Best Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum

Best Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum – Raking isn’t an ideal strategy for clearing leaves, branches, and grass clippings from a large field or medium-sized lawns.

Not only is it painfully monotonous, it’s also takes a toll on the body and is time-consuming.

The best option is to invest in a pull behind leaf vacuum to get the job done quickly and easily.

The best pull behind leaf vacuums have sufficient hose power to suck up leaves and leave your yard looking green and beautiful.


1.Greenworks 40V

Pros & Cons

If you don’t want to be held back by a cord or deal with gas fumes, this cordless, battery-powered vac from Greenworks is your best option. This is the same manufacturer behind our favorite budget electric snowblower.

This kit comes with a 40-volt 4Ah battery, two attachments, and a debris bag. It has a 60-minute run time, weighs about 6 pounds, and has a convenient push-button start. Despite being battery-powered, it offers 185 mph blowing speeds, which is strong enough to move even wet leaves.

2.Sun Joe SBJ803E-SJG

Pros & Cons

The Sun Joe  Cordless Blower Vacuum Mulcher (Buy Online) has a 3-in-1 design that makes leaf clean up simple and easy. This 24-Volt leaf vacuum mulcher will run for up to 65 minutes on a single charge, and it comes with a pair of 2.0 amp hour batteries.

It is capable of producing wind speeds up to 155MPH, and it has an 8:1 mulcher reduction ratio thanks to its powerful impeller that makes short work of all kinds of leaves.

3.LawnMaster NPTBL31AB

Pros & Cons

This is simply a giant bag that attaches to the output of your ride-on mower — and yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. Just strap on the bag, fire up the mower, and mow down some leaves.

It’s an effective solution for clearing leaves, pine needles, and other debris from your yard, especially since most traditional leaf vacuums’ bags fill up very quickly and don’t hold a whole lot.

4.Cordless Leaf Blower&Vacuum

Pros & Cons

There are a handful of factors to consider when shopping for a leaf vacuum. Unsurprisingly, the first thing you’ll need to do is assess where you’ll be using it.

Our tests determined that leaf vacuums work best to remove leaves from hard surfaces like asphalt, brick, concrete, and flagstone. They work on decks, just as long as the leaves aren’t wedged between the deck boards.

5.WORX WG509

Pros & Cons

This tool from Worx is the ultimate triple threat. It functions as a blower, a mulcher, and a yard vacuum, and it switches among them in seconds.

According to Popular Mechanics’ Roy Berendsohn, you can simply turn a dial on the machine’s side to rotate its motor by 90 degrees, and then slip the vacuum collection bag into place over the impeller to change from blower to vac modes.

6.Toro 51621

Pros & Cons

This blower vac from Toro is one of the most powerful vacs money can buy. You get a 250 mph airspeed that’s strong enough even for wet leaves that are clumped together. It offers an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to hold, but it weighs 9 pounds — so it’s not the best option to use one-handed.

The Toro is bundled with plenty of attachments for getting around tight spaces. It comes with a bag, is equipped with a rugged metal impeller for crushing leaves, offers variable speed control, and is covered by a 2-year warranty.


Pros & Cons

One of the biggest downsides to leaf vacuums is that their included leaf bags are usually satchel-style — similar to a mailbag. They’re awkward to sling over your shoulder because they need to be frequently adjusted, and they start feeling heavy extremely fast … especially if you’re sucking up wet leaves.

BLACK+DECKER’s VACPACK is a much more comfortable solution to sucking leaves, as its vacuum bag is styled more like a backpack. It’s easier to wear and has a larger capacity, and therefore it doesn’t feel as cumbersome. Its vacuum bag is zipper-free, so it’s easy to empty, too.


Best Tow Behind Leaf Vacuum – If you’re looking for the best leaf vacuum for large yards then you’ve come to the right place. We have a full selection of walk behind leaf vacuums, gas leaf blower vacuums, tow behind leaf vacuums, and cordless leaf vacuums.