Best Vacuum Cleaner for Churches

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Churches – Warranties on flooring can also be drastically different. From carpet that is guaranteed
for life not to stain or delaminate to concrete that will never wear out finding the right fit
for your church is a complicated decision.

For more answers to your questions, be sure
to contact an experienced church designer with lots of experience in understanding the
full range of issues when selecting floor for your church.


1.ProTeam Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuums are notorious for being uncomfortable to for two main reasons: their harnesses and exhaust port. However, ProTeam has designed this backpack model with maximum levels of comfort in mind. The harness comes with thick padding that doesn’t dig into your shoulders, and the back cover is made of an open-weave fabric to dissipate heat even quicker, leaving you less sweaty after a long vacuuming session.

What’s even more amazing about the harness is the hip strap, or rather you can do with it. The hip strap doesn’t just keep the unit upright on your back, but it also has several loops to hold onto the multitude of cleaning tools it comes with (more on this in a later section)


Cleaning the Hoover’s brushroll is not as easy a task as with a Dyson vacuum, but it’s significantly easier than cleaning the Dirt Devil’s brush. You must take a screwdriver and remove half of the bottom plate of the vacuum cleaner.

Unlike the Dirt Devil, however, you do not need to remove the wheels or keep track of as many screws. You also won’t need to open the Hoover’s brushwell as much thanks to the wide opening that gives you more than enough room to manually clear jams without busting out the screwdriver.

3.Filter Backpack Vacuum

It can also create a dangerous tripping hazard either on your floors or, worse, the stairs. This is why a backpack vacuum is such a great invention since it allows you to wear the canister on your back to avoid tripping over it or risking a back injury from awkwardly picking it up and lugging it around the house.

A vacuum backpack evenly distributes the canister’s load and the contained debris across your entire body, leaving both hands free to operate the vacuum hose and attachment head. To help you find the right backpack vacuum, we have done the research and composed a handy buying guide that outlines some of the best models currently available.

4.Oreck XL

A vacuum is a staple cleaning tool for a modern home. The Oreck Commercial XL2100RGH Upright Vacuum Cleaner cuts vacuuming down to the bare bones—mighty ones. A solid vacuum needs the suction power to pull dirt and debris out of various carpet pile lengths and hard floors.

It should be easy to empty and needs a cord that’s long enough to let you navigate your home without too many outlet changes. With so many high-powered, feature-laden models available, we wanted to see how this commercial-grade, bare-bones model performed daily.


Though Bissell has been making upright wet and dry vacuums for years, the  the SpinWave Wet and Dry is its first robot that can do double duty. It’s a solid vacuum that reliably sucks up debris from low-pile carpeting and hard floors, and it truly shines when it comes to mopping, with two spinning microfiber pads and support for several different cleaning solutions to scrub away dirt and keep your floors looking as good as new.

Plus, it can automatically detect and avoid carpeting and area rugs when mopping, a feature typically only seen on much more expensive models. It lacks voice home mapping abilities and voice control support, but it offers better performance than any other 2-in-1 robots in this price range, earning it our Editors’ Choice award.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Churches – BUYER’S GUIDE

  • Hard Floor Option – If you have hard floors, be sure that your vacuum handles them well or that you buy the right accessories. Upright vacuums are usually a good choice. Canister vacuums may need a special head attachment, for example.
  • Edge Cleaning – Extra brushes along the sides of the power head allow better cleaning on baseboards and walls. This is available on some upright models.
  • Height Adjustment – This accounts for carpets with thicker vs. shorter piles. Some adjust manually, others adjust automatically.
  • Roller Brush Type – This is a part, also called a brushroll, which agitates the carpet to loosen and remove dirt. Motor-powered roller brushes give more agitation for a deeper clean than suction-powered rollers, but they can spread dirt out across hard floors too. You can get around this problem by choosing a model that lets you turn the brushroll on / off or adjust the power levels.
  • Easy On / Off – Having an on/off that’s easy to figure out and easy to access is important if your employees will be using the vacuum frequently.
  • Hose Diameter – Most commercial vacuums will list the diameter, which falls somewhere between 1 1/4″ and 2″. Narrower hoses are easier to use and store, but handle less debris. For light-duty cleaning a narrower hose might be enough, but for heavy-duty projects and renovations, a larger hose is a must.
  • Cord – Will you be working in very large rooms or in old buildings where power outlets are few and far between? If so, consider the length of the power cord when choosing a vacuum cleaner for your business. In many applications, like hotel suites or business offices, the standard 35′ or 40′ cord may be adequate. If you are going to be cleaning large rooms where outlets are scarce, consider a unit with a longer 50′ power cord, or a cordless vacuum, so that you can reach a larger area without needing to find another power source.
  • Bag / Canister Capacity – Compare the capacities of the vacuums you are looking at to see which will hold more dirt before needing to be emptied. Those with smaller capacities will need to be emptied more often, which can run into downtime and extra labor expenses. Plus, if you opt for a bagged model, then a smaller capacity would mean purchasing bags more often.
  • Weight – In general, it’s hard to go wrong with a lightweight vacuum cleaner. This is especially important, though, if you’re planning to use your vacuum in multi-story buildings, for cleaning stairs, or as an accessory on a housekeeping cart. Not only will the lighter weight reduce strain on your staff but a lighter vacuum is easier to maneuver, lift, and store.
  • Noise Level – If you are going to be cleaning in areas where people are working or relaxing, like office spaces or hotels, you may want an especially quiet vacuum cleaner. If this is a concern, look for units with a noise level around or below 55 dB, which is the same range as most normal conversations, or choose one with power settings that allow for quieter operation when you need it.


Technological advances in the chemical world have dramatically changed the flooring
options that are available and trying to discern what is best for your church is never
easy. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best product for your
The type of floor you use should first be dictated by where we are talking about putting
it. Because there are so many possibilities, I want to stay focused on the sanctuary area
of the church complex. There are four main areas in a church; the altar/platform area,
the aisles, the entry way and the area under the seating. Let’s handle each area