Best Vacuum Brake Bleeder

Best Vacuum Brake Bleeder – Most car owners will have heard of the benefits of brake bleeding and may have even had their brakes bled professionally, but how many automobile owners out there know how to bleed their own brakes?

Once you know how to bleed your own brakes the process becomes pretty straightforward but choosing a brake bleeder kit can be a minefield – how to know which is the best one to buy?


1.Mityvac MV8500

Pros & Cons

This Mityvac brake bleeder is a powerful piece of kit that every car owner should consider when looking to buy a brake bleeding kit. It’s operates with compressed air and can bleed up to 2 quarts per minute.

The body capacity isn’t bad either as it can contain 1.8 liters of fluid in the collection reservoir and also includes an automatic master cylinder refill kit with a 40 oz reservoir.

What makes this vacuum brake bleeder even more impressive is that it contains a variable thumb throttle to maintain a desired flow rate.


Pros & Cons

This brake bleeder kit has been designed to fit all cars that feature a 45mm threaded hydraulic reservoir cap. One of the main benefits of this particular brake bleeder is that it’s really heavy-duty which means you’re going to get good use out of this year after year. It’s been made from corrosion-proof materials and designed to last long.

This portable hand-pump is easy to use by one person due to its pressurized system and can be used anywhere…shop, home or garage.

3.Capri Tools CP21029

Pros & Cons

This vacuum brake bleeder is a versatile bit of kit and has been designed to be used with most standard and ABS brake systems and the set includes a 40 inch silicone hose with a universal rubber adapter.

Many people change their cars throughout the years, so it’s worth investing in a brake bleeder such as this to get value for money over the years.


Pros & Cons

The ABN Brake Bleeder Pump contains a universal fit, which means that it fits all makes and models of vehicles. It’s a sturdy piece of kit too with a solid brass cylinder, cylinder head and piston with an anodized steel handle frame.

Not only that, but the designers have thought about the small features that make a difference too. The pump has been designed for comfort and features a cushioned pistol grip handle on the vacuum pump for comfort and to stop the user from getting tired arms and hands.

5.Copap 16PCS

Pros & Cons

Those that are looking for a good value one man brake bleeder kit should consider this kit as it provides everything you need to bleed your brakes without needing extra help. The kit includes a pump with a vacuum gauge, two 2 foot tubes, vacuum and brake bleeder adapters and a brake fluid reservoir.

The only potential fault that we could see was that the product isn’t able to achieve a full vacuum of – 30Hg despite the gauge showing this as the maximum level. Fear not though, brake bleeding does not require that deep of a vacuum.

6.Performance Tool W87030

Pros & Cons

Another super handy piece of equipment for vehicle owners who are looking for an automotive test kit and one person brake bleeding kit all-in-one. The hand vacuum tool is able to test a variety of different parts and common systems on any vehicle and the kit contains accessories for a complete brake bleeding and automotive diagnosis.

This is a clever little kit which enables you to test ignition timing, chokes and mechanical fuel pumps. This is a new design too which has additional features and an improved structural design. The pump can manage 1 cubic inch per stroke so it’s fast too.

7.Phoenix Systems

Pros & Cons

Could this possibly the easiest reverse brake bleeder on our list? This tool is actually pretty lightweight and ideal for intermittent use. It’s compatible with DOT 3, 4 and 5.1 brake fluid and uses a patented reverse bleeding design that claims to remove more trapped air than any other brake bleeder.

Reverse bleeding pushing brake fluid from the bottom up and it’s the only method capable of bleeding difficult ABS units without having to use a scan tool.


Best Vacuum Brake Bleeder – In this guide we will looking at the best brake bleeder kits and cover models such as a vacuum bleeder, manual pump brake bleeder and a reverse brake bleeder.

We’ll we show you the best 10 brake bleeding kits on the market and by the end of the guide reveal our absolute favorite.