Best Vacuum Cleaner for Rv

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Rv – With so many pairs of feet coming in and out of your rig everyday, the interior gets dirty very quickly with dust, sand, pollen and tree branches, not to mention pet hair if you bring along your four-legged friends. An effortless way to always keep your living space clean, livable, healthy and comfortable is using a portable yet powerful camper vacuum to easily get rid of any particle that can’t just be swept out.

While finding the best RV vacuum for your needs and budget can be quite a quest considering the vast number of offerings, you’ve hit the information jackpot. Here, you can shortcut your way with our handpicked list of the very best RV vacuum cleaners on the market.


1.THISWORX Car Vacuum

Tired of dealing with food crumbs, pet hairs, foreign particles and so on by yourself? If that happens to be the case, there is a good chance that you would come to like ThisWorx TWC-01.

Possessing a strong motor that provides excellent suction strength, this vacuum cleaner for cars would allow you to keep your ride clean with relative ease. In addition to that, it’s highly compact so finding a fitting spot for it in the interior of your car is child’s play.

Thanks to the rather long power cord, our testers have an easy time maneuvering TWC-01 to clean all the nooks and crannies of their cars. Noteworthily, upon purchase, this vacuum cleaner is accompanied by all-purpose nozzles so it could reach hard-to-access areas.

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2.Shark HV322

Despite the fact it’s a corded design, the mobility of Shark Rocket HV292 is commendable in common RV settings. As an ultralight vacuum cleaner, HV292 could be moved from place to place as you see fit without much difficulty.

Moreover, the cord of the Shark Rocket product happens to be 15 feet long so you would be able to reach various spots in your rig. Due to the cord, the cleaner runs continuously until its see-through bin is filled.  In use, regardless of how full the bin is, the suction power stays the same.

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3.Armor All

Able to take care of solid as well as liquid substances, Armor All AA255 is the all-purpose solution for usual messes in recreational vehicles. Boasting a 2.5-gallon polypropylene tank, AA255 could finish most vacuuming jobs without much difficulty and still prove pretty light. A helpful auto-shutoff function is present too so no need to worry about tank overflowing. Using integrated noise diffusers, the Armor All product effectively and efficiently keep the vacuuming noise at acceptable levels in use.

An interesting feature of AA255 is that it contains dedicated accessory storage on its body for attachments such as hoses, nozzles and so on. Therefore, RVers have the option to move everything as a compact set from spot to spot as they see fit. Considering the fact that no assembly is required before use, the Armor All cleaner practically works right out of the box.

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4.Dirt Devil Scorpion

From sand to pebbles, Dirt Devil Scorpion could tackle all messes at great precision which makes it the best small vacuum cleaner for RV nowadays. At the weight of 4 pounds, Scorpion lets you swing it through every nook and cranny of your rig without trouble. In addition to that, the cored Dirt Devil cleaner is connected to the power source with a 16 feet long cord.  Therefore, you don’t have to bother changing the outlet now and then while vacuuming the interior of your RV.

Featuring a strong motor, Scorpion possesses commendable suction compared to most of its market competitors.   Even pet hairs that hide under layers of fabrics would be captured by the nozzle of the Dirt Devil cleaner. To improve the usefulness of the cleaner in particular tasks, the manufacturer provides RVers with attachments such as crevice tool, attachable hose and so on. Hence, it’s generally breeze for you to adapt Scorpion to match current vacuuming demands by swapping out its attachments.

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Possessing an innovative nozzle that retains consistent suction while rotating, Black & Decker BDH2000PL prove useful in odd jobs that conventional cleaners fail to handle. Since you don’t have to reposition the nozzle while vacuuming your rig, you just need to point it at the mess and keep going.

Thanks to the incorporation of three-stage filters, the Black & Decker cleaner rarely experiences clogging in use which earns it lots of praises from RVers. Due to the transparent cup, you could easily tell if you need to empty it.

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6.Tineco iFLOOR

Engineered to dislodge well-embedded particles, Tineco A10 is considered by many RVers around the globe to be the best RV vacuum for deep vacuuming. Featuring a robust motor, A10 could produce up to 4 times more suction power than the average cleaners on the market. Despite its strength, the Tineco cleaner is rather quiet in use, a major plus if you happen to have babies and pets in your rig. Besides the cleaner itself, you would receive many accessories after you purchase Tineco A10 which facilitates floor-to-ceiling vacuuming.

A10 is a cordless model that runs on a battery pack: in standard mode, it’s able to vacuum for 25 minutes. On max mode, the runtime of the cleaner drop to 10 minutes but in exchange, you have increased suction power.

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7.Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro

These kinds of days, the market offers RVers with pets plenty of vacuum cleaners designed to dislodge embedded pet hair. But for people that want thorough cleanups of pet hairs and associated odors, Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro would be the best vacuum cleaner for RV. The multi-surface brush of the Bissell product not only sucks but also distributes purpose design cleaning formulas around. Because of that, pet owners would be able to keep their recreational vehicle clean and fresh by using Crosswave Pet Pro.

Packing two independent tanks that separate clean from dirty water, the cleaner from Bissell guarantees that you clean the inside of your rig with fresh mixes of water and formulas. The presence of a hair strainer shall keep large objects as well as strands of hair from clogging the cleaner.

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Rv – Do you really need an RV vacuum for your tiny home on the road? Probably not. With life on the road, there are always workarounds. But is it incredibly convenient and affordable to own one of the best RV vacuums? Absolutely.

In this post, we’ll walk you through some of the things you may want to consider when shopping for a great vacuum for your RV.

We’ll also give you our top recommendations and let you know how we came to the decision to make the purchase that we did to keep our camper clean.