Best Vacuum Bottle for Coffee

Best Vacuum Bottle for Coffee – Whether you take your coffee hot or iced, a reliable thermos will keep your drink at its ideal temperature for hours. In fact, the century-old vacuum technology used in thermoses was originally invented to keep liquid hydrogen (aka rocket fuel) cold.

Today, everyone from campers to commuters use thermoses. Most are affordable, so picking the right one comes down to your specific needs. Do you want a trigger-action lid to sip while driving or a leak-proof bottle you can trust in your purse?


1.Contigo AUTOSEAL

Pros & Cons

This travel mug does a superb job at keeping liquids hot for 5 hours (7 as per Amazon) and cold for 12. One outstanding feature is the spill-leak-free lid. That really comes in handy as many of us carry part of our lives in a backpack daily.

Although they claim the Contigo doesn’t leak, be cautious with this unit or any other that claims the same. Most come with a disclaimer, “not to store valuable electronics near it.”

The Contigo comes in a variety of 20 colors to choose from. The 16 ounce version seems like the most practical and portable.

2.Thermos FBB500SS4

Pros & Cons

Rightfully boasting 110 years of experience, Thermos makes a great thermos. This one holds hot liquids for 12 hours. For cold, an impressive 24 hours. I can appreciate this one for my iced coffee. Suppose you forget your thermos, either forgot to take it with you or left it in your car. The product won’t go to total waste.

This vacuum-sealed, all stainless steel construction, coffee thermos, is incomparable. They practically invented the thermos. It was their improvements that were mass produced and made Sir Dewar’s invention, a household item.

3.Stanley Classic Vacuum

Pros & Cons

We didn’t expect Stanley to call their thermos a “thermos,” right? They call it a bottle. The Stanley name is also renowned for making their version of the vacuum flask since 1912.

This large thermos, “bottle,” is meant to last. They even offer a lifetime warranty. Here they offer an insulated thermos and claim it will keep hot or cold for 24 hours. Its rugged design is not the most tantalizing of all our picks. The important thing is that it does what it says. It’s a favorite amongst outdoors and working people. It will also keep ice for 4 hours. That opens up new drinking possibilities. Sure, coffee too.

4.EcoVessel Perk Vacuum

Pros & Cons

I’m sure coffee purists would hack this thermos sooner than later. It comes with a removable tea or fruit infuser. Nothing stops you from using it in other ways. You get 8 and 36 hours of hot and cold, respectively.
One feature that really stands out is their spill-free lid design. Most of the one in this review claim to be leak-free. Eco’s design seems convincing.
It feels good also, it’s not too heavy and holds 16 ounces of liquid. You can choose from a variety of colors, but the black one looks gorgeous.

5.Hydro Flask Coffee

Pros & Cons

A unique design, the Flask Travel keeps your favorite drink in tune with your mood, hot or cold. Maybe the 6 hours it keeps liquid hot doesn’t impress you. Yet, for all practical purposes, that’s good enough.

They’ve manufactured this thermos in very popular drink sizes: 12 oz, 16 oz and 20 oz. Hence, is just a matter of handling it to your favorite barista to fill it with your liquid desire.

6.Zojirushi Turquoise

Pros & Cons

This model looks very good. I’d give it a 10, if it was the beauty pageant of thermoses. Someone might disagree. They give you a 5 year warranty on heat retention. That sounds honest to me. We shouldn’t expect a container to outlive us.

It comes in three sizes and colors. I’m split between red or pink. Both, match my phone. But I already told you Zojirushi was pretty.

7.YETI Rambler 20

Pros & Cons

The Yeti kind of reminds me of the renowned evasive creature. It looks huge. Very wide on top, narrow towards the end. It’s also a double-insulated bottle, but doesn’t specify how long it’ll keep hot or cold. They sell a 10 oz small thermos, real cute.

Two other sizes, 20 oz and a 30 oz are available. Perhaps the best feature with the Yeti is the crystal clear lid. It’s nice to see what you are drinking and when you’re running low.


Best Vacuum Bottle for Coffee – To help you decide which coffee thermos is right for you, we tested them side-by-side and evaluated each on its design, size, ability to keep drinks hot and/or cold, and overall value.

Many hot and iced coffees were consumed and transported (to make sure there weren’t any leaks or spills in transit) by our home tester to make sure these thermoses are truly the best.