Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dust Mites

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dust Mites – Having a vacuum cleaner will help in reducing dust mites in your home, particularly in the mattress and carpet. If you suspect dust mites breeding in your mattress, which most likely is, I’ll suggest going for UV vacuum-like Housemile 804.

Can’t do without that lovely carpet of yours? You’ll need a powerhouse like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away.

I hope this guide has been helpful in choosing the best dust mite vacuum.


1.LivePure Ultramite UVC

A UV vacuum cleaner can be incredibly light and yet powerful.  This sealed vacuum with HEPA by LivePure has proven to be so as it’s only 6.4 lbs in weight. You’ll have little difficulty in maneuvering the vacuum when cleaning your bed, carpets or rugs.

A UV light bulb is fitted at the suction opening to disinfect the surface and increase the mortality of the dust mites in your bed. When used on fabric surfaces, the motorized brush vibrates to shake up allergens from the depth of the material.

The vacuum boasts a powerful suction that generates a powerful inward force from the 650Watt motor. Dust mites that are removed from the surface are sucked into the bin. There’s no chance of dust mites escaping from the bin as it is secured by a HEPA filtration screen.

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2.Housmile Vacuums

With incredible suction power and a rotating power brush, the Housmile UV vacuum vibrates and shakes the surface to dislodge dust mites from their hiding place. The incredible suction power ensures that these tiny creatures are instantly sucked into the vacuum.

Dust mites and other allergens will be safely trapped within the vacuum’s advanced HEPA filtration system. It is capable of blocking 99.98% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from escaping from the dust box. The Housmile 810 also features a double carbon filtration system which enhances its effectiveness in reducing pollutants.

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The Raycop Lite will have no problems blasting germs away with its patented Rayclean UV technology. With an almost 100% success rate in killing E-Coli and Staphylococcus, this vacuum is a good bet to eliminate dust mites that are growing uncontrolled in your home.

Some dust mites are difficult to remove as they are hidden deeply in the bed. The RayClean UV vacuum is built with pulsating pads that vibrate at up to 5,000 times per minute. This is good enough to displace dust mites and other allergens from their hiding spots.

The suction mechanism is cleverly designed so that it doesn’t trap bed lines or fabrics while you’re cleaning your bed. Dust mites that are vacuumed are channeled to a dust canister. With a dual-stage HEPA filtration, the allergens are safely contained in the dust bin.

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4.Shark NV501

The Shark Rotator Lift-Away packs a powerful suction that works well even on high-pile carpet. It’s bound to remove dust mites that are holding on to their dear lives deep within the carpet. Thanks to its complete-seal HEPA filtration system, the pests would have no chase of making their way back into the carpet.

The swivel steering enhances the maneuverability of the vacuum. You can move it around easily around furniture. True to its ‘Lift-Away’ design, the vacuum can be transformed into a handheld canister vacuum, which allows you to clean stairs or furniture easily.

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5.Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G

There’s a 20ft power cord that gives you plenty of room to maneuver without looking for another socket. Weighing at only 9 pounds, you should have little problem in carrying the vacuum around your home as you go on a dust mite hunting spree.

You’ll find the range of cleaning tools handy. It has a crevice tool, dusting brush, and an upholstery nozzle, which lets you clean awkward corners that could potentially be teeming with dust mites.

The Eureka 3760G does not have a HEPA filter, but it makes it up with a triple-filtration dust bag. This means you don’t have to empty the dust cup and risk inhaling the allergen. You can, however, purchase an optional HEPA filter to fit into the vacuum.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Dust Mites – Here’s a confession. If I could spend on only a single appliance for dust mites allergies, it will be a powerful dust mite vacuum cleaner. Often, these pests are well hidden in carpets and mattresses, where nothing short of a power vacuum will dislodge them from their hiding spots.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the process of choosing a vacuum for dust mites. There’s also much hype about using a UV vacuum for dust mites. We’ll dig deeper and find out if it’s effective in killing those unseen pests.