Best Vacuum Bags for Travel

Best Vacuum Bags for Travel – In any case, we highly recommend vacuum storage bags for travel. No matter how effectively you pack or compress your clothes, nothing compares to the space-saving storage solution of a vacuum storage bag. Plus, vacuum storage bags are great solutions for bad odors, mildew control, pest prevention, and waterproofing.

So pick your favorite brand and reclaim your closets from clothing and clutter.

For those who need to seal clothes for several weeks or shorter, bags from Simple Houseware are easy to use and come in large quantities. Finally, if you need vacuum bags for travel or bags that are easiest to use, then Chestnut travel bags are right up your alley.


If you’re looking for a sturdy, long-term solution, we can’t think of a better manufacturer than SpaceSaver. Their bags are second-to-none in build quality, compression, and strength. If you want the strength and long-term sealing solution with more variations, then Vacwel comes in as a close second to SpaceSaver.


When you want to utilize the most area in your luggage so you don’t have to pay high fees to check lots of baggage, these vacuum and compressible storage bags are the best remedy. No matter how tight you tuck and roll your clothes, they will never be as compact as with these bags.

With vacuum and compressible storage bags, organizing has never been easier. You can sort your clothes by family member, outfit, activity, or season efficiently with fast air suction using most standard vacuum hoses in see-through bags that make it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. While traveling, you can even keep your dirty clothes in a separate storage bag away from your fresh, clean items. All you have to do is pack the bag with the objects you wish to store, zip the bag up, vacuum or compress the air out of the bag, seal, and store. It’s that simple!


Folks who don’t know where to begin when it comes to space-saving organization in their homes can start with using vacuum seal packing bags. There are various sizes available for all storage needs. The bags are best used to store bulky cloth items such as sweaters and comforters that need to be flattened simply by removing the air around them. They may also be used for documents.

Consider your circumstances: Will the bags be stored under a bed, in a closet, an attic, a garage, a storage shed? How long will the items be stored? Do you live in a tropical or drier location? These pieces of information are vital to selecting the type of bags you purchase.

3.Hibag Space Saver Bags

If you have an entire family that needs to maximize their living space, you’ll want to go with the Hibag Vacuum Space Saver Bags Set, 20 Pack. In addition to the 20 storage bags, consumers are also gifted with a complimentary hand pump and two travel-size bags.

Each of the bags uses a unique double-zipper design that lets you know without a doubt that your bags are sealed properly.

In our analysis of 38 expert reviews, the Hibag Vacuum Space Saver Bags Set, 20 Pack placed 2nd when we looked at the top 5 products in the category.

4.Spacesaver Premium Vacuum

However, the hack that has made the biggest difference, by a mile, was buying vacuum bags. I would have tried them sooner, but they carried the faint stigma of long infomercials and homes that smell like bleach.

But after fitting the contents of two duffels, two backpacking packs, and two large suitcases into five vacuum-storage bags that take up 1/10th of the space under my bed, I am a complete convert. It’s the best  I’ve spent in a long time.

5.SUOCO Vacuum Storage Bags

With the SUOCO Space Saver Jumbo Vacuum Bags, 8 Pack, you’ll have a choice of using your vacuum or the included hand pump to remove the air from each bag. The bags are extra-large and capable of storing everything from clothing to bedding to children’s toys.

Since SUOCO uses a PA and PE composite to create their bags, you can feel confident that the seams will hold and that no air will leak out from the bags.

In our analysis of 38 expert reviews, the SUOCO Space Saver Jumbo Vacuum Bags, 8 Pack placed 3rd when we looked at the top 5 products in the category.

Best Vacuum Bags for Travel – BUYER’S GUIDE

Item Type

Vacuum storage bags are great for compressing soft items, but they can also be used to store hard things, such as kids’ toys or other items with many small pieces. They are also handy to store and protect flat items such as laptops or books for waterproof and dustproof safekeeping during a move.


Certain items should not be stored in vacuum storage bags, especially for an extended period, because the compression may affect their ability to decompress. Natural fibers, such as wool or the down filling found in coats and comforters, might not regain its original shape after prolonged storage in vacuum bags. Vacuum storing for a couple of weeks during a move should be fine, but you may not want to store wool or down-filled items for longer periods (several months) in vacuum bags. Also avoid vacuum storing leather items, which could become permanently creased or wrinkled if pressure sealed. Store your leather and suede items in a traditional garment bag.


The following sizes are standard in vacuum storage bags, and you can purchase the bags in sets of just one size or sets of various sizes. Depending on the manufacturer, sizes may vary slightly.

  • Small travel bag: 13 inches by 19 inches with a 1-inch depth.
  • Medium bag: 18 inches by 22.5 inches with a 2-inch depth.
  • Large bag: 18 inches by 22 inches with a 4-inch depth.
  • Extra-large bag: 21 inches by 33 inches with a 4-inch depth.
  • Jumbo bag: 40 inches by 26 inches with a 3-inch or 4-inch depth.

Ribbed Profile

Food storage vacuum bags that come with a ribbed or textured surface are typically only compatible with a specific sealing machine brand and may not work in different machines. Generic storage bags may also fit only specific machines, so make sure the bags you’re buying will work in your sealing machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can vacuum storage bags be recycled?

Many communities do not permit plastic storage bags to be put in curbside recycling bins. Still, you may be able to take them to a local grocery or hardware store that collects plastic of this type for recycling. Bags should be clean and dry before placing in a collection bin.

Q. Can vacuum storage bags be reused?

For food safety purposes, you cannot reuse food storage bags. You can, however, reuse bags for storing clothing and blankets.

Q. Are vacuum storage bags waterproof?

When correctly sealed, both vacuum food storage and vacuum non-food storage bags are airtight and waterproof.

Q. How long does the seal on a vacuum storage bag last?

The seal will last as long as the plastic material is in good shape, which can be a year or longer. However, if the bag is exposed to bright sunlight, it may degrade more quickly, causing the seal to fail.

Q. What items should not be vacuum-packed?

Do not store leather, wool, and feather-filled items in vacuum bags. The intense compression may give them permanent wrinkles, or they may be unable to fluff back up.


In this article, we’ll review the top four best vacuum-sealed bags for clothing and will also note their potential use for other items. Afterward, we’ll go over some of the best (and worst) features and accessories of vacuum-sealed bags and how our top picks compare.