But what it lacks in suction, this vacuum makes up for in portability and convenience. We found that it was able to pick up small crumbs and glitter, but not embedded pet hair.

The small nozzle size and lack of larger attachments mean it isn’t the best choice for detailing your vehicle, but it is handy for small spills. There is no battery that requires charging, which is also a plus.

6.Armor All

Pros & Cons

Car messes are made of more than dust, dirt and crumbs — sometimes there are also spills and “accidents,” and for those moments, you’ll need a wet vac. It’s even better if you can find a portable wet/dry vacuum to clean all sorts of messes, and that’s where the Armor All AA255 comes in.

The Armor All AA255 may resemble a shop vac, but it’s specifically designed for cleaning your car interior, with a nozzle and several crevice tool options custom made for getting into nooks and crannies. This car vac also converts to a blower, allowing it to easily provide air flow to remove debris that gathers on the outside of a car, like leaves or dirt.

7.HOTOR Car Vacuum

Pros & Cons

The Dustbuster-style Hotor car vacuum is a model of efficiency. At only 2.44 pounds, the Hotor is one of the lightest options available, which makes maneuvering in a car’s interior or cleaning for extended periods easier. The long power cord (16.4 feet) also gives you less to worry about during a car wash.

One thing to note about the Hotor — the description on the Sears website notes that the vacuum has trouble picking up debris such as pet hair. If you have a pet that regularly rides in your car, it may be a good idea to consider a different car vacuum.


Best Suction Car Vacuum – Do you still bother to vacuum your car? Then we salute you, and we have the best car vacuum for the job. The best car cleaners suck dust and debris from your car’s interior like a champ: some plug into a 12V socket, others are gloriously cordless, but either way, they’ll bust dust and dirt fantastically.

As a nation, we’ve become a bunch of lazy slobs willing to hand over excessive amounts of cash in order for someone else to carry out what was once a fine Sunday ritual. Where’s the commitment? Where’s the pride? Where’s the feeling of satisfaction from knowing every single dog hair has been removed from the back seats?