Best Vacuum Cleaner for House Cleaning Business

Best Vacuum Cleaner for House Cleaning Business – So, you’ve decided you want to start a house cleaning business. You have everything set up except for one thing: you still don’t know the best vacuum for house cleaning business.

Does this little issue sound familiar? What would be the best vacuum to use in your residential cleaning business? Would the vacuum come on the cheap, or you’d have to pay an arm and a leg for it?

That’s precisely where we come in. We have here a review of the seven best vacuums to choose from if you’re looking to start a house cleaning business.


1.Hoover Commercial Lightweight

Kicking off our list is the incredibly lightweight Hoover Commercial Backpack vacuum. Weighing in a meager ten pounds, this vacuum would be an excellent fit for cleaning business because you can work with it on your back.

With backpack vacuums, one thing is that when cleaning tight spaces, your movement isn’t as limited as when working with a traditional vacuum. For reduced strain on your back, this vacuum comes with a chiropractic harness that also enhances comfort.

If you are cleaning a home where there are kids who might be sleeping, you need not worry about waking them. That’s because this vacuum isn’t that loud. Someone can sleep in the next room as you clean the adjacent room.

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2.Shark ZU782

Suppose you’re looking for the best vacuum cleaner for a house cleaning business. Can this vacuum tick all the boxes? You bet it does! The Shark Rotator Commercial vacuum. This vacuum boasts a dust tank with a capacity of 1.3 quartz.

With the considerably large dust tank, you won’t have to stop emptying the vacuum too many times per cleaning session.

You will also love the lift-away technology with this vacuum. Lift away technology comes in handy whenever you are cleaning homes with stairs and above-floor areas dirty.

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Another excellent option among the best vacuum cleaners for residential house cleaning is the Oreck commercial upright vacuum.

Apart from the self-assembly part that would give a few users some trouble, it is nearly all positive from this vacuum.

This vacuum impressively adjusts to different floor types, giving the best performance according to the cleaning’s surface. You can thus effortlessly switch from cleaning carpets to hardwood floors without having to change the settings manually.

For additional convenience, while using this vacuum, the on and off switches are conveniently located close to the handle. You can turn it on or off with a simple press of the finger.

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4.BISSELL BigGreen

The Bissel BigGreen vacuum is another excellent option if you are looking to start a house cleaning business. It has an ultrawide cleaning path of thirteen inches and is exceptionally lightweight for its size.

The most impressive feature about this vacuum must be the three-stage filtration system that traps dirt and ensures it doesn’t leave the vacuum.

With this vacuum, you can clean a variety of floors from hardwood, carpets, and furniture. That is thanks to its powerful suction that can suck the dirt off most floors.

You ever used those vacuums that don’t boost your height? The kind of vacuum that has a fixed height and so you can’t reach all the places? Well, this vacuum, with its five height adjustments, ensures you won’t go through that.

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5.Miele C1 Pure

Boasting quiet operation and a lightweight design, this vacuum cleaner would be an excellent vacuum for a house cleaning business.

The 1200-watt motor is what powers this vacuum enabling it to give top performance across different floors. It is air sealed to ensure no allergens escape back into the air while cleaning.

Additionally, the HEPA filtration system also ensures all trapped dirt remains within the vacuum. The protection filters serve as additional reinforcements against the escape of allergens.

It is incredibly excellent for removing pet hair and heavy dirt from carpets. You can use it to restore crushed carpets or to deep clean filthy carpets as well.

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6.Dyson DC33

Suppose you are searching for a vacuum that captures the finest dust particles off floors. Your search will surely end with the Dyson upright vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is highly versatile and can clean several floor types from vinyl to hardwood.

It has a self-adjusting cleaner head that gives maximum suction as you clean different floor types. So powerful is the suction that it captures not only dirt but also bacteria that might lurk on surfaces in your house.

What marks out this vacuum as one of the best vacuum cleaners for residential house cleaning is the radial cyclone technology it comes with. The radial cyclone technology ensures it captures the smallest dirt particles off any surface.

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7.eureka PowerSpeed Turbo

So far, you might have seen a trend where we have been going for lightweight and portable vacuums. Therefore, we stick to the same script with the final entry in our list of the seven best vacuums for the cleaning business.

The Eureka vacuum is another powerful yet lightweight vacuum that delivers excellent cleaning of any surface. It comes with five height adjustment settings that make cleaning above-floor areas a child’s play.

You are sure to get longer and uninterrupted cleaning sessions with this vacuum, thanks to the extra-large dust cup. It can also adjust by itself to different floor types transitioning seamlessly from carpets to hardwood floors.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for House Cleaning Business – Having an office or home means having to clean floors and carpets weekly or even daily.

This can be challenging and unproductive if you aren’t using the best commercial vacuum when cleaning.

If you’re looking for the best commercial vacuum cleaner for your cleaning business, keep reading.