Best Vacuum Cleaner for Plush Carpet

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Plush Carpet – When looking for the best vacuum for plush carpet, a suction regulator will come in handy, especially if you want to customize the suction for the exact carpet you are cleaning at any given time.

Another thing to consider is the air filter, which should help to keep your vacuum function properly without releasing the dust you are trying to remove from your house back into the air you are breathing.

A lightweight vacuum comes in handy too, since you don’t want a heavy vacuum to leave marks on your plush carpet. Additionally, if you don’t want to struggle to get your equipment around, a lightweight design proves crucial, but this shouldn’t affect the performance.


1.BISSELL 2252

First up, this vacuum proves itself worth every penny with its TurboBrush tool. This feature makes it an ideal machine for cleaning furniture, stairs, upholstery, your plush carpet as well as many other areas around the house.

Another reason why we have featured this Bissell vacuum in our ‘best vacuum for plush carpet’ list is its innovative brush design, which enables the rotation to go right into the carpet for effective cleaning with the first pass. What’s more, the dirt tank is also impressive, thanks to the large capacity and easy emptying that you can count on when disposing of the debris.

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2.Kenmore Floor Care

One of the unique features of the Kenmore is its pet-friendly design that removes pet hair effectively from your house. And it’s all thanks to the robust inducer motor that delivers up to 20% more air power than other vacuum motors. Despite the Kenmore not being the best vacuum for plush carpet, this particular feature does help immensely in removing pet hairs from your plush carpet.

Another thing you will come to love about this cleaner is its infrared dirt sensor, which helps activate the LED lighting to help you spot dirt so you can get it all out, even from the darkest corners of your house.

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3.Miele Complete C3

Another excellent aspect is the vacuum’s 180-degree rotation, which makes its Parquet Twister highly agile and makes the job easier for you. This also helps when you are cleaning stairs or vacuuming around the furniture in your house.

Then there’s the gentle cushioning from its mixture of polyamide and natural hair. This combination proves far-reaching when it comes to cleaning any surface in your house.
Of course, you cannot miss the broad head design in this cleaner. This single feature accounts for an additional 20% fast cleaning when compared to most other vacuum cleaners out there.

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The Oreck claims its position among the best vacuum for plush carpet list primarily because of its two-speed setting. The high speed does well for carpets, while the lower speed offers a gentle suction for Persian and oriental rugs. The gentle suction ensures that the fibres of the carpet remain intact along with providing a thorough cleaning. No wonder that it has a seal of approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute.

Another great feature of this vacuum is its extra-long cord. With its 30-feet power cord, you can clean any area of your house without having to stop frequently.

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5.Eureka Lightweight Powerful

The Eureka Power Speed Lite has powerful suction that can lift dirt from carpets as thick as shag rugs, and even extract pet hair from furniture. Hard floors aren’t ignored either; the Eureka PowerSpeed Lite did an excellent job sucking up dust and dirt that hung around. What was great was the very large dust cup. You can get a day’s worth of vacuuming done on just a single canister. If any vacuum can challenge its performance, the Dyson Animal 2 or Shark Navigator Vacuum Cleaner can.

You wouldn’t realize it at first, but the Eureka PowerSpeed Lite is one of the most lightweight bagless vacuum cleaners on our list. It’s impressive the kind of power comes out of such a lightweight vacuum. It weighs exactly 10 lbs, half of what the Bissell Cleanview weighs.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Plush Carpet – Yet another aspect you need to focus on when looking for the best vacuum for plush carpet are the wheels of the machine. A vacuum with large wheels comes in handy, as the manoeuvrability becomes easy. More importantly, large wheels go a long way in preventing the vacuum from sinking into your carpet, so pushing it around becomes super easy.
A motorized brush is also worth looking out for, especially if you can find one with Nylon Bristles. This feature helps agitate the dense fibres in your plush soft carpet to keep it super-clean.

Finally, an automatic or a manually adjustable vacuum can really help in caring for your plush carpet.