Best Suction Pool Vacuum

Best Suction Pool Vacuum – Simple, quiet, and usually among the most affordable, suction-side pool cleaners are a great option for someone with a small pool and average to minimal cleaning needs.

They also are the easiest cleaners to operate, requiring nothing more than a plug-in to the intake side of your pool’s pump system.


1.Zodiac MX6

First up and our overall favorite suction-side pool cleaner comes from the highly reputable Zodiac.

The MX8 is a super-efficient cleaner that operates on low flow while blitzing your pool a lot more rapidly than much of the opposition.

Dual-cyclonic suction is one of the key draws here. The cleaner will work confidently to scrub away the floors, waterline, and walls of pools in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for versatility married to supreme firepower, Zodiac doesn’t disappoint.

2.Hayward W3PVS40JST

Hayward is a dominant presence in the pool supplies space, and they make consistently great gear that’s not too ruthlessly priced. So, if you’re looking for an affordable suction-side pool cleaner that’s built to deliver years of faithful service, read on.

This automatic pool cleaner comes packing powerful 4-wheel drive, allowing it to agilely navigate your pool terrain while simultaneously scouring and scrubbing it clean.

The oversized wheels and rugged build means this cleaner can cope with larger, deeper pools. The manufacturer suggests it’s capable of cleaning pools with deep ends to 20 x 40 inches.


The Xtremepower 75037 was designed with larger pools in mind. It requires at least a 1 hp pump to function well and will clean a pool up to 30 feet long.

Rather than moving on wheels, this cleaner navigates itself with the water pressure from your pool pump. And its thick, pleated base plate creates a suction that removes everything from microscopic algae spores to leaves and twigs.

4.Pentair 360042

This Pentair cleaner is called the Kreepy Krauly because it effortlessly glides over and around steps, ladders, lights, and fittings for a thorough cleaning. The base is surrounded with what they call “cleaner wings” that sweep debris into the center for effective removal.

It only has one moving part so there are no gears, wheels, or mechanics to replace. This means it usually lasts a lot longer than more complicated models.

5.VINGLI Pool Vacuum

For its price, the Vingli swimming pool cleaner works surprisingly well. Many customers who bought it say it works just as well, if not better than the much more expensive Baracuda G3 cleaner.

Like the Baracuda G3, the Vingli cleaner has just one moving part – the diaphragm. It lasts longer than other complicated cleaners with motors and drive systems and requires minimal maintenance.

6.Intex 28620EP

The Intex model is a pool robot model that is both a cleaner and a vacuum head. It ensures impeccable cleaning quality for each use. The device works automatically to clean your pool without you having to exert excessive energy.

During cleaning, the device automatically reverses its direction when necessary so that no part and no area of ​​the bottom of your pool escape it. The device operates with a filtration rate of between 4.54 m3/h to 13.25 m3/h.

7.Pool Blaster Max

The Water Tech Pool Blaster MAX Pool Cleaner Vacuum takes cleaning to a whole new level.Every detail of the Pool Blaster Max has been carefully thought out to maximize efficiency and convenience. Featuring a high-flow pump and industry-leading suction, the MAX provides extra power for deep cleaning. The Pool Blaster MAX pumps longer and stronger with its high-capacity filter, holding more dirt, debris, and tackles the biggest messes with ease.You can use it on any surface including concrete, tile, vinyl, and fiberglass.

It is free of hoses, external pumps, or electrical cords and enables it to operate free of any connection to the filter system. The Pool Blaster can be attached to most standard-sized poles for an extended reach and is wall mountable for easy grab-n-go access.The Water Tech Pool Blaster MAX Pool Cleaner Vacuum is the most effective way out there to clean a pool or spa.


Best Suction Pool Vacuum – If you have a swimming pool at home, you’ll need to get an effective pool cleaner if you want to avoid costly the expense of a pool cleaning crew.

Today, we’ll be highlighting a selection of the very best suction pool cleaners.

What are these, though, and why should you care?

A suction pool cleaner is often called a suction-side pool cleaner. These are the opposite of pressure-side pool cleaners.